Importance of Spiritual Education | Lessons of History we Failed to Learn

Importance Of Spiritual Education

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Bad Learners of History

Our human birth has a higher purpose. Unless this is realized, education cannot even begin. The realization of the higher purpose is hence the beginning of education. As a community, as a Nation, as a society, we have history laying down its various lessons to mankind. However our short-sightedness makes history simply regurgitate and repeat itself because none of us learn our lessons. Although human beings are supposed to represent the highest among species, we as a species, continue to be bad learners.

Past and Present Government Rules

Human history, especially the last 2000 years are full of exploits, exploration, autocracy, anarchy and oligarchy. Man has also witnessed the fate of such emergent systems. Today we talk of Capitalist Democracy, quasi-federal democracy such as the rule in India, Communism, socialistic order taking on a skin deep garb of democracy and several other forms of governance, and yet if someone is vigilant and observant enough, one can see that the underlying current under all these forms of rule and governance is closer to plutocracy and oligarchy of sorts. This is the plain fact. Anybody in denial of this has never bothered to dig deeper into the working of the governments of the world. Why is such a rule perpetrating in the world? Why are people interested in hijacking the interests of the common man? Have we not read the history of the ancient Greeks and Romans? Have we not seen the open disorder that was injected into the world order by pirates of the Gulf region and the aggressors who believed in plundering looting and subjugating the rights of others? What did man get out of these aggressions other than hurt and hatred? Was this the primary motive of being born as humans on this planet or was there any deeper purpose?

Disempowerment of Common Man

Our current education systems have been distorting history and diluting the hurt and grief that was passed on to our generation, thereby keeping its population drugged with false promises of hope in Paradise. This is one of the worst things to have happened. This is a way of governments to disempower the common man. Unless the common man is able to see the past without distortion, how can he hope to see a better world tomorrow? How can he work towards it? In the name of peace, pseudo-liberalism has been injecting heavy doses of poison by rejecting spiritual ideas and the eternal laws that govern the welfare of man and nature. In the name of equality, true religion is sworn and bickered at. Opportunism has taken over and facts are being heavily distorted. In this age of information, facts are being heavily distorted, disfigured and re-packaged so that man works towards his own destruction. The print and electronic media has been stoking and adding to the fire of fake news. The common man is disoriented and not able to decide as to what is a fact and what is fiction. There is widespread pandemonium spread by governments who take pleasure in keeping the common man confused, only trying to play their cards for their personal benefit at the cost of the safety and welfare of the common man. Unless the common man takes to educating himself with a well-directed motive, aim and inspiration, this disjointed functioning of the world will continue the same way for many generations to come. What can we do to change the scenario at least at an individual level?

Steps to Improve the World

The following are the steps that Individuals have to take so that situations in the World change. However what is required is consistency of thought, word and deed. Rome was not built in a day. In the same way unless we as individuals transform, no transformation can be effected in the world. Our conviction should be at all levels physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. When all these levels are touched upon with ideas, convictions and practices, at least the individual world shall start transforming. When such transformation becomes visible in the life of an individual through personal endeavor, slowly the society around the individual shall start transforming without delay. This is the simple secret.

History in the Right Perspective

It is important that one knows, studies and understands one’s history. One should know about one’s nation and understand one’s Nation from a spiritual standpoint. It should be clearly understood that without the right spiritual understanding, one can never get aligned to what is True. One has to understand the difference between Truth and Fact. Fact may be just a physical event that has occurred. But to understand the connotations of that fact, one has to be aligned to Truth and fairness. It is only with such a purified mindset can history be totally realized. Understanding History in the right perspective shall open up new gateways of thought that shall encourage the individual to accept work towards one’s own welfare and towards the welfare of the peoples of one’s Nation.

What Can I Do for Change?

To bring about Change, Self-transformation is essential. This self-transformation can only be effected by understanding spirituality and by being fair in assessing one’s own faults and biases. A person who is steeped in flaws and selfish motives cannot work towards any change. A man steeped in falsehood can only intimidate confusion, chaos and harbor negativity. On the other hand if a person is a worshipper of Truth, he shall never tolerate complacency and shoddiness, even in his own character. Only under such events can one truly understand one’s shortcomings and flaws and work towards eliminating them. When one starts working towards this end, one shall instantiate plausible changes in one’s character, working habits and association. This shall slowly transform the vibration around oneself.

Value of Spiritual Education

Spiritual Education is the key towards personal, social and national transformation. Most of the governments, in the name of equality more or less ensure that spiritual knowledge is not imparted to the common folk. This is done to ensure that people from the majority and minority classes do not revolt towards such initiatives bringing colors of scriptural differences belonging to respective cultures and religions to the forefront. Scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta and other forms of Vedic Scriptures do not belong to Hindus or any class or religion. They are universal. Governments can include the teachings of these scriptures as Works of Truth and make it available through the normal educational curriculum. If this is done, one shall be able to align oneself to Truth at all times. Individuals shall then be able to discover the power of the soul and use that energy for their own welfare and the welfare of the Nation. If an individual takes to serious spiritual study and starts digging deep into spiritual values and character, he shall be an asset to the world, leaving behind his nationality. This is what Spiritual Education can do.

Raising Children the Right Way

The most important aspect for the future of the world rests with Parents. If Parents are serious about their wards, children should be first trained by Parents. They should be infused into spiritual training by the time they turn five. Parents should also train themselves in Vedic works and take up spiritual discipline themselves, so that they are able to inspire their wards towards the goal of self-transformation. The teachings of the Bhagavad Gita should be transmitted to the toddlers all through their growing years. If possible, children should be home-schooled and trained in picking up skills such as blogging, art or any other form of skill which can make them self-dependent by the time they are twenty. This shall be the ideal growth time-table for children.

Individual Change, Changes Everything

If the Individual is trained and positioned spiritually, whomsoever the individual touches during the course of his entire lifetime can be candidates for self-transformation. A Spiritually mature being can help change society by spreading positivity through sharing life-tips with others. He can touch the lives of many millions if he has something to offer to the world. A spiritually awakened man shall be automatically assigned with the work of initiating transformation of society. If 100 people are to be transformed, it is important that atleast one individual is spiritually trained and transformed. This should be the work of Parents. The more one commits to spirituality, the more he shall see the world transform.