Humility Personality Quotient

Humility Personality Quotient

1 ) What is your opinion about humble people?





2 ) Who according to you are the most humble people





3 ) Do you think respecting elders, is a sign of humility?





4 ) When other's praise you, you tend to





5 ) What will you do if your sibling insults you in public?





6 ) How often you lie in a day?





7 ) What do you do if your friend cheats in a game?





8 ) When somebody calls you talkative, you try to





9 ) How true is this statement for you? Bad things happen to Good people





10 ) Have you ever cheated in Exams?





11 ) When your colleague becomes more successful than you, you tend to





12 ) What according to you is the most important quality in a relationship?





13 ) Do you believe that Wisdom is related to Age





14 ) What is the most important quality to sustain in your job?





15 ) Which color you feel attracted to?





16 ) How true is this statement for you? There is a very thin line that separates atheism from theism





17 ) What is your mood when you read a book?





18 ) When you debate, you tend to





19 ) Do you believe that Secularism has disintegrated Society?





20 ) How true is this statement for you? Other's are better than me





21 ) You compromise to make others feel comfortable





22 ) Does kindness depend on social status?





23 ) Do you think that a person can change after listening to someone?





24 ) You are very compassionate





25 ) What will you do if you get a lot of money?





26 ) What is the most important lesson in life?





27 ) What will be the greatest punishment in life, for you?





28 ) What is your intention when you choose a gift for your friend





29 ) You are very concerned about how others perceive you





30 ) You are cautious of people who