Hindu scriptures on lying | Why we should not speak a lie? | Reasons why lying is not good?

Hindu scriptures on lying

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What is the definition of Lies

What is the definition of lies? Is lying to someone about something classified as lies? What is it that the scriptures proclaim truth and truth alone to follow? If I do not lie to people, am I absolved of all allegiances as a practitioner of Sanatana Dharma? Am I in line with the Sanatana Dharma teachings? The answer is a plain NO. One must understand that lies exists at three planes. The physical level, mental level and the causal level. At the Physical level, the truth is evident. The Mental level requires introspection and insight into the mechanics of the mind. Truth at the Causal level can be realized only through deep contemplation, grace and sincere endeavor (Sadhana).  A true practitioner of Sanatana Dharma must follow Truth at all its levels to experience pure consciousness. Let us explore the 3 dimensions of Lies in brief. As the level gets subtler, it becomes difficult to identify the truth.

Lies at the Physical level.

This is the grossest form of Lies. Lies at the Physical level is a repercussion of not following truth at the mental level. When one is negligent of the activities in the mental platform, one gives way to lies in speech and conduct. To have an intention of cheating or trickery forms the base of such lies. The lies materializes as actions and words intended to misguide people. One becomes compelled to speak multiples lies to keep the first lie alive. Such expression is lies at the physical level. One should not speak lies to get one’s work done, avoid situations for fear of facing them or manipulate facts to avoid conflict in one’s day to day life.  This is what Sanatana Dharma says. When one manipulates situations through words and made up actions, with a view to alter the outward situations so that the situation may turn favorable for oneself, is the physical manifestation of lies. This lie forms a layer of additional covering on unborn thoughts and tends to condition the living entity further into a domain of falsity and deceit. It is to be understood that physical manifestation of lies cheats the speaker of lies more than the one who receives such lies. That means lies is fundamentally designed to trick the speaker of lies alone. Will it not be the height of foolishness to lie then?

Lies at the mental level.

Not addressing the Causal level gives rise to impurities in the mental level. One holds preconceived notions about his surroundings without trying to understand the truth behind them. This is a conditioned mind. Conditioned by colored ideas, opinions, notions and prejudices.  The ego is the presiding deity and operates disguised as the benefactor of the individual. The ego thinks for the individual and resorts to crafty means to earn one’s livelihood. One befriends and severs ties with people as and when required, to suit one’s evil designs. This is the cause of increasing stress in our lives today.  One should not uphold mental barriers that prevent one from being oneself. You know what you are thinking. Why lie to the other about your feelings? Is there some ulterior motive? One has to introspect to get into the nature of truth. Your thought and deed should not negate each other. There should be no disharmony within. No hypocrisy should prevail. You should not deceive yourself if you are aware of the reality. One should not compromise with values. The manipulative tendency is difficult to uproot in an unconscious man. However, these frailties can be realized during the cleansing process of Sadhana. One has to understand that the mental plane is very self-centered and that is why there is a tendency to lie so that one is able to attain some value by intending to manipulate others. On the mental plane, we want respect, we want others to value us, and we want to show that we are superior, we want to show that we know. All the lies born on the mental plane are hence born out of inferiority. It is born because we have not sharpened ourselves adequately. It is born out of an unclean interior.

Lies at the Causal Level.

Disregarding the fundamental question that drives the very purpose of life Who Am I? , is the root of all problems. The question is the foundation head from where the light of truth emerges. This is the origin of all quest. Without addressing this pivotal question, you cannot eradicate hypocrisy from your life. Who am I, Am I the body, a bundle of thoughts or energy? Let us take the body for example. The body is composed of the Panchabhutas (पंचभूता), which are water, fire, air, space, and earth. When due to ignorance, one assumes affinity with the body thinking it to be one’s own self, one is party to lies. One is negating the very universal truth of life, the individual soul being a Jeevatma or an eternal fragment of the lord. Isn’t one guilty of a crime? One is ignorant of the supreme truth concerning our very nature and existentiality. If one turns a blind eye to this foundational question, one is certain to build stories around the cloak that has covered reality. It is like speculating the reality of a statue covered by a cloth. How will you know the truth? You will have to first uncloak the statue and come face to face with reality. All misapprehensions is then dispelled. Realizing the truth of the spirit leads to complete dissolution of the falsehood built over lifetimes.  As we have seen, our actions are a result of subsequent interactions from the causal, mental and physical plane. Without fixing the causal, you cannot fix the Physical and Mental levels. If one ignores this fundamental question one is in for shocks as life unfolds. Thus axing the question with spiritual practice ensures that the mental and physical planes are protected from dreadful pests that savor peace and contentment.

Relation between lies and the experience of Happiness

A person resorts to lies, thinking it to be means to earn his livelihood. However, the Vedic science is completely opposed to this thought. Lies creates disharmony within. The disharmony within molds itself into unfavorable people and events in life that constantly harass you. Speaking lies is directly, generation of real bad karma and nothing less. It may appear temporarily, that the situation is under control, when we try to handle a situation with lies, trying to manipulate something to our advantage. But it is just an illusion. Truth keeps propping up, raising its hood, with dual force, reinstating its inevitable nature. However due lack of awareness one fails to see through nature’s scheme. People conceal their emotions in an expectation of receiving from the world. With this mindset, it is impossible to step into the domain of Happiness. A deceitful person constantly connives to achieve his ends. Can he be happy?  The weariness and dissatisfaction drags along until and unless one attempts to look beyond the veil. One can develop the acute vision to penetrate the veil of duplicity through committed Sadhana. Only Sadhana with right intention, can attract Grace. The goal of human life is to severe ties from all forms of lies and become one with the Ultimate truth.