5 Qualities of a Spiritual Seeker | Basics of Spirituality

Purpose Of Higher Ideals

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The preliminary qualification for entering the domain of spirituality is to be convinced about it. One can be convinced about spiritual practice only if there are some ingrained values that have been developed in the course of this life-time or a result of deeper inner realizations that are innate, developed and stoked during the course of earlier lifetimes. Every individual or human is not qualified for entering the spiritual fold. Although saints, sages and seers voice the opinion of the Vedic system that it is the human being alone who is fully qualified for spiritual life, the fact of the matter is that most of the world order/disorder is not interested in spirituality. We shall discuss the spiritual system with respect to innate characteristics that have to be present either at the conscious or the subconscious level within the individual so that he can, at once embark on his personal spiritual journey

(1) One has to be concerned with truth.

If one is of the “getting the most out of it” mentality, spirituality is not for such a person. Spiritual wisdom can never awaken within such a person because this man is driven by greed alone. This mentality is also indicative of the fact that this person has too much Karma and the Karma calculations are very complex for him to escape such an attitude. Moreover he may well have a background that is completely unsuitable for spiritual practice. Such people have practically nothing to do with the spiritual domain.

(2) One has to be focused on higher ideals.

This is in continuation of the previous point. Such people can never be opportunists. Such people are usually caring or soft by nature. They cannot see or tolerate harm done to others. Many of them may protest for others although they may not be aware that they have a wonderful spiritual quality. If there is care and concern in their hearts, such people shall fight for fairness against the ones who hijack the other’s freedom. Such individuals are not worried about gaining or losing and are interested in stoking their commitment towards lofty ideals. Great candidates for spirituality, but it may be a while before they realize that their goals have to fine-tuned towards the Ultimate Truth.

(3) One has to have immense will-power and commitment

Will-power is the power of the soul. A man who is weak in character can never be committed to the right cause. There are others who may display characteristics of “Will-power”, however these people are more concerned about revenge and stickiness towards their ego, towards attaining selfish goals. This is not to be considered as Will-power. This is simply sticking to selfish motives and spreading ill-will and destructive ideologies. Will power has more to do with the pure spirit where one is committed to all that is divine. When one is celibate for the sake of serving the Lord in all purity under guidance that becomes an aspect of spiritual potency. When one commits oneself for the welfare of society it is characteristic of will-power to stand by the side of the truthfully desirable.


(4) Higher ideals are not for the world

Higher ideals for focusing in the order of the world and setting things right in the world is good. However this is not desirable in the long run because it shall never sustain. One has to deeply realize that the world is a product of Maya Devi. When one gets an opportunity to pursue truth and establish it to a very little extent in the world, one should realize that Maya Devi appreciates your work and wants you to move towards the highest ideal that is to focus purely on inner transformation. One has to have deep realization that the world runs by the order of the Supreme Lord and it is Maya Devi who understands the Lord more than any living entity. If Maya Devi is causing disturbance in the world, we have to simply accept that it is the wish and will of the Supreme Lord. If you are a social figure and you have promulgated the truth-value system to some extent, it is because you have been allowed to do it, in appreciation of the development of spiritual values within you such as commitment to truth and care for other souls. However one has to be careful that this appreciation from the Lord and Maya Devi is not to challenge Them or their authority, that is not allowed, Nature has not been designed for challenging the Powers of Nature. If you are challenging Nature such as dumping waste material into rivers and polluting the environment, you are seeing that Nature has begun pulverizing you. You cannot escape or control Nature, not possible. If you are trying to change the world order because you and many other people of the world think that there is disorder and untruth in the world, it shall be a grievous mistake. One has to realize within that the world has existed before you came in and shall continue unabated after your exit. So you are not here to set the world right, you cannot. The world runs by the will of the Lord and by the management of Maya Devi. So it is perfect anyways.

(5) Higher ideals are for realizing the Self alone

It becomes your duty to realize your potential on the path of Truth and direct your energies on the path of Inner realization. Having great will-power to transform the world is just an idea and shall remain so. The reality of great will-power and commitment should be utilized to realize Truth in its entirety rather than wasting one’s energy in trying to transform the world. Commitment to the Lord through the processes of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga is the ideal way, rather than trying to impose one’s raw and immature understanding of Truth on the world. One is never qualified to set a precedent. Even if one sets a temporary precedent, it should be clearly understood that it was Maya Devi’s wish in the first place to get that done and you were just given a very temporary access to set a precedent to the world, it has never been your call, you were forced into it because you had those preliminary qualities to get the work done on behalf of Maya Devi. Wrestling with the order of the world is to be understood as a tiny rat trying to push the Himalayas a few inches from its original place. At most you can move a few grains here and there. Someone else also has the power to move it back! Complete world re-organization has never happened and can never happen!