Is Life all about Achievements? | The True Purpose of Life and Inner Seeking

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Being accomplished, is the goal of most humans. However it all depends on how we define accomplishment. Goals, objectives, aims, ambitions and fulfillment of wants are the most likely one’s to get tagged under the umbrella of accomplishments. Accomplishment, is a fancy word, that pushes one to raise the bar and attain something, perhaps towards some sort of inner fulfillment. What else could be other reasons. When we get on with the task of setting goals and start equipping ourselves with tools and techniques to attain short term and long term goals, a distinction attained during the course of our attainments could be accomplishments. But accomplishments usually cannot be defined, it is a deal that accompanies achievement, tasks that have been achieved with a certain distinction.

For example winning a 100 meters sprint race could be an achievement; however in the process of winning the title, to set a new world record is an accomplishment. There are many who find accomplishment, on being nominated for the businessman of the year awards, by certain prestigious national and international fora. It is we who decide what is an accomplishment. Certain people , in order to show off, to the world may also use trivial run-of-the-mill attainments as accomplishments. Hence, the primary trigger to bucket something as an accomplishment, is one’s avarice to establish oneself as something or somebody in the eyes of others. However it is important to understand that accomplishments do not and cannot dictate the quality of life. Accomplishment is solely external, a worldly parameter, that has little to do with fulfillment and joy. On the other hand, more the accomplishments, greater is the disturbance of the external world. Worldly accomplishments, tend to propel individuals, towards outward seeking and ego-massaging. When accomplishments rise, one’s focus shifts from the heart to the head. There is a great deal of strategy and planning towards gathering worldly fluff, so as to maintain the fat of one’s ego. On a personal scale, I would rather focus on “inner-accomplishments”. I would rather find mechanisms that shall rid me off my worries. It would be fruitful for me to seek inner fulfillment instead.

If a day is spent in peace, where joy is felt in the heart, that would be an accomplishment for me, accomplishment without the pressure of any attainments. The more one disassociates from the mad rush of the world of accomplishments, greater shall be the joy in the heart. A man free of accomplishments is free of stress. There are no goals to achieve and no deadlines to be met. The moment man seeks the light within, he discovers mechanisms that will collate the diversions of the senses. Accomplishments is a means to engage the senses in the outward phenomenon, to agitate them, to sacrifice inner peace. It is important that the context of the word accomplishment is turned around 180 degrees and directed towards satisfaction and contentment. A heart that drops worldly accomplishment, is a heart that is accomplished!