Faith in God is the Only Medicine

Faith on God

Our Vedic Shastras suggest that only a doctor can be the best friend of a diseased person.

Subtle forms of Diseases

Diseases are generally regarded as gross manifestations.

Either it is negatively impacting the physical structure, the body, or the mental plane.

The latter is usually termed depression.

But, the Vedic texts and subtle sciences of medicines suggest that no disease directly affects the body.

It roots from the mental and then branches out, affecting the body.


So, an untamed mind becomes the root cause of suffering which eventually erupts as a disease.

The mind’s disease is diverse. It is deeply connected with the 6 vices namely: Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride, Envy, and Attachment.

So, uncontrolled thought patterns and tendencies form disease.

If we want to treat diseases from their root it becomes crucial to look upon these mental factors, which otherwise can never be cured.

With time it only becomes worse.

Vedic scriptures are the best handbook available to mankind. Indeed, the best self-help book to treat our innate, negative tendencies, is the Shastras.

It says: “Though there are doctors in the medical field to cure disease.

But, the fear called death and impermanence can be treated by none other than (Bhagawan) God.”

Faith in God is the Best Medicine

The true doctor is God and the best medicine is faith.

How can God be a doctor?

Here is what Kulashekhara Azhwar says

“A patient reaches the peaks of surrender while undergoing surgery.

The doctor cuts open his stomach, blood flows out and he himself is in a drowsy state, yet he does not object to the doctor.”

He continues: “A doctor earns respect for cutting open the stomach of a patient. However, criminal partnering bloodshed finds room in the prison only.

Similarly, I am the patient and You (Bhagawan) are my doctor.

Just like the patient surrenders, I have relinquished all complaints issued, regarded my life situations.”

Material life has inflicted me. This is my disease and you’re the only doctor who can rid me of it. You might rip all my parts and blood oozes.

But, I know for certain that you are the revered doctor who saves lives and not a criminal who takes away life.

You do it all for my good alone.

I cannot doubt Your intentions.

Suffering is a Test, not Punishment

Further, Namalvar describes: “Bhagawan is the only doctor for the disease of material existence.

He might test us in every life situation, by posing obstacles and unpleasant situations.

But, we must hold tight the rope of faith and never doubt His intentions.”

The Shastras proclaim Suffering to be one of the stepstones to realize the futility of life.

The moment we realize the futility of life, it becomes easy for Bhagawan to cure us.

Therefore, developing distaste for the world is one symptom by which we can approach Bhagawan as a doctor.

Kapila Mahamuni also describes the suffering of material existence and the necessity of spirituality.

It is needed that the patient has faith in the doctor, for the disease to fade away.

Initially, family doctors were in demand and they used to have a deep bond with every member of the family.

The Lesser seen tradition of Family Doctors

There was a tradition of family doctors, in the olden days.

The medical profession was less known as a business and more based on one-to-one interaction.

More than calling it an appointment, you call it a casual meeting. Doctors met patients casually.

Interaction with one another was genuine and less transactional.

Due to the faith developed in the course of interaction, treating the patient would become a play for the doctor.

The doctor, through his interaction, has tapped into the consciousness of the sick person.

This was the science behind the treatment.

Ancient medical science believed that more than medicine it is faith that cures.

Faith on your doctor is a must.

However, today we no longer see family doctors.

Drawbacks of Modern-Medical System

Today, medical profession has become a booming business. Medical students clear their examinations.

They excel in specific fields of Medical science like pediatrics, ENT, cardiology, etc.

Due to this system of specialization, patients address specific problems.

One person has many doctors! One for the head, another for the stomach, and another for the bones!

Though the person is one, the body and its deficiencies are treated as many.

The patient’s body is treated in terms of its parts, like a machine rather than viewing it in a harmonious way.

Due to this shortsighted approach, people, in general have grown dissatisfied.

Health deteriorates, problems increase, but solutions decrease!

Why do Patients fail to trust?

People keep wandering in search of the best doctor to cure their disease.

Today, it has become difficult to instill faith in doctors.

Many times, we aren’t able to instill faith in the doctor for two reasons:

1) Bombarded with too many choices of doctors, the mind freezes.

A huge list of doctors, either recommended by friends, relatives, or others, confuses our minds even further.

So, a list of too many doctors eventually sets our minds on an endless search.

2) We keep eying the result.

We expect instant results without co-operating with the doctor.

We inspect the doctor, his treatment, and medicines with the glass of suspicion, by many people today, owing to the modern-day approaches and lifestyles.

Neither the doctor is at fault nor the patient.

It is not the fault of an individual, but the very fault of the mass system we have built around us.

The mass consciousness can only be treated by individual effort.

We must not focus on the system but work towards our well-being instead.

I must also add that the downfall of family doctor tradition and the rise of varied doctors of specialized fields is an arrangement of God only.

Thanks for reading!