Krishna becomes a dance-trainer

Krishna becomes a dance-trainer

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 29


Try asking Kanhai- “Can you do this one thing?” There is a default answer on his tongue- “Shall I do it?” He doesn’t know how to say ‘No.’ Today when Bhadra’s eyes fell on the monkey chief, he ended up asking Kanhai- “Kanu, can you make this monkey dance just like that gymnast’s monkey had danced that day.”

“I can make him dance better than that. Shall I do it?” Kanhai is very happy. He is clapping. Madhumangala pulled his leg- “How will you do it? Do you have a drum with you?”

Kanhai said- “Drum? You get me one.” Krishna then changed his mind- “NO, this time your tummy shall be my drum.”

“Oh no!”- Madhumangal was taken aback. He stepped back and pitifully looked at his tummy. How can you trust this naughty one? He may really start banging his tummy like a drum.

Gymnast entertains the kids

Last evening when the children had returned from the forest, a gymnast was waiting for them with his monkey. He would have come, not before afternoon. Baba might have stopped him to entertain the kids with his monkey’s stunts.

The gymnast played his drum. The children have all gathered to see the show. His monkey kept on dancing. Back home, Anshu was stubborn to have a drum for himself. His father had to instantly fulfil his demand, otherwise Anshu would go complaining to Brajaraja Baba. As everyone knows- Brajaraja Baba sees every kid as his own child. Anshu’s father would then have to hear his reprimanding.

Tok excitedly ran and told Anshu- “Kanu will make the fat monkey dance. You give your drum to him.”

Actually, in the morning itself, Anshu wanted Kanhai to first inaugurate his drum, but where do kids have the patience. He couldn’t control his curiosity and started playing it. But little Anshu doesn’t know to play the drum. He can only make weird sounds out of it.

Anshu gives his drum to Kanhai and says- “Take, Will you play the drum as well as that gymnast?” Anshu’s asking was futile. As soon as the drum touched Kanhai’s magical hands, it sounded like a pro. It appeared as if that acrobat must have been his student.

Krishna tames the monkey

If Shyam Sundara moves his magical fingers even a flying bird would descend on earth, what to speak of a monkey. These monkeys, as it is are ever excited to play with Kanhai.

“Tie him up.”- Bhadra passed his rope to Kanhai. Nanda Nandana grasped the rope. He held one end of the rope and looked at the monkey with an expression- “Shall I tie you?” But, then he dropped the idea. He doesn’t like binding people. He enjoys freeing the bound ones.

Sridama said- “That gymnast had already trained his monkey into dancing. How will you train him?

“I will definitely train him.”– Where does Krishna Chandra know how to lose? He told the monkey- “As I say, you follow. Or else Dau dada will come and pull your ears.”

Really, this brown haired, red-faced monkey has entered the arena as per Kanhai’s instructions. On Shyam’s instruction, the monkey grabbed the stick from Bhadra’s hand. Then, He frowned at Madhumangala displaying his teeth. Next, he placed the stick on his shoulders and grasped it with both his hands.

Krishna’s Tandava dance

Now Krishna makes ‘dim-dim’ sounds with his drum. And Braja Rajkumar’s tiny-little feet have started prancing on the green grass in the Tandava rhythm.

The monkey is jumping. He has started dancing on Kanhai’s gestures. But, wherever he finds it hard to imitate, he takes a leap or starts showing his gimmicks by thrusting his head on the ground.

The gopa kumaras have made their groups. Outside these groups, there are herds of cows, bulls and calves including deer, wild buck, tigers and other wild animals. Thousands of birds have assembled on the trees. Kanhai’s hair is bouncing. His earrings, forest garland are all jumping with the beats. His Patuka flutters with the wind. This Natavara of Braja has become Nataraj today.

With the rhythm of the Tandava dance, his feet frolic. Sometimes one foot, sometimes the other foot raises high in the air. Both his hands are moving with the beats. He is playing the drum. He is dancing Tandava. Our little Kanhai is rapt in the music.