How to Awaken Manipuraka Chakra?

Awakening Manipuraka Chakra

Introduction to Manipuraka Chakra

The Manipuraka Chakra represents the Self-esteem and self-worth of an individual.

This is the 3rd Chakra, which comes after the Swadhisthana Chakra or the Sacral Chakra.

This Chakra is a source of immense potency and energy.

Thus the Manipuraka Chakra is the energy and power center within the human body-mind constitution.

Activation of the Manipuraka Chakra awakens immense energy within the human system. The chakra exists 2 inches above the navel area.   

Why should we activate the Manipuraka Chakra?  

Practitioners of Yoga see the Manipuraka Chakra as a 10 petalled yellow Lotus.

The Chakra moves in the clockwise direction.

One who activates this chakra will attain tremendous self-worth and his willpower to act and perform will increase manifold.

In addition, the person shall also grow in confidence along with renewed positivity towards life.

Activating this Chakra will also increase the flow of money.


This Chakra also brings in a lot of Names and Fame into the life of an individual who has activated the Manipuraka Chakra.

Fear related to people and circumstances shall stop troubling such a person.

An active Manipuraka Chakra blesses an individual with the capacity to stand against all odds.

A strong Manipuraka Chakra also represents a great digestive system, which keeps a person healthy and keeps his internal system free of gas.  

Practices to Activate the Manipuraka Chakra

The Manipuraka Chakra is also known as the Solar plexus.

A person interested in awakening this Chakra has to perform spiritual practices related to Lord Suryanarayana.

Reciting the Aditya Hridaya Stotram, every morning and evening, facing east and west respectively is an extremely powerful practice.

This process shall automatically activate the Manipuraka Chakra.

One can also perform Surya Namaskara, just before sunrise.


One can also offer water oblations to Surya Devata facing the Sun, daily.

These processes activate the Manipuraka Chakra of the individual.

Simple Means to Awaken Good Luck (Raja Yoga)

Another simpler means to draw Solar energy into the Manipuraka Chakra is to simply expose oneself to the Sun’s first rays at dawn.

One can stand facing the east, on open ground or verandah, at dawn and Pray to Surya Deva, to enter your Solar plexus.

One can stand exposed to the Sun’s rays for not more than 5 minutes.

Even a month-long practice can invoke untold benefits.

The person shall also develop a tendency to stand by Truth, as one performs this form of sadhana.

This practice is great because it helps the practitioner progress spiritually.

One can also chant the mantra “Om Suryah Namah”, 108 times both at dawn and dusk, in order to activate the Manipuraka Chakra.

Chanting the Surya mantra can also invoke Raja Yoga within the individual.

The mantra also serves as a means for an individual to rise in societal position.  

Manipuraka Chakra and Kapalabhati

Another means for activating the Manipuraka Chakra is to perform Kapalabhati Pranayama.

Experts recommend doing not more than 50 strokes of Kapalbhati for men and 25 strokes for women.

They also discourage Pregnant women from doing Kapalbhati.

People should consult their physicians before attempting any yogic practice.

Kapalbhati uses the Prana or the lifeforce within the wind element to activate the Manipuraka Chakra.


People suffering from heart disease should also avoid doing Kapalbhati because it can cause stress on a weak heart.  

Visualizing Devi Shakti

One can also chant the Mantra of the Manipuraka Chakra represented by (रं).

This is also chanted as “rang” or “rum”, with a strong inner throat sound, ending with a nasal sound.

This sound causes reverberations in the solar plexus and activates it.

Another way to activate the solar plexus is through Dynamic Meditation.

Devi Shakti and Fire element are the presiding deities of the Manipuraka Chakra.

One can close one’s eyes and visualize Agni Deva blazing in the naval region or imagine the beautiful form of Devi Shakti inhabiting the naval region.

By the continued, conscious practice of this visualization, one can awaken the Solar plexus, very easily.

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