Is Scientific Theory about Universe Real?

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Thought world creates reality

Our Inner world is the basis of our external world. Our external world, that which we see around and experience, has been built by us. We are its creator. It has been built by us, through our emotions, wishes, desires, cravings and all that represent the conscious and unconscious processes within ourselves. The question may arise, that the world existed even when we never existed. It will continue to exists even after our death. Then how can we come to terms with this reality that the world outside is our own creation?

The Vedic Sciences, that we call as Shastras or the edicts of Sanatana Dharma which have been documented eons ago, that which are believed and referenced to be eternally existing, make allusions to this reality. The recent scripture of Bhagavad Gita which is 5000 years old, states this fact with clarity. It is said that consciousness may change form and feature, but there was never a time, nor will there be a time when the world will be without consciousness. We all have existed before and shall continue to exist in the future. What is termed as death is simply a transition of our bodies.

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All our thought, emotions, and conscious/unconscious volitions, remain eternally recorded in the heart of this vast cosmos. It is foolish to imagine that there is only a ‘Universe’. In fact, the modern scientist is talking about multiverses which are billions of times the size of this universe within which we exist. The way modern science has been viewing the universe and consciousness has changed dramatically over the past decade.

Scientific theories about creation

Concepts of Quantum physics, which have been challenging the theory of Relativity as enunciated by the great scientist Albert Einstein, has taken the scientific world to kindergarten once again. Science is not able to grapple the “phenomenon” itself at the outset. This is bad for the so-called scientifically minded. However, the answers to the many mysteries of the world lie blatant in the monumental works that define the spirit. It remains  within the closed unexplored works of Yore, the Vedas.

The sad part of the current world scenario is such that, as long as a scientist, is opposed or ignorant of the spirit and its potencies he is a scientist; but alas, the moment he crosses over to the arena of pure spirit; he is no more acceptable as a scientist because his revelations are considered no different from the rantings of an assumedly irrational rustic wearing the saffron.