How Kripalu Ji Maharaj Became Famous?

how kripalu ji maharaj became famous

Kripalu Ji Maharaj’s story is unique.

Kripalu Ji Maharaj Organizes Darshanik Sammelan

At the age of 32, Kripalu Ji Mahraj was inspired to hold a big conference.

This was the “Darshanik Sammelan”, a congregation of Indian philosophy).

The massive program was held at Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India.

76 scholars on Vedic Wisdom and Indian philosophy accepted the invitation for the program.

The pontiffs of various religious organizations known as Mandaleswars and Mahamandaleshwars graced the occasion.

This was a 16 day conference.

Sri Maharajji was the chief organizer. But, he made no schedule for his own address to the congregation.

He desired to create a forum for various religious heads to connect as a telling force for re-initiating the Indian spiritual movement.

Another goal of this forum was to diffuse the many confusions that existed among scholars regarding certain points on Indian Spirituality.

He wanted to have this consortium so that he could goad the common man back to the spiritual path.

So, he had a grand questionnaire which he wanted the assembled scholars to address.

Goal of the Darshinak Sammelan

Some of his own questions were:
1) ‘Why is God described as form and formless at the same time by Vedic texts?

2) Why are so many confusing paths discussed in our Scriptures?

3) Can we regard some to be precise and some to mislead us?

4) How can we be sure as to which path someone should take?

5) How are all these paths inter-related?

6) Even if God has Form, what is the need for God to appear in so many varied forms?

7) How are all those forms linked or inter-related?”

Kripaluji Maharaj also had in his commensurate questionnaire some doubts about the works of the earlier 4 Jagadgurus.

He said that the philosophy and teachings of each Jagadguru was in stark contrast with each other’s teachings.

In fact nothing was common if you take the Teachings of the 4 Acharyas.

So, how can the poor common man learn from them?

Now, at the congregation, all the Mahants spoke at length about the philosophy of India.

However, none of them addressed these dire questions, probably they had no answers.

This was because the scholars of the Vedic subject possessed knowledge onli in pointed aspects of the scriptures.

So, no one was adept in harmonizing all the teachings of the oceanic Vedic knowledge.

However, reconciling and presenting the Vedic knowledge, in simple language, could easily help the common public import the entire Vedic wisdom.

However, this seemed to be a herculean task.

Raising these fundamental questions at the very beginning of the scholarly conference was not suitable.

Following this approach, 9 days passed by.

Yet, there were no answers for the pressing questions of the common public.

But, they still hoped to find answers for their basic questions.

Kripalu Ji Maharaj faces the Challenge

There were rumblings and a bit of hooting from the crowd, because now they grew bored and restless.

The scholars then got together to discuss the new problems.

Sri Maharaj Ji, however, was not part of the discussions.

The pontiffs concluded that probably Sri Maharajji was the one who brought these impossible questions.

So, he was the primary culprit.

They concluded thus.

So the scholars decided to challenge their host, Shri Kripaluji Maharaj.

They thought, he is 32 years old and what chance does he stand to answer these questions.

It would be fun to watch him fail, they thought.

Sri Maharajji was subsequently challenged by the erudite class.

So, now it was his turn to address the mammoth gathering, a task that he had never attempted before.

The rest of the conference was to follow for a few days, with Sri Maharajji being the only speaker.

That was the plan laid out by the scholars.

Miraculous Speech of Kripalu Maharaj

At the time of the assembly, there were some reputed scholars from the Kashi Vidvat Parishad who were also present.

What followed was nothing short of a miracle.

Maharajji’s style of expositions was unheard of ever before.

He quoted from dozens and probably two dozen scriptures, without any reference material.

His style was lucid and yet extempore.

He explained the Sanskrit verses with such simplicity that even a school kid could understand the purport of whatever was being quoted from the Scriptures “As it is”.

The ground on which the amazed scholars stood was being literally swept away by the power of Sri Maharaj Ji’s rendition.

They wondered, how could such a young man garner such voluminous knowledge.

After having spoken about literally every scripture, with the background, verse and purport, he started reconciling every scripture with every other scripture.

It was as if he knew the whole Vedic system, like the back of his hand.

By the end of the conference, he was becoming a household name in the country.

Maharaj Ji’s Fame reaches Varanasi

At that time, The Kashi Vidvat Parishad, at Varanasi, was the most prominent body that promulgated the Teachings of Sanatana Dharma.

These handful of scholars went back to the Vidvat Parishad.

There, they praised Sri Maharajji for his hold on the Scriptures and the consummate ease with which he tied together all aspects of the Scriptures.

However, skepticism still hovered over some other members at the Parishad.

Sri Maharajji, out of his own interest for the Vedic subjects, arranged a similar conference, the very next year, in Kanpur.

Raj Narayan Ji Tests Kripalu Maharaj

Slowly, Kripalu Maharaj was spoken off, by the scholars in Varanasi.

The General Secretary of the Kashi Vidvat Parishad, Sri Raj Narayan Shat Shastriji Shukla made it a point to attend this conference.

However, he unannounced, attended the conference, to surprise Sri Maharajji.

He wanted to ascertain for himself the supposed greatness of Sri Maharajji and verify his ability as a scholar.

When the two met, Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, immediately recognized him.

When Kripaluji Maharaj invited him for a talk, the notable scholar replied: “ After you Maharajji.”

Sri Shukla took his seat right in the front row and prepared himself to listen to Sri Maharajji.

He sat prepared with a notebook and a pen, ready to write down any mistakes that Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj would commit, during the discourse.

As Shri Maharajji thundered with “Vedic Eloquence”.

Sri Shukla stayed petrified and his pen would not move.

He, as if glued to the seat with his attention transfixed on Sri Kripalu Maharaj, heard him with unwavering concentration.

After Shri Maharajji finished his speech, he invited Sri Shukla to speak.

However, the latter replied: “ I will only speak tomorrow, not today.” 

The next day Sri Shukla requested that he should commence the congregation, to which Shri Kripalu Maharaj readily complied.

Now, Shri Maharajji sat in the front row with a notebook and pen.

The interesting part was even Sri Maharaj Ji’s pen did not move either because Sri Shukla only spoke about Sri Maharajji, throughout his speech.

Sri Shukla Ji Praises Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Sri Shukla said “ We, from the Kashi Vidvat Parishad are finicky, especially when it comes to recognize anyone outside the Kashi community, as a confirmed scholar of the Vedic Scriptures.

We test the candidate and then debate extensively.

Most scholars fail the initial test, what to talk about debating further?

But today, I surrender to the divine knowledge and character of Shri Kripaluji Maharaj.”

This was the power of Sri Kriplau Ji Mahraj’s divine words.

It had an impact on the top members of the elite Kashi Vidvat Parishad.

But, this was just the start of his journey towards becoming the 5th and probably the last Jagadguru.

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