4 Spiritual Parenting Tips for all Kids


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4 Questions parents ask themselves

Has this question ever bothered you?

1) How will my child survive in this competitive world?
2) Is the world (school, colleges and workspace) a safe place for my child to live in?
3) Can spirituality benefit my child?
4) What is the best lesson for my child?

If you are continuously harassed by such questions, this post is for you.

Tip 1: Do not burden children with your dreams

Our children are our extended selves, say the Vedic scriptures. If you find Truth in this statement, you will go out of the way to protect your child and make arrangements for the smooth transition of your ward into a safer zone in the world, so that you need not worry in the future.

The problem at hand is easier spoken than done. It is important to understand that unless you as a parent are free from the worldly pressures of existence and performance, it is probable that you cannot achieve your dreams with regards to your children. Now let us define the terms “existence” and “performance” so as to take the topic further.

Tip 2: Interact with your child

If you are a parent who does not have much time in hand, to give to your child then you are still struggling with your own existence, your survival, or probably you are investing more time than what is needed, towards your family’s upkeep. When you are worried about your performance, you have probably set unrealistic high goals to achieve and are getting crushed by your own standards. It will be worthwhile to take life a bit easier by sacrificing some of your ambitions and instead investing that time in getting sorted out and improving the inner quality of life.

You have to find enough time which you could give to your ward so that he grows up to be a healthy citizen. Your values should define your own actions. It is possible that you may not earn a lot of money, and that’s okay because life is not about earning or enhancing external lifestyle but one that enhances the quality of your life.

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Tip 3: Inculcate values and not  fear of survival in children

It is all about extending life values to your children, the strength of which will be enough to support your children through life’s many processes. You may not be required to teach your children how to earn money or how to handle people. This knowledge may essentially be superficial and manipulative.

It will be worthwhile to establish examples of Truth and commitment, the value of working for inner purification and satisfaction rather than working for profits, that will benefit your children. Teaching children to live without facades, letting them know that life is less about succeeding and more about life values that will stand them in good stead. This shall help them absorb the deeper true sense of what it means to be alive.

Tip 4: Homeschool your child

Become and ideal role model

You need to train your children through example and setting an example also requires you to detach your ward from external influences, influences from the society that will certainly corrode the intelligence of children, during the initial phase of growth. It is a good option to home-school children under personal care. Parents should take up jobs that can be executed from their homes, which will allow them to spend a large chunk of time with their wards.

Encouraging children with stories from the scriptures like Ramayana, getting their faith into God and great men from the scriptures is an essential part of a healthy childhood. Keep children away from negative and cynical influences that perpetrate in society. Ensure that your child develops faith in the Vedic system and does not get influenced by the ways of society.

All this is achieved not in theory but only through your own personal example. Spending quality time with children will strengthen the base value system of your ward and your child shall slowly grow into a healthy individual whose life decisions will then be based on strong logic which shall not be influenced by superficial life situations.

Your child will then be able to take independent sane decisions that will rudder his life towards positive outcomes.

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