Spirituality to solve all worldly problems

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Advice of Sanatana Dharma to common man

Don’t be troubled by the world. The problems are really not out there in the world. The faults of the world, that you seem to see outside are really within you. If you fix things within, the world shall get fixed automatically. This is the knowledge of the Vedic System or Sanatana Dharma.

It takes great intelligence to get to this point of realization. There are two approaches to the problems of the world. First is realizing that the problem is within us or then simply accepting that the problem exists within us, although there is no realization. Once there is complete acceptance, it is easier to transform and get rid of all problems at the snap of a finger. It is that easy.

It becomes easier to get to the point then that the World is just an outside representation of the inner world of man. You would have then traversed many levels of intelligence if you simply accept this Vedic fact by trying trying out this approach in everyday life.

All that you have imagined in your conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind along with subtler aspects of your emotions, intelligence, outlook, attitude, all this take physical forms and appear in the world outside of us. This is the reality of the world that we live in. If we try to fix the world outside or correct it, without realizing how we are within our core, we are being outright foolish.

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Practical application of Spirituality in life

How can one fix the image on the mirror? What needs to be fixed is the person looking at the mirror, our inner faculties, not the world outside which is merely our reflection or the response. Responses will change if the inputs are changed. It is the inputs that are the problems.

One need not worry about the result. They need to be sublimated and purified so that it may reflect a crystallized and pure outer experience. The world is your own unconscious creation. This is the first thing to be realized.

Spiritual practices are aimed to give us just this realization. The whole basis of inner transformation is based on acceptance of our shortcomings, approaching a knowledgeable source and interaction with it, taking up practices for inner correction and diligently identifying our shortcomings and working on them. In all these conditions, we should focus our awareness on our ego.

By being conscious of the ego, we can positively knock down the barriers that cloud our inner nature. This is a sure shot methodology that helps demystify life that will eventually transform us.

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