Haidakhan Baba Miracles and Mahendra Singh

Mahavatara Babaji1

Mahavatar Babaji and Guman Singh

The great Mahavatar Babaji had many disciples.

Among them, Thakur Guman Singh Naula of Dyuda Village near Haldwani bore prominence.

His demeanor often reminded one of the poet-sage Kabir.

Babaji would often stay and spend time with Guman Singh.

At the Singh’s place, Babaji performed many miracles.

Babaji, impressed by Guman Singh’s devotion often took him for a bath in the nearby Sharada River.

Even today, Guman Singh’s grand and great-grandchildren retain many of Babaji’s intimate belongings that he kept with him for daily use.

In one autumn of the year 1922, Babaji went to Kailash Yatra.

He stayed at Ashkot near the Uttar Pradesh- Nepal border, as a guest at the palace of King Shri Karman Singh.

Why do mendicants visit the influential?

As part of an old custom, renunciants and Yogis would often frequent the living spaces of Kings, rulers, and Influential men.

The mendicants intended the welfare of society.

Kings and Influential men represented the apex of society who could influence the society at large.

If holy men visited such people, the rich man would serve them in a humble mood.

Thus the mendicants and powerful yogis could infuse humility and the sense of surrender and service into these men.

Giving these influential men an opportunity to serve could bring about some transformation in them.

If this were not done, in all possibility, the offices that they held and the money they possessed could easily corrupt them.

This could very well poison society.

Karman Singh served Babaji with all his heart.

Babaji prepares to Leave

Babaji informed the king one day that his time for departure from the place had come.

The king wanted to offer his last services to the Yogi.

He, therefore, carried the palanquin in which Babaji sat.

After a few miles, Babaji ordered the king to go back and attend his duties while Babaji proceeded with some devotees and attendants from the king’s court.

The palanquin party approached the junction of the Kali and Gori rivers near the border area.

Babaji entered the waters of the river.

In the shallowness of the river, he sat in Padmasana.

People watch Babaji disappear

As people watched him entering a meditative state, his body started taking a lighter form as it became less and less visible.

His body was now turning into a light figure.

As he disappeared he announced that he shall be back.

He promised, “I will come again with a new form for the well-being of society”.

Although Babaji disappeared from public eyes, he would somehow visit some of his devotees and give them special Darshanam.

The people reported sighting Babaji through the years 1950, 1953, 1954, 1959, and 1962.

Story of Rana and Babaji

One, Rana and family, people considered, very fortunate.

Rana belonged to a place near Almora.

People now know one of the descendants of Rana by the name C S Rana as Swami Fakirananda.

He published recently, his erstwhile family experiences.

The story goes like this.

Shri Ram Singh worked as a school teacher at a village near Okhaldoonga near Haidakhan.

He had Darshanam of the Mahavatar in 1963.

Since then, only he would meet Babaji personally every week.

Nobody had a public sighting of Babaji during that time.

Only in 1970, Babaji made his public appearance for the very first time, in his brand new form.

Background of Mahendrasingh Maharaj

After the disappearance of Haidakhan Baba, then known as Babaji, prior to 1970, a great Siddha Yogi appeared on the scene.

Mahendra Maharaj by name became one of the greatest devotees of Babaji.

He appeared at Manika Dharbanga district of Bihar.

Babaji appeared as a Mahatma in front of Mahendra Maharaj for the first time.

Ever since Mahendra Maharaj remained an ardent follower and devotee of the Mahavatar.

Maharaj (Mahendra Maharaj) received his Master’s degree from the University of Bhagalpur.

He left home ever since.

The Maharaj traveled all over the country by foot almost 7 times.

He never begged.

So, he faced a lot of difficulties during travel, especially in South India.

Mahendra Maharaj receives a divine message

Later, he arrived in Gujrat State at Ambaji.

There, he received a divine message that he should leave for Almora immediately.

He resumed his journey, looking for the Mahatma who contacted him through a divine vision, while at Ambaji.

At Almora, he saw the locals worshipping the photographs of the Mahavatar.

Maharaj recognized that Babaji indeed had contacted him personally and his search was now coming to an end.

Finally, he entered the precincts of Siddhashram.

Babaji gives Darshanam to Mahendra Maharaj

He locked himself in the room and vowed that unless the baba of Haidakhan gave him Darshanam he would not come out of his Yogic posture.

A few days later, Babaji did come and gave him guidance towards his future.

Mahendra Maharaj later arrived at Vrindavana and built an Ashram by the name Samba Sadashiva Kunj.

Many gathered around him and he started drawing crowds.

Former disciples and devotees of Babaji soon got attracted to him.

Mahendra Maharaj became famous in the region for his spiritual and moralistic discipline.

He also displayed many Yogic capabilities that convinced his followers about his spiritual prowess.

Mahendra Maharaj develops Haidakhan Ashrams

Maharaj advised the common man that Sadashiva would himself appear as Babaji once again.

He wanted everyone to only worship Babaji and none else.

Mahendra Maharaj developed the two Haidakhan Ashrams.

He also built a temple at Katgharia Ashram and installed a deity of Mahavatar Babaji.

Babaji appears again- just after Shivaratri

A beautiful incident took place on the fourth day after Shivaratri.

On 27th February 1957 thousands of devotees offered their prayers at the Katgharia Ashram.

Around midnight, suddenly, a Jyoti appeared, that stood a few feet about the ground, amidst the devotees who could not believe their eyes.

Many wondered if they were going insane.

From that appeared the Mahavatar wearing a turban and long dress, which people in North India know as the Kurta.

As Babaji waved his hands, all the assembled population had complete Darshanam of the spiritual form of Babaji.

The idol has become a deity with heartbeat

Then, after the Darshanam, Babaji re-entered the Jyoti, which merged into the idol that awaited consecration and installation, the next day.

People touched the idol in which the Jyoti merged.

They could sense a heartbeat inside the idol.

The idol had become a living deity.

Every year this day people celebrated the Parakatiya Utsav (Festival of manifestation) in Vrindavana and Haidakhan.

Mahendra Maharaj performed many miracles.

He attributed these powers to Babaji alone.

By the blessings of Babaji, illiterate people became highly learned scholars and composers.

Many devotees on their deathbed came back to life.

Even the poor became rich while the childless begot children.

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