Best Qualities of a Disciple

Nature of Guru Shishya relationship

A Guru is a personality, a representative of the Supreme Lord.

He is capable of driving out grief and infatuation from the heart. But there are some conditions that determine the flowering of such auspiciousness.

Grace depends more on the position of the disciple than on the quality of the Guru.

Only a qualified disciple is like an open vessel, can benefit from a Guru

Naturally, how can milk stay in a vessel full of leakages or holes?

Not a drop of milk would remain even if the ocean of milk were poured.

On the other hand, even if the Guru is incompetent but the disciple is sincere, Grace shall follow and flood him with all spiritual qualities.

In such cases, providence shall automatically displace a false guru and handover a truly enlightened master to the deserving disciple.

More than a Guru, it is the disciple, who must adorn great qualities. The rest, providence shall arrange for.

Top 4 Qualities of a Disciple

Faith on God

There are many types of disciples.

However, some qualities are certainly expected out of a disciple.

Only a competent disciple with all the qualities mentioned below, shall attain the teachings of the Guru.

1) Surrender

A true disciple is ready to surrender his all to his guru even if it means staking his most prized possession.

In reality, there are countless enlightened masters who abound the planet, but it is hard to find a single soul who delights in taking a humble position, ready to empty himself and offer his heart to the Guru.

This is the problem in today’s world.

The level of our surrender determines the rate of our redemption. This is the secret.

The more you surrender, the more love and care will flood our hearts.

The more we resist, the greater the anxiety of possessing things.

2) Purity of Intentions

The lord rewards seeing your sincerity of purpose.

He is not physically accessible so he has made his appearance in the form of a guru. Thus He understands our minutest intention; what we value and what not.

It is important that disciples should seek and ask the right questions. He should seek the Absolute Truth and nothing else.

Only such an intention can propel sadhana or spiritual practice.

There should be no secondary intention. A Guru-disciple relationship can never blossom under a malicious agenda.

For instance- Many institutions pay seekers, Gurus and disciples, to run their organisations.

Such practices will undoubtedly derail Truth seeking.

When money takes precedence over spiritual pursuance, spirituality eventually takes a backseat. There is no doubt about this.

3) No worldly talk


A seeker of Truth can never participate in seeking, as a part-time objective.

It has never been the case with our sages of the bygone years, nor shall it be the case for those who are yet to make their appearance.

A Truth seeker has only one objective and that is Truth, synonymous to the Supreme Being.

Chit-chatting about spirituality, simply means that one is seeking newer avenues of satisfying his ego.

The path of spirituality is to annihilate the ego, even if it means to finish oneself in such pursuits.

5) Intense Desire to Break Free

true meaning of spiritual freedom

A True seeker is ready to die for Truth, even if it means to die penniless.

The Lord is on the lookout for such committed souls.

A disciple, consumed by the fire of seeking, shall automatically be equipped with the ability to “See” and move ahead.

Such a seeker of Truth shall find the right Guru. If this does not happen, the Supreme Lord shall appear directly or present Himself as the Guru.

One gets connected to the Guru through the desire to get liberated from bondage.

The greater the desire to get liberated, the more the intensity, the faster will a true Guru get connected to you

All other arrangements of Guru-shishya or teacher-disciple are mere hog wash

What should we Avoid as Disciples?

There are many categories or shades of disciples. A few traits in disciples can be great hurdles in their spiritual pursuit. Hence, seekers must beware of these poisonous weeds which can blight the beautiful garden of our hearts.

Following are the traits of unworthy disciples-

1) Ego-centricness

The disciple who depends on self-effort, centered in the ego can never derive benefits from the Grace of the Guru.

Such a soul looks towards other sources of help and is a slave to the diktat of the mind. Driven by unnecessary variety, he never finds peace of mind.

2) Questioning-Mentality

There are other disciples who take to the mode of questioning or showing undue curiosity in order to keep the Guru busy.

Such disciples are interested in hogging attention alone.

These people suck the spirit out of spirituality with their behaviour and tendency of wasting the Guru’s precious time.

Interestingly, whatever the Guru answers falls on deaf ears. Nothing gets to the heart of these pseudo-seekers.

3) Showing off money

why we should not donate to an ngo

There are another lot of disciples who feel that they maintain the Guru with their money. So, they show off their money power by buying things lavishly for the Guru, to attract his attention.

Somewhere, they feel that the Guru depends on their wealth-power.

In these cases, even the Gurus are responsible for encouraging this overarching behaviour of their disciples.

The Guru fails to correct such reckless disciples leading to a non-spiritual relationship.

Also, an unworthy disciple tries to evaluate the master and pay for the price of his counselling. Such a relationship shall only bring doom due to undermining the purity of the sacred relationship.

4) Flattery

Some disciples become yes-men of their Gurus.

Conversely, The Guru also gets influenced by the so-called docile behaviour of the disciple. However such Guru Disciple relationships run by ego-massaging intentions. Hence there is no truth in such a relationship.

5) Hunger for Power

Some disciples follow their gurus and become his favourite in so many ways. Even the guru likes them. However, these disciples are power-hungry.

They take undue advantage of their closeness to the Guru to dominate others who are trying to get access to the Guru.

This is a ridiculous disciple, who has forgotten all about his spiritual goals and now seems to be content, involved with the politics around his master.

He is now training himself in power-play. He wishes to be the heir-apparent of the Guru.

Sadly, these individuals have failed in material life and now have taken up spirituality as a means to satisfy their material desires.

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