Is Science Greater than Spirituality?


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Science and its contraditcions

In science, there are branches contradicting each other. As a result there are differences in opinion, technique and results in the different branches of science such as cultural (regular) science and quantum physics. Some branches believe in the role of consciousness while some do not.

Some swear by theories of former scientists and other modern theories are based on stark contradicting theories. There is no definite basis, on which you can draw definite conclusions! It is all a matter of perception and consciousness is very much relevant to understand essential concepts that shape our intellectual mind.

We must thus understand that experiments based on the so-called perfect laws of modern science do not stand in good stead with the passage of time. The results depend on the consciousness associated with that particular experiment. This is an unwritten yet definitive fact. This means that we gain different results for the same experiment with the change of consciousness… Sounds like quantum physics?

True science is actually that which is highly verifiable that does not have any frailties. the important point is that it should not change with time. Such science is verily spirituality which is highly verifiable and stands the test of time. It is the desired, permanent, stable and is a definite outcome of all experiments that man has carried out since time immemorial.

It is the only reality that never changes although the entire world and factors governing the world change. This can, however, be achieved only if you are committed to the experiment and not partial to the subject. You must accept the contradicting factors of science to reach the peak of reality.

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How to verify Spirituality

Scriptures are unbiased. They are documents revealing perfect reality, not prone to human defects as in science. Unlike science which has one theory today and another tomorrow, Shastras have always been a point of reference for its immaculate relevance at all times.

When you are committed to scriptures and are ready to undertake the journey, you shall arrive at verifiable facts. For example sticking to Truth, the result of which is verifiable, according to any scripture whether the scripture is Biblical or Hindu. When you stick to Truth, as an experiment you shall develop the following qualities.

Qualities of a spiritual person

You shall become fearless. A spiritual person does not get bothered about results of his action. Bestowed with untold power and commitment, spiritual seekers work towards their goals. Such people are extremely unbiased. They may face opposition, yet peace is an inseparable part of themselves, situated at the very core.

Fearfulness is not their attribute and so a good night’s sleep follows them without any effort. This phenomenon does not change with time, place or circumstances. This is verifiable under all conditions and hence it’s a perfect science.

The external world is a mix a multiple consciousness, vibrations, views, ideologies and thoughts.

People finding the ways of the world, keeping the external as the focus are misled at the very beginning. They believe the external world is real and hence begin with various experiments to prove their point. Here the very basis of reality is untrue! It is driven by the mind which cannot study itself but requires to be studied by a superior authority.

Freedom of perspective

There are many people with different views on life. None of them are right or wrong and everything becomes a matter of relative perspective. The difference in perspective is similar to the experience of a man inflicted with jaundice sees everything around in yellow tones, while a person with color blindness is unable to distinguish the colored world around him. Once he may claim yellow to be red and in the other red to be blue. On the other hand a person with high eye power sees the world veiled with mist.

Major drawback of Science

So tell me who is right and who is wrong? Everybody is right and everybody is wrong at the same time. It’s all a matter of perspective. This is the consequence when one uses the senses to find reality in this material world. And science uses equipments no doubt, but ultimately relies on human sensory perception for documenting theories. The very basis is prone to change and distortion arises from one person to another in higher or lower degrees.

Spirituality is the perfect science

To find the truth we must approach something or someone who was present when this world was created or we must approach the creator himself. We should not rely on the information passed on by our faulty senses that project wrong information almost at all times. Instead of noting what we see or observe, we must observe what we note. Through this practice, we shall slowly transcend into sharpened awareness which is not dependent on our senses.

When we become conscious of what we see and note we become careful observers and develop a keen sense of observation.  This is the tool required to begin your search towards your inner space, where the creator resides. He can be contacted only by following the truth and principles of spirituality.

The science of observation of the one who notes down is true science and superior to traditional science from all angles.

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