Krishna and Bhadra’s suspense game

Krishna and Bhadra's suspense game

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 20

Tell me the name

 “Aree! Who is it? Leave it now”– Today Bhadra has slightly distanced himself from his friends and is sitting under the Tamala tree. Kanhai stealthily came from the back of the tree and shuts Bhadra’s eyes with both his hands. Bhadra wasn’t surprised. But he has definitely clutched this trouble maker’s hand a little above him.

Now, can this touch ever go unnoticed? His tinkling bells had already made the sound. His jeweled waist belt had already given an alarm of his arrival. The scent that comes from his bluish body, can it ever go unnoticed. The fragrance of his Tulsi garland can be detected even by animals, that too from a great distance. Bhadra is after all Shyam’s intimate friend.

Bhadra had already realized that it was his ‘Kanu’ who was coming near him. But he did not turn back to see only to know what was in Shyam’s mind. And this prankster has skillfully covered his sakha’s eyes.

Bhadra tricks Krishna

“Ohun! Tell me the name.” Kanhai’s tone has chuckles of excitement. He is so innocent. He doesn’t even realize that by speaking, he shall easily expose himself.

“Bear!”– Bhadra also replied sportingly. Then he made another try “Fat monkey.” On Shyam’s “Uhun” Bhadra took another name.

What do you think, Bhadra doesn’t even know this simple thing. How can a bear come running and shut his eyes like this. Even if it does, can his hands be so soft and nectarine in touch. Bhadra knows how a bear’s voice is. At the moment, Bhadra is holding the softest portion of Kanhai’s wrists. Besides, bears or monkeys don’t wear bangles.

“Ohun.” Kanhai shakes his beautiful forehead against Bhadra’s right shoulder.

“Then it must be their friend or relative!” Bhadra is laughing. This touch of Kanhai’s hands- The longer it remains, the better.

“You tell me the name!”– Shyam has no hassles in being called the friend of a bear or a monkey. But Bhadra should also tell the name.

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Krishna’s physical description

Shyam wears a silken-yellow kachni on his waist. There is an ochre Patuka on his shoulder. A Vaijanthi mala on his neck. There is a peacock feather on his dense curly hair with tons of Kusuma flowers. His entire body is painted with flowers. He is wearing anklets on his feet and waist belt on his waist. There are bangles on his wrists hiding under flowers wreaths. Similarly you find armlets glancing through the wreaths on his arms.

Shyam has kneeled down and bent his auspicious feet bearing the marks of red-red lotuses, flag, thunderbolt, barley corn, goad, octagon etc. He is leaning against Bhadra. Hiding both of Bhadra’s eyes under his sponge-like hands he is constantly placing his head on his right shoulder. He is pleading- “Tell me the name.”

Bhadra’s physical description

Wheatish in complexion, wearing blue utariya and similarly dressed like Kanhai, Bhadra is of the same age as Kanhai. Bhadra puts a swan feather on his hair and is adorned with flowers. He is entirely painted with forest drawings.

Now, Bhadra is sitting in the Swastikasana pose under the Tamala tree. His bugle and stick lie beside him. Ropes are entwined around this left shoulder. Bhadra has tightly held Kanhai’s beautiful arms above his head.

If he guesses the right name then Shyam shall quickly withdraw his hands, which is why sometimes Bear, sometime fat monkey. He laughs as well.

Kanhai’s face touches that of Bhadra’s. Their shiny teeth and slender-red lips steal hearts. Nanda Nandana unable to control his laughter has begun to droop on Bhadra. He is requesting- “Tell me the name.”

“If not his friends, then he must certainly be his son-in-law.” Bhadra laughs even wildly.

Doesn’t Bhadra seem naughtier to you? Who had told him that later on, Krishna Chandra shall really marry the bear king Jambavant’s daughter Jambavanti.

“You’ve lost the game.” Shyam lifted his hands from Bhadra’s face and quickly got up laughing.

“Aree! It is our Kanu.”– Bhadra made such an expression as if he was in darkness all the while. Bhadra pulled Kanhai to his side. Now, Shyam has put both his arms around Bhadra’s neck. Both have bound themselves in a tight hug.

“You couldn’t tell the name!” Shyamsundara has separated himself from his friend’s hug. He is just laughing all the while. Bhadra has no regrets for this defeat. He is only laughing without a break.