How does Spiritual Transformation Occur? | Importance of Spirituality in Daily Life

How can Spiritual change be made possible

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Common man is unconsciously petty, and has an unhealthy ego. This just defines the overall personality of the common man. However this aspect of human personality is the greatest obstacle on the path of Self-realization. It is the petty man inside that defines so-called habits and the Self opposing principles, who supports all superficial thoughts and defines the way one feels (as if these feelings are real), behaves and asserts. This is the character which operates in the mode of passion and in the mode of ignorance. It is Rajas (रजस) and Tamas (तमस) in full operation. This is the superficial facade that hides the luminosity of the Self, the Atman, and our real face.

What is the necessity to know oneself? Why should we realize that we are the Self, the Atman? This is because unless we come to such a platform, long-lasting joy shall evade us. Our happiness shall be fleeting and shallow. If we do not realize our Self we shall be lost in glum and the search for true happiness shall turn into an endless witch-hunt. This witch-hunt shall then stoke unwanted, unprecedented desires that shall make us go in circles and tire us from one day into another. Is it not better to avoid this tireless wallowing in darkness? Hence one must first develop the aspiration to know the Truth. One must first build oneself through fruitful pursuits of defining worthwhile permanent goals. Goals, those when achieved, shall hand-over the keys of everlasting joy and happiness without having to return to the chambers of darkness, sadness or grief, ever again.

The habitual lower personality of the seeker must be entirely changed. If we do not become competent and empty vessels to accommodate this new energy, spiritual experience or renewed power shall deliver no value. If the little ego is not sacrificed and as the human personality continues to retain petty, puny, self-limiting, ignoble, false and stupid notions about some imaginary concepts about life as propagated or unconsciously fed into us, through modern day movies, so-called stars and politicians, human consciousness shall be retained at a very low ebb. Unless man learns and understands about Tapas (तपस्या Austerities) and Sadhana (साधना spiritual discipline), no amount of efforts driven by incorrect understanding shall yield any positive results. The first and foremost step is to invoke the thirst of God-realization within oneself. Many may feel, I do not have this thirst anyways, how then can I invoke it? The answer to this, is that the ancient scriptures have revealed it with certainty that even the lowliest of worms have an inherent seed of Knowing God in its heart. This is an indisputable fact. Since we are parts and parcels of the Lord, how can we not have the desire to know our very source? This is just like saying that water cannot be composed of either hydrogen or oxygen. This shall be indeed absurd. Only thing is that we have forgotten our eternal association with the Lord because of our continuous association with falsity in the world. Our thirst for God, has to be simply revived. That’s all. There may be other curious aspirants who want to know God or even get curious about Him, but are not ready to sacrifice their lower nature, their ego, their pettiness. They do not want to lose their importance in the process. They want God, but they want God to adjust to their whims and fancies. They do not want to let go of their misery and they want God to somehow interfere with their lives, with methodologies best known to God and set everything right for them. How can that be possible? It is like saying that fire is to be kept alive in the same container which is full with water. Such characters can never make even an iota of spiritual progress. Any partial or temporary elevation, slight occasional inspiration during some exalted moments, any momentary spiritual opening within, without any true or radical transformation of the lower nature or habitual little personality, is of no practical value.