Happiness Personality Quotient

Happiness Personality Quotient

This Test is a fun way to understand your Happiness Personality Quotient. Happiness Personality Quotient is a value between 0 and 1 and will depend on the output of this test. There are 30 questions and you will have to take all the 30 questions without skipping them. See where you stand in your “Happiness”.

1 ) Does being alone haunt you?





2 ) You feel happy when you...





3 ) How would you describe happiness?





4 ) Rich People are Happy. How true is this statement for you?





5 ) Who is the happiest in your opinion?





6 ) What is suffering for you?





7 ) Your friend is more successful than you. How would you react?





8 ) How often you feel Sad?





9 ) Man cannot achieve everything. How true is this statement for you?





10 ) What type of thought occupies your mind most times?





11 ) Letting go is tough . How true is this statement for you?





12 ) Is your Faith on God...





13 ) Does free-will exist?





14 ) How often you feel guilty?





15 ) Faith can change fate. Do you agree?





16 ) You believe in Astrology





17 ) You frequently compare yourself with others





18 ) Simplicity is beauty.





19 ) Do you compromise with your values?





20 ) You are bothered about looks





21 ) Do you feel sad after interacting with friends?





22 ) Do you believe that Self Help books and Counselling contribute to Happiness?





23 ) What colors you like the most?





24 ) Do you believe that going on vacations makes you feel happy?





25 ) How would you describe yourself?





26 ) How would you describe your mind?





27 ) Which part of the day you like the most?





28 ) Do you pray?





29 ) You tend to get too influenced by others





30 ) How often do people describe you as calm and gentle?





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