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Is the Material World an illusion? | Spiritual World in Hinduism | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 4

Is the Material World an illusion?

मोह निसा सब सोवनिहारा |
देखहि सपन अनेक प्रकारा ||

According to philosophers and Vedic scriptures, this visible material world is a dream.

All its expansions, past present, future, time, place and substance are all dream in play.

This creation is Brahma’s dream world. Further to say, even, Lord Brahma is the product of a dream.

We dream of many wonderful things in sleep.

Yet, can your dream transport you to the paradise it builds up?

Say you dream of mammoths, can the dream take you back to ice age on waking up.

After great experimentation, scientists credit the entire dream experience to a small cell lying in some corner of the brain.

The poor entity is so tiny that it can easily sit on the tip of a needle.

How can such a microscopic entity manage the entire dream affair?

How our universe operates?

Our universe operates in miraculous ways.

]It covers everything within its fold.

What we call one universe or solar system exists within every atom with all its might.

Moreover, the nucleus of an atom is as powerful as the sun itself.

In addition, the misuse of protons can destroy the whole of creation.

Numerous Electrons revolve around orbits outside the atom.

Again, the nature of neutrons is yet a mystery.

Is it possible to count the number of atoms in one solar system?

Countless such solar systems appear like dreams in the Mayic field.

Hence, it is a laughable idea to try and gauge the expanse of the Supreme Being’s abode.

It is far beyond our imagination.

It is like trying the count the number of atoms present in the galaxy (With around three and a half billion stars).

Nevertheless, Vaikuntha, Shivalok, Saket and Goloka are different names of the same knowledge principle (चिद्घन).

They are many yet they are one.

Therefore, as per your inner alignment, you attain these abodes.

These abodes are full of knowledge, eternal and everlasting.

Lord Krishna’s Eternal Associates

The associates of the Supreme Being resemble Him in their characteristics.

Irrespective of the abode, all are embodiments of bliss and are non-different from Him.

Even their clothes and ornaments are the very delineation of knowledge.

Here we are taking the name of Golok.

However, in this regard all abodes stand parallel, since the principle is non-different.

In a word, they appear different only due to variety of emotions.

Likewise, in Golok, the Gopis, cows, bulls and children in Golok are all eternal.

Their form, complexion, age, height and mannerisms are also eternal- they are alike.

Yet, to support the Lord in his pastimes, they may experience a temporary change, suiting the situation.

However, Such a change happens instantly.

Just the will is needed.

For instance- when lord Vamana appeared, he appeared along with his crown, earrings, conch, disk, club and lotus.

यत तत्त्वपुरभाति विभूषणायुधै:
अव्यक्त चिद्वयक्तमधारयद्धरि: |
बभूव तेनैव स वामनो वटु:

Bhagavan’s garments, ornaments and Paraphernelia were not material.

They were all forms of knowledge. Hence, they appeared and disappeared when needed.

They suddenly disappeared, and the lord regained his original form of Vamana.

Later in Bali Maharaj’s sacrificial hall, that very Vamana grew enormous in size.

In the lord’s abode, all are endowed with this potency.

Because everybody’s attire is the embodiment of Knowledge.

Hence, there is this potency to switch in the Lord’s divine abode.

Purpose of Golok Vrindavan

Golok is exclusively meant for Lord Krishna’s pleasure.

It is Lord Krishna’ sporting ground where each one participate in his pastimes.

Here, each one aims at pleasing Shri Krishna, although they might opt different ways to do so.

This is their mode of deriving joy.

Indeed, Shri Krishna is the life of Golok.

The Golok vasis not only sing his praise, but also tease him.

There is even room for fight and quarrel.

Each one feels that Shri Krishna loves them the most and is constantly watching them.

They are united in his eternal company.

In a nutshell, rejoicing in Shri Nanda Nandana’s company is life in Golok.

No sensory interaction in Golok

Even without sensory interaction, Golok is full in all respects.

Not in the sense of individual pleasure, but by seeing Krishna happy through their interactions.

Does Lord Krishna’s family change with time?

In Golok, time has no say

The Lord’s eternal associates do not change with flowing time.

Hence, their age and physical traits remain intact.

However, they may experience a momentary change.

Just like- an actor on stage changes his costume to play his ordained role.

However, this change is temporary, just to achieve a purpose on hand.

Understanding the time cycle

Let me site another example- In Vaikuntha, the Sanak Kumaras had cursed Jaya and Vijaya to become demons for 3 lifetimes.

Was this a result of their Karmic Load?

No, it was not.

The curse was just to stir a pastime for the Lord.

After the stipulated period, they regained their original form as the doorkeepers of Vaikuntha.

Though they became Shishupala and Dantavakra for the common man, their karma couldn’t bind them.

Shri Hari always looked after them in their every birth.

To conclude, their original forms of Jaya and Vijaya remained untouched.

Remember, Vaikuntha is never vacant.

When Jay and Vijay descended on earth to fulfil the curse, their duties were not transferred to a new pair of doorkeepers.

They did take three births as per the earthly time cycle.

But, their three births lasted for 1 day of brahma (1 kalpa).

On the other hand, Lord Brahma’s entire lifetime (100 years) is just 1 day of Vaikuntha.

Hence Jay–Vijay’s absence from Vaikuntha was just for a fraction of a second.

Meanwhile Jaya and Vijaya had already finished taking three births on earth.

Material world VS Spiritual World

Though scholars may have claimed this world to be a dream, this word is the sporting ground of knowledge.

The entire transitory nature of the world lies in the aphorism ‘Sarva khiladam brahma’.

Hence, this world is the sporting ground of knowledge only because it is the spiritual world’s reflection.

Since this reflection is perverted, it has all the drawbacks of Maya.

It shows the perverted view of the lord’s interaction with his associates.

How did Brahma create the universe?

Dreams don’t appear from thin air. They are formed by the samaras of our past and present lifetimes.

By carefully reading the Puranas, we come to know that Lord Brahma didn’t miraculously create this universe.

First He meditated on the lord for several thousand years.

Then, the lord triggered the Samskaras of the previous creation in his core.

Finally, those past seeds formed the basis for this present creation.

The world is ageless. But the foundation for this creation are the past creation’s samskaras which is a reflection of the eternal abode.

That very reflection in the perverted view manifests as this material world.

Realizing our eternal form

The Vaishnava acharyas advise us to recognize our eternal position through the application of jnana.

Hence, we must recognize our role in the Lord’s pastimes.

The jeeva suffers and wanders recklessly in the gory cycle of life and death only because it has turned his face from its true self.

As a result, we get attached to our material name and form.

However, when our material attachment gets directed to our spiritual form, we get relieved from the endless cycle of birth and death.

The spiritual world isn’t called lok because it is a specific realm.

We call it lok only because it illumines creation, it is the source which make this world operative.

Without the source, reflection shall perish.

Golok is the reality, it eternally exists. It is everywhere.

However, we discount the source and mistake its reflection, the material world, to be real.

We are deluded by maya or attachment.

This is Moha Nidra (slumber of attachment मोह निद्रा). Hence, This Moha nidra must break.

Golok and Krishna’s wondrous family is the upcoming blog.

The description throws light on the functioning of the spiritual world- most appealing to devotees of the form principle.

If this your faith, then you must have certainly developed a bond with your lord.

If you’re striving to make one, let Him decide.

मोहि तोहि नाते अनेक, मानिये जो भावै, |
जो त्यों तुलसी कृपालु चरन सरन पावै ||
(Vinaya Patrika)

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Extract from Golok Ek Parivar (Author- Sudarshan Singh Chakra)