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Truth and Fact are different

Man lives by opinions, usually. Most of his opinions are formed, as a part of the “habit of forming opinions”. This is the natural way, the mind is designed to be, at the outset. One of the reasons, why there is too much of confusion in the world is due to this very nature of the mind. If there were no opinions, there would never be shades of grey in the world around us.

There would then be no need to disbelieve or even believe, for that matter. Things would have been perfect. However, for a man of realization, there can be no opinions; since he has a developed inner vision. He is blessed with the capability to “SEE”. This seeing, is not based on “what he feels” or “gut feelings”. There are no biases in his “seeing”. This seeing may also not be a “fact”. Seeing here, refers to “Truth”; it refers to the nature of things “as they are”.

It is important to differentiate between “fact” and “truth” here. These are not synonymous, although they apparently mean the same thing. A fact, maybe an event that has occurred in space and time. However a fact, may not be true always. A fact is something, that the senses convey to the mind and the mind interprets it, the way it has been programmed, since time immemorial, since many past lifetimes.

A fact, even may mean a million things, to  millions of people. Facts, are to be understood as “opinions” on what may have transpired and nothing more.

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For example, A man, bids goodbye to his wife at the door, as he leaves for work. The wife waits at the door and sees her husband walk a few hundred paces towards his car. Meanwhile, at that distance, the wife sees another “beautiful woman” who stops by “her” husband and starts chatting with him, with a smile on her face. Now it is left to the woman at the door to draw her conclusions, talk about this to the man, after he returns from work and so on.

Let us assume that the man reveals something, that may cause some disturbance in the wife’s mind. Her mind then goes on to work overtime as it whirls and spins around through myriads of assumptions and opinions.

Now what is the Truth? Truth is something, that cannot be discovered when the mind is hyper-active, sullied and when it is disturbed. Only when the mind is free of distortions, free, pure, can it be able to relate to Truth. Only then, shall it have the capability to reflect “Truth” without the interpretation of the mind. Mind can only interpret and cannot see.

“Seeing” is a faculty of pure consciousness, the pure conscience. It cannot be grasped with the mind. “Opinions” and “facts” have no connection with Truth. Even perception, however pure it may be, cannot come close to Truth. Only a heart that has been purified through spiritual practice and Grace, can reflect truth. What people call living, is mere aimless rambling on the sands of lies.

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