Glories of Narada Muni- The Divine Sage

glories of sage narada

Friend of the Asuras and Devatas

Deva Rishi Narada is considered as Acharya (Expert Proponent) of Vedanta, Yoga, Astrology, Medicine, Music, and other fine art.

Above all, he is the greatest Acharya of the Bhakti Yoga practice.

The Vaishnava Pancharatra also called Narada Pancharatra is the greatest Knowledge. It is a repository that guides one towards the Supreme Personality.

There is no limit to the number of devotees guided by the great sage on the path of Bhakti.

He is the very epitome of Grace. He travels the length and breadth of the universe to find individuals inclined towards Bhakti.

In this way, he makes his divine grace available to them.

He is under this single vow that, every fortunate individual must find the opportunity to serve the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

He has no other occupation, no other agenda. Depending on the Will of the seeker, sage Narada guides him appropriately towards the final goal.

Thus, Prahalad and Dhruva treaded the path of devotion, based on their capacity and qualification.

hiranyakashipu story

Similarly, He guided the demon king Hiranyakashyipu based on his capacity of hating the Lord.

So, Sage Narada is only interested in directing the Jiva to the Lord, in the quickest possible time.

He has earned the respect of the Devas, Asuras, and humans equally, because of his spotless intention.

He makes no distinction between the jiva, be it a Devata or an Asura.

All living entities of the three worlds regard Deva Rishi Narada as their intimate well-wisher.

Narada Muni: The Universal Guru

Be it a god or demon, without distinction, he shall prescribe a fast-track for god-realization. In fact, he is most concerned about universal welfare.

Many times, he has landed Lord Krishna in trouble, but always worked for the soul’s betterment.

To establish the lord’s glories, he even bore the title of a fight-maker. He instigated Kansa to kill all of Devaki’s children.

Above all, his ultimate aim is to guide the soul and highlight the glories of Bhagavan.

In the Sabha Parva of Mahabharata, Veda Vyas clearly writes the qualifications of sage Narada. The sage is an all-rounder.

Both the Devas and Asuras greatly revere him.

He is the spiritual master of Prahlada and Dhruva, the two great devotees of Lord Vishnu. Parvati Ji takes Narada Muni as her guru.

He is the foremost Acharya of the Bhakti Shastras. His Bhakti Darshana, Pancharatra Samhita, and Bhakti Sutras are popular.

Besides, he is a knower of music, astrology, orator, poetry, scholastics, and spiritual sciences.


Sage Narada was the guru of Prahalad Maharaj. When Maharaja Prahalad was in his mother’s (Kayadu) womb, Sage Narada delivered the fundamentals of Dharma and devotion.

By the grace of Sage Narada, Maharaja Prahalad remembered all of Sri Narada’s instructions as he entered the world of mortals.

The teachings of sage Narada guided Prahalad Maharaja through all the perils, imposed by his demon father, Hiranyakashipu.

His teachings established the young price in complete faith to Lord Vishnu.

Thus, by coming in contact with such a great personality, Prahalada was born liberated.

He is one of the (12 Mahajans) or dearest devotees of Bhagawan Vishnu.



When Suruchi (the stepmother) reprimanded Maharaja Dhruva, he proceeded towards the forest to perform austerities to attain the Lord.

Sage Narada met him on his way. He initiated Dhruva into the mantra, “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya” and instructed him on the path of penance.

Thus, He streamlined the little devotee’s energies, guiding him towards his absolute well-being. He prescribed the perfect path for immediate redemption.

Under his able guidance, Dhruva attained self-realization in a short span of six months.

Narada guided souls irrespective of their age, caste, and creed, young, old, rich, poor all benefited from his teachings.


Vrinda Devi developed a devout personality owing to Narada Muni. He instructed her to dedicate her life in service to Lord Vishnu.

Parvati Devi

Depending on the person’s intrinsic nature, Narada molded his teachings. Seeing Mother Parvati’s intrinsic inclination towards lord shiva, he pushed her towards her goal. Assuming the role of a priest, he conducted their marriage.


The cruel hunter Ratnakar earns a cleaned personality all solely due to sage Narada.

Ratnakar brutally murdered wildlife. Lotted traveler and performed sinful activities.

Yet, by sage Narada’s persona, all his vices disappeared in a second. Such is the power of holy association. Thereafter Narada initiated him into the divine mantra “Rama.” Being so sinful, Ratnakar was unable to utter the simple word.

Sage Narada then simplified the process by asking him to utter the word in a reverse order ar Mara.

On doing so, Ratnakar entered into a trance.

Thus, sage Narada lit the path of many souls.

Daksha Prajapati curses Sage Narada

Prajapati Daksha had 10,000 sons by the name of Haryashva. They retired to the forest to perform penance.

As a result, they enabled the expansion of the human race.

Deva Rishi Narada observed that the 10,000 children of Daksha were pure-hearted and had the innocence of a child.

Therefore, he considered them fully eligible to attain the Lord. Taking this opportunity, He advised them on the path of God-realization.

However, this step transformed them into absolute renunciants, much to the dismay of Daksha.

Prajapati Daksha became grief-stricken.

To fulfill his duty of populating the universe, from his loins sprang 1000 more sons, known as Shabalashva.

