Krishna and Sakhas play with sand

Krishna and Sakhas play with sand

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 18


“Dada! You sit! We will dress you like a Devata.”– Only Daudada can sit still like this. He is already a ready-made Devata. But Kanhai and all his other sakhas also want to play.

It is the first break of the day. The touch of Yamuna’s soft beach sand feels extremely soothing and pleasant to the body during this Spring season. Today when the kids had come to graze cows they didn’t busy themselves in gathering flowers, gunja and other such articles. All have come on the sand. The calves have got busy grazing the nearby green grass. Now there is the shade of the nearby trees on the shore. They liked the soothing beach sand, and Kanhai has sat down on the sand.

He removed his Patuka and forest garland and has spread his legs. Filling sand in both his fists, He has started putting sand on his thighs and knees.

As soon as Shyam sat down, many of the gopa kumaras came near and sat around him. Many, here and there, have started spreading their legs just like him. Just after the sand-bath all even have to bathe in the Yamuna.

Krishna and sakhas play with sand

Subala, Bhadra, Tok, Devaprastha, Varuthapa, Anshu, Tejasvi,– All fill loads of sand in their hands and put it on Kanhai’s shoulders, stomach and back.

Even these showers of sand look wonderful on Shyam’s body.

Is Shyam going to sit calm like this? Even he started casting loads of sand on his nearby sitting sakhas and thus started the game of hurling sand on each-other.

All children are supposed to be restless, but all of them- Even Nanda Nandana is extremely careful while casting sand. All laugh, they even throw sand in the air, but no one puts sand on anybody’s head. All even in this play, even in this game are careful that no sand particle should enter any sakha’s eyes, ears, or face.

Dau dada standing at the banks of the Yamuna watches the war. All of a sudden Shyam stood up. He ran and held his elder brother’s right hand. He has now thought of a new game.

Madhumangala greedy for Modaks

Dau laughed and said- “I shall sit. But, Madhumangal is a Devata.

Maiya says that brahmins are considered to be Devatas.”

It is right what he says. When we already have a devata present with us then why should someone forcibly be made a Devata?

“Will you all offer me Modaks as Bhoga?“- If Madhumangal gets Modaks then he has no trouble in being a Devata.

“Yes! Very big-big Modaks.” Kanhai said this spreading both his arms. As if he will somehow lift such big Modaks, if someone makes them then. Kanhai said-“Wet sand Modaks.”

“You can eat them!”– Madhumagala took back his offer- “I am not being a Devata”. But what is the point of refusing now. Bhadra says- “Now you are a Devata. Dada says that Brahmins are devatas.

Kanhai, Bhadra, Vishal, Varuthapa have all clung to Madhumangala, then how can he even stand. Bhadra held his right leg and pulled it, then Madhumangala sat down by his own. If he wouldn’t have sat by himself, then someone was also ready to pull his other leg too.

Madhumangala faces great trouble

Kanhai says- “You keep sitting quietly.” Krishna is putting sand on his shoulders. Varuthapa and Arjuna have kept his legs pressed. Vishala has grabbed him, so that he doesn’t stand or run. Tok, Devaprastha and the rest are busy collecting sand from the surroundings in both their hands and piling it around him.

All have enclosed Madhumangala in a heap of sand till his waist. When the pile started rising more towards the top, Madhumangala left out a yell- “I don’t want to become a Devata. Are you planning to give Samadhi to a Brahmin in sand?”

Madhumangala continues to scream and all the other children are laughing. Kanhai is losing himself in laughter. Now even he is sitting in the kneeling posture and is getting sand in both his hands along with his sakhas. He starts beating the tall- rising heap of sand with both his hands getting it at an equal level. His hand imprints are being made all around the 4 sides of the sand-tower.

“Areee, atleast leave me now!”– Madhumangala sometimes calls out for Dau dada, sometimes he pleads before Kanhai. All have covered him till his throat with sand.

“Now I will offer Bhoga to you.” From the shore, Shyamsundara ran towards the water to make a modak of wet sand for him. Someone brings a handful of water from the way and puts it on Madhumangala’s head- Just a few drops and the others have stacked leaves and flowers on his head.

Completely smeared in sand, holding a modak of wet sand in his hands, comes Kanhai laughing all the while. Madhumangala has somehow managed to free himself and has taken to his heels.