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Krishna and Friends (Bhadrasena) | Friends of Lord Krishna | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 6

Krishna fights with his gopa friends

Krishna can tease a friend any moment.

In fact, He keeps teasing Sridama.

While playing, Krishna often refuses to fulfil his stake.

So, won’t his friends get angry?

Hence, Bhadra has to keep settling such fights.

As it is, he is ever-ready to pay on Krishna’s behalf but where do his friends listen.

“You never scold this Krishna.”-

This is the only thing that they can say.

“You go to Dada, Let him decide.”- Bhadra immediately sends either Krishna or a Sakha to Dau dada for a peaceful reconciliation.

But even Dau Dada doesn’t scold any Sakha.

On the contrary, whoever goes to him shall receive immense love and care from him.

Eventually, Dau will lovingly say- “You come and sit with me.

Krishna calls the cows

To call the cows or direct them in a specific direction, Bhadra would pass his bugle to Krishna and say- “You call the cows.”

But very soon, he would call his other friends for help. Because…

The cows do come on Krishna’s call but they undoubtedly siege him from all sides.

How many can little Krishna fondle?

All shall surprise him.

Hence, it becomes essential to drive them away and free Krishna from their grasp.

Bhadra- Krishna’s Bosom friend

When Krishna sings or dances, Bhadra claps. Besides Bhadra is always on the move.

If Vishal Sakha goes a little far off, he calls him back, because if Krishna feels like plucking flowers, he shall run to sit on Vishal’s shoulders.

He must pluck flowers and fruits with His own hands.

Then, how will He do without Vishal?

Little Krishna’s whims

There is no logic behind Krishna’s wants.

He may even want to attach fallen fruits and flowers back to their branches.

Moreover, He is never ready to hear, “This is not possible.”

“You can do it, you do this, quickly do it, do that first”- He will just start fighting.

At such times, Bhadra has to devise a ploy.

He somehow comes up with some or the other tactic to resolve such disputes.

Hence, to please Krishna, he may temporarily entangle a flower on a thorny bush, or manually place the fruit on its branch.

Krishna and the Rabbit pastime

He may even placate Krishna by saying-

“This rabbit has come to you just for this fruit.

If you don’t give it, he will fight with you.

He is hungry, so give this fruit to him.

He shall eat it and satisfy his hunger.”

As it is, Krishna is very innocent.

He will end up asking the rabbit-

“You are hungry? Will you eat the fruit?”

“But this rabbit cannot climb the tree”-

Now, Bhadra will make an excuse and turn Krishna’s mind to the hare.

Above all, if Krishna offers a fruit, even a monkey wouldn’t want to miss it.

Hence, the rabbit would sit to relish the fruit, grasping it between its front feet.

Then Krishna would keep watching it in amazement.

Specifically, He would even want to offer another fruit or Modak (मोदक).

But, Bhadra would stop him-

“This is so small, his tummy is so little.

If you overfeed, it shall fall sick.”

Likewise, Bhadra has to handle all his friends.

But handling Krishna is most important.

He is most playful, delicate and tender.

Krishna makes a Bed of Twigs

I have made a cushion of twigs.”-

Today Krishna is fancied by a new hobby.

He has designed a cushion of twigs, so someone must rest on it.

He would grasp anyone’s hand and say-

“You lay on this, I shall fan your feet.”

Krishna serves his friends

Tell me.

Are Krishna’s tender hands fit for fanning feet?

On using a lotus leaf as a fan, his arms begin to ache.

But he isn’t willing to give up his obstinacy.

Whether he holds Bhadra’s hand or another friend’s, whosever hand he holds, that friend calls out:

“Bhadra, Please tell him, who actually needs rest?

He is after me and doesn’t listen at all.”

“Yes, he is tired, but don’t forget even Dau Dada (Balaram) needs rest”- says Bhadra

At such times Bhadra has passed the matter to Dau.

Krishna will readily believe his words.

He will also accept that this bed of twigs was actually meant for Dau Dada, but he forgot midway.

Dau dada keeps sitting, but he seems more tired than his playful friends.

This logic can only appear convincing to Krishna.

Even If Dau dada denies the offer, who shall listen to him?

Dada will say-

“You are also tired”

…and pull Krishna beside him.

Thereafter, all know that Krishna cannot deny him.

