Is it Selfishness or Loyalty?

Loyalty in different situations

What does it mean to be loyal, in a job or in a relationship? Many times, we have a price to pay if we are too loyal. Sometimes you shall require to strangulate the voice of your conscience and also require you to be on the wrong side of a cause. Nobody is loyal today, to anyone unless there is an ulterior motive.

When the fulfillment of our goals and ambitions require the help of another individual and our position is small, we begin our nefarious progress towards our ambition by becoming loyal to that individual, thus becoming an opportunist, without due diligence of what is fair and unfair or without caring for the underlying principles that govern our actions.

If the other individual is unfair, we become loyal to him in a mindless way, because this man is going to be our ladder to success. So it is all a matter of suitability, whether we are going to profit out of the loyalty or not. Even , in a relationship we are only bothered about, what is there in it for me?

This is an outright animistic approach. We survive for profits and loyalty is being used not as a principle but as a tool of convenience. The Vedic scriptures have talked about loft principles like surrender and loyalty as mechanisms for setting us free from bondage.

However modern man thinks otherwise because he does not care where he goes after death but is more concerned with immediate short term gains and hence profit and success are high on his priority dashboard. Conscience is something that modern man has stopped worrying about.

Always listen to your conscience

Man has also invented mechanisms to submerge the voice of the “soul” whereby he could shut the mind chatter up with tools like alcohol and pills. Loyalty hence is not a virtue today but another weapon in the artillery which can be used to manipulate others.

What is your take on being loyal to someone or some cause? Do you think it has got a right or a wrong side? Connect with me or let me know your views in the comments section.

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