However, the pure devotion and advice of Narada transformed them too.

Even Shabalashvas accepted the path towards God-realization.

They forsook their original plan of multiplying the human population.

This time, hearing the news, Prajapati Daksha was extremely enraged.

He immediately cursed his brother Sage Narada, son of Brahma.

“You shall never be able to spend time at a place for more than a few moments.”

Sage Narada accepted the curse of his brother with all respect.

His virtuous character always meant mercy on others even if they meant to do ill to him.

Thus, he never held animosity against his brother.

He considered all events to be a result of the blessings of His Lord, Sriman Narayana.

This is why Sage Narada falls under the list of the 12 Mahajans.

Sage Narada Reprimands his Disciple, Sage Vyasa

The great sage Veda Vyasa was not satisfied, after having composed Many Puranas.

Even the most prized epic Mahabharatha did not find Him peace at heart.

It is in this situation that sage Narada appeared before his disciple Veda Vyasa.

Narada: “Those words cannot be real words as they fail to glorify Sri Hari and his divine pastimes. 

Such works which do not glorify the Supreme Being are places of pilgrimage for the crows, where the swans of perfect sense control do not flock to enjoy the honey of the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

In such abhorrent places, only crows addicted to gossip gather to strike their beaks on the scum of lustful mundanity.”

narada meets vyasa

Sage Narada, continues to reprimand his disciple…

Any work which does not glorify the Supreme Being in every line is like pushing the entire universe into an endless inferno of sinful hell.

Because the pure devotees have no interest other than to sing the names and glories of the Lord.

The work that does not contain the sweet names of the Supreme Lord is like dry and arid poison.

Even works propounding the wonders and power of the formless Brahman cannot bring you satisfaction as it lacks the pleasant description of the Lord’s ever-attractive form and pastimes.

Such texts, bereft of the ultimate truth eventually misguide people.

Having said this about the path of Jnana and Brahman, does it take much intelligence to understand how abhorrent it is to talk about Karma Kanda where individuals fail to surrender the actions and their results to the Supreme Being?  “

Sri Krishna Praises Sage Narada

Sri Krishna once praised Sage Narada in the presence of King Ugrasena, the ruler of the Vrishnis, while in Mathura.

He said “Oh King, I always praise Sage Narada for he is blessed with Divine Vision.

He continues:

“That divine being who was born from the lap of Sri Brahma, who does not carry with him even a trace of pride, whose knowledge and understanding of the Shastra stand revealed, I offer my respectful obeisance to that great sage Narada.

I offer my respectful obeisance, to the one who possesses no impulsiveness, anger, restlessness, fear, the one who is slow and yet who never delays, Narada.

The one who does not utter a lie, unaffected by desire, revered by the entire creation, to that sage Narada, I offer my respectful obeisance.

He is fully enlightened in the science of body, mind, and soul and has knowledge of all material and immaterial sciences.

He has conquered the senses and is perfectly straightforward.

Truthfulness, piety, and simplicity are his ornaments. Thus, I offer my humble obeisance to Him whose glory, fame, intelligence, humility, birth, and austerity is of the highest rungs.

Sage Narada showers his grace through his benevolent glance, His words are benign, gentle, and auspicious. I offer my humble obeisance unto you.

Ever-enthusiastic towards the living entity’s welfare and utterly sinless as he intends to liberate others.

He always takes shelter of the Vedas, Works of Smritis, and walks the path of Dharma as shown by the Puranas, free from attraction and aversion, to that sage Narada, I offer my humble obeisance.”

Devoid of addiction and attachment, Sage Narada does not indulge in bodily engagements.

He can hear interesting anecdotes related to the Supreme, without the slightest deviations.

Sri Krishna thus continues glorifying Sage Narada.

The Divine Qualities of Sage Narada


Sage Narada remains unaffected by greed, lust, and anger, thus never under any illusion.

“The one who has defeated these three-pronged defects of greed, lust, and anger, to that sage Narada, I offer my humble obeisance,” says Sri Krishna.

Lord Krishna describes sage Narada as an ardent follower of Dharma, whose ways are of the highest class, shy, and modest.

Sage Narada is completely free of attachment but appears to be in loving attachment, in whom there can be no room for doubt or suspicion.

For sage Narada, there are no defects in any type of Shastra.

He does not let any moment pass without contemplation on the Lord.

Having attained mastery over his mind, he engages it in higher pursuits and always finds newer ways to increase discipline and austerity.

His intelligence is utterly pristine. Even the highest meditative states do not allure him, as he prefers to be vigilant in his endeavors towards the Lord.

He transcends the ways of the world, profits and loss do not agitate him.

His intelligence is steady as a rock, whose soul is ever free of all types of burden.

Sage Narada is a repository of the opulence of great qualities and is all-capable.

He understands the doings of time and is ever righteous.

Sri Krishna further informs King Ugrasena “ I always chant the praises of Sage Narada thus.

Sage Narada has a special liking for Me.

The one who contemplates on these divine qualities of Sage Narada shall easily attract the Grace of the great sage.

So, honorable king, You should too engage in praising sage Narada, for your own welfare, so that he extends his grace on you too.”

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