How to Grow Spiritually as a Couple?

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Importance of a Dutiful Wife

A wife has been given a significant responsibility of the family. Our Vedic scriptures have a special word called Bhāryā.

Bhāryā means wife. The woman of the house is given great importance in the Shastras. She is regarded as the pillar of the family.

Along with having an inclination to grow spiritually, women are embodiments of Love, compassion, care and all other emotional faculties that bind a family together. She is the root of the family tree.

Without a strong root, the tree can never grow well.

Similarly, it is required that the woman should be devoted to her husband in order to raise her children well. This is the first step: Chastity.

Signs of a Successful Relationship

A married couple must rely on each other for physical, mental and emotional support. They must trust each other and be genuine in all respects.

A woman begins her journey as a daughter, then as a sister. In advanced stages of life she becomes somebody’s wife and eventually she becomes a mother. The journey becomes beautiful than ever, as it proceeds. Her responsibilities keep increasing. But, with much joy she embraces it all and harmoniously she takes her family along. Such is an ideal woman.

Though males have got the entire responsibility of the family, it is only possible with the support of his wife. Just like a person can walk with only two legs, both husband and wife bear the responsibility of a family.

It is possible that the husband is financially competent to provide for the family. But, for emotional strength he always looks upon to his better half.

Hence, very thoughtfully came the word Bharya. Which means better half, the one who shares responsibilities with her husband.

We have heard the term bed of roses. Most often, relationships fail to be successful. Tough Situations make their place in any phase of life. But, situations can be made better. Problems cannot be eliminated, if they are Prarabdha, but certainly the intensity can be reduced.

For some people Mantras work, while for some others a powered stone like Rose Quartz does.

Rose Quartz: This is a magical stone that invites love and care. It improves relationship and communication between couples. Bringing again romanticism in the life of couples, rose quartz rings and pendants have become one of the most gifted stones during special occasions, especially during Valentines.

It makes the dominant spouse calmer, flooding the relationship with warmth. It empowers the person with strength to talk openly without any fear.  You’ll be able to release choked emotions and convey your feelings more effectively. Rose Quartz unlocks the heart chakra. So, wearing a Quartz pendant, has brought improved results.

Raising children is a joint effort, both from the mother’s side as well as from the father’s side. But, before they accept roles of parents, it is required that the two are closely united. Here is where the relationship of a married couple comes to play.

Qualities of a Good Wife

The Shastras have delineated some characteristics of ideal women.

An ideal wife satisfies the requirements of her husband. She becomes the best friend of her husband. In such a case, no secrets exist. Such should be the closeness in a true relationship.

A true couple shares responsibility. They give and expect nothing in return. It is only love and faith that makes the relationship lasting and fulfilling.

In a true relationship, you should be able to speak your heart without any sort of fear. Only then can purity and chastity exist. This applies for both husband and wife.

Moreover, along with accompanying the husband in material pursuits and pleasures, a wife is a companion of on the spiritual path as well.

She is the best supporter for a man who practices Dharma.

That is why wife is also called Saha-Dharma-Charini (सहधर्म चारिणी) or the one who follows the same spiritual practices as her husband.

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Duties of a wife towards her husband- Sita Devi and Sri Rama

During the marriage of Sri Rama and Sita Devi,
King Janaka did Kanyadanam (handing over Sita to Sri Rama). Janaka said: “इयं सीता ममसुता सहधर्म चारिणी तव” which translates as “This is Sita, my daughter and she’ll follow Dharma if you follow”.

Sri Ram heard King Janaka patiently.

After a while, he asked the King that what if he does not follow Dharma. In such a circumstance, what will Sita Devi do?

Will she continue following dharma or will she accompany Me on the path of Adharma (Path of Unrighteousness) ?

Sri Rama asked this question to guide ordinary people like us.

To this, King Janaka immediately replied that Sita will ensure that you tread the path of Dharma and then she’ll walk along with you.

Why did Sitaji go for 14 years of Exile with Sri Rama?

An application of this statement in seen when Sri Rama was exiled for 14 years to the forest.

Sri Rama looks at Sita Devi and asks her to stay in the palace while he decided to dwell in the forest.

To this Sita devi started saying that: “My father, who raised me up and got me married to you has been deceived today…”

Sri Rama, paid attention to Sita Devi’s words as she continued: “What will your father-in-law, the King of Mithila, my own father, think about you? Oh Rama, you aren’t qualified to be the son-in-law of Videha because you do not have the strength of a Purusha (man). In this trying circumstance, you have behaved like a feeble woman.”

On hearing the noble words of Sita Devi, Rama was left-speechless. He did not utter a single word and asked her to accompany Him to the forest. Sita devi, was aware that that only such words can have an impact on Sri Rama’s decision.

Due to her faith and determination to follow Dharma, she persuaded Sri Rama to take her along with Him.

So, it is the sole responsibility of a dutiful wife to ensure that her husband should never deter from the path of Dharma.

Both, husband-wife should support and encourage each other to follow Dharma.

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