Bhadra instructs the little friends of Krishna

“Won’t you make a cushion of twigs?

Krishna seems tired.”

Bhadra knows that Krishna cannot refuse his younger siblings, Tok and Tejasvi, if they insist.

If Anshu and Devaprastha cry, Krishna must give in for rest.

On one side, Krishna would lay on Subala or Sridam’s lap.

Suddenly, Bhadra would pull His hand on his lap and say-

“If your hands are left free, they shall keep fidgeting with something or the other.

If nothing else, you shall keep moving your fingers.

So, quietly close your eyes and go to bed.”

Little Sakhas Serve Krishna

Bhadra shall massage his right hand.

Tok and Anshu shall do the fanning.

Vishal and Arjun shall massage His feet.

Devaprastha and Tejasvi shall gently hum along.

All of Krishna’s friends are ever-exited to serve Him.

But, such a service comes to them only if Bhadra is pleased.

The forest pastime of grazing cows comes under Bhadra’s jurisdiction.

Hence, Krishna and His friends must listen to Bhadra.

Sometimes Naughty Krishna grows fussy buts finally accepts his decision.

Lord Balaram’s friendly nature

But, Dau Dada listens to all his friends.

One said-: Let us go Eastways.

“Come”- Dau Dada is ready with His stick.

“No, Today, let’s go west”- said the other.

“Ok- let’s go West.”

Dau Dada will even agree to this.

“There is no difference of opinion among the Gopakumaras”.

This they have often heard from their elders.

Hence during times of conflict they conveniently approach Bhadra.

Sakha Bhadrasena protective about Krishna

“Where will you go?”- Bhadra shall ask Krishna and if he leaves it up to him then he shall listen to the youngest friend.

He listens to the older friend only when a bigger picture is presented.

“That place is thorny”- This is a big reason.

You cannot let Krishna enter a thorny forest.

“There is a haughty monkey or horse that way”. Such a reason agitates Bhadra.

Why should a creature of Vrindavana terrorize Krishna?

“My cane will fix him right”- This is Bhadra’s immediate response.

 But the truth is–

By merely seeing Krishna, all horses and monkeys grow desperate to fall at his feet.

Bhadra can never threaten them.

He can only caress and pat them.

For the most part, Bhadra’s power is limited to the forest.

However, At home, Yashoda maiya, Nanda Baba, and Rohini ma rule.

Bhadrasena’s Wives

By the way, Bhadra has his own palace of Gopikas.

They are the Sisters-in-laws (भाभी) of Krishna.

If Krishna quarrels with his sister-in-law and she looks at Bhadra for assistance, he immediately makes it clear-

“I won’t get into the sister-brother-in-law quarrel”.

Krishna meets his sister-in-law

Krishna is so mischievous that he might pull his sister-in-law, especially the younger one into his arms and say-

“Hold my sister-in-law, Take her!”

Now, Can anyone deny this prankster?

Hold his hand and he will dance, clap and frolic.

In this abode of knowledge, physical contact isn’t akin to the material world.

Two bodies become one on touching.

And if a sister-in-law feels bashful, so be it.

Here, life is meant to please Krishna.

Bhadra is definitely fondled by Nanda baba, Yashoda Maiya and Rohini Ma.

Indeed, none of them negate his words and Dau never ignores a friend’s appeal.

Krishna’s love for Bhadrasena

“Call him, you explain to Him, You tell Him.”

Be it home or forest Krishna can anytime ask Bhadra to make animals and birds perform for Him.

If a cat jumps on His lap, or a calf starts thrusting its head, he can start calling Bhadra.

“He won’t understand my words.”

Even on saying this, Bhadra knows that Krishna won’t subscribe to him.

He will instead grow restless-

“You explain to Him! You can do it.”

Even animals and birds can understand Bhadra like Krishna, and if Bhadra speaks caressingly, they listen to Him.

Only Bhadra has the authority to tell Krishna-

“The calves have come to fight with you.

They are angry?

Why didn’t you caress them today?”

For Krishna, a moment cannot pass without Bhadra around.

So he keeps loitering around him, be it home or forest.

Even if he sleeps, then only with Bhadra, if not, he would certainly stick to his bed.

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Extract from the Book Golok Ek Parivar (Author- Sudarshan Singh Chakra)