Krishna builds a Sand castle

Krishna builds a Sand castle

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 1


Our Little Kanhai is extraordinary, whatever he does, whomever he sticks to, that gets absorbed in him and he himself gets absorbed in that.

रूपं रूपं प्रतिरूपे विभुव- says the Sruti

It is Paramatma who has taken the form of living-nonliving, water-stone, tree-plant, fire-air-space-animal-bird, insects-moth, sun, moon-stars.

But, I am not talking about that unattainable, formless, non-imaginable Paramatma. I am talking about my sweet and naughty little Nanda nandan (Kanhai). He, not only gets absorbed but even gets others absorbed in him. It’s not like he only gets engrossed in Kirtikumari (Radha) or Daudada (Balarama) and becomes one with them. Does he get less absorbed when he places his flute on his lips? Or when he loves his cows and calves. He is not only engrossed in his Sakhas but also gets engrossed in peacocks, frogs, monkeys etc. He not only gets immersed in singing, dancing or jumping but also in teasing. It’s like he doesn’t know how to do things half-heartedly. And what to tell about others when Maiya Yashoda’s sweetheart is around how can anybody be conscious about their own bodies? As soon as he comes everybody is drawn towards him and becomes one with him just like a magnet, After all he is our all-attractive Krishna.

This happened today only, our Kanhai was sitting alone in the banks of Yamuna and was making something with wet sand. Again and again with his small hands picking up little-little sand with concentration. Don’t know what type of sand it was, it was not sticking at all; still our Kanhai didn’t accept defeat and kept on building his grand construction. He was totally absorbed. He didn’t even realize when all his Sakha’s left, even Daudada left. Everybody called out for Krishna but if he doesn’t listen at all, all His Sakha’s left him in frustration thinking that when he finds himself alone he will come back running. But Kanhai doesn’t realize that nobody is around, he was all alone. Maiya kept on calling and calling and at last she went near her lala to see what he was doing. Why doesn’t he listen? The Sun started growing intense, in this heat our Sukumar cannot be left alone. On his waist he was only wearing a thin gem-studded waist belt. He feels his Kachni (Dhoti) to be troublesome so he untied it and threw it away, his yellow silk kachni was lying behind him on the sand. After all how long could he continue tying his loose dhoti? Jeweled anklets were tied around his feet, bangles were adorning his hands, armlets were tied on his arms, a necklace around his neck had small-small pearls which had a tiger nail in the middle. The Kaustubha was also tied to his neck, on his forehead there were dots of Kajal showing through his scattered hair.

Maiya put her hand on his forehead and gently arranged some of his curls and put a peacock feather on his head, his big eyes had kajal smudged all over. Both his hands were smeared with wet sand, his legs were crossed as he sat, his entire feet and buttocks had sand sticking to them, his body parts, his chest and even his cheeks had sand smeared. On the wet sand there were many footprints of children. Even on dry sand there were hundreds of footprint of children playing. Some areas, there is gathered sand and some areas sand was scattered due to stamping and playing. There were small-small holes or heaps of wet sand. Maiya walked amidst all of this and came near Kanhai and put her hands on his shoulder and asked- What are you doing here. “I’’-replied Kanhai in astonishment and when he looked on top his eyes lit up on seeing Maiya-“Aree this is Maiya” said Krishna in happiness. Kanhai’s face had become red because of the sun’s heat, his forehead and cheeks shine because of perspiration. After seeing Maiya he immediately got up, “What are you doing alone here”-Maiya asked Kanhai with a slight smile on her face. “Alone!”-And then Shyam turned his head here and there, then he realized that he was all alone, all his Sakhas, Daudada have all left him and gone. How can he stay alone but now Maiya is near him. Then he raised both his arms towards Maiya’s lap to leave. “What were you doing’’ Maiya laughed. Now Kanhai doesn’t remember what he was making. He bent his head, looked at the wet heap of sand and then looked back at Maiya’s face with open arms. Shyam’s eyes had complain and frustration, he says- “What type of a Maiya you are, you yourself don’t know what your lala was making.” If Kanhai was so immersed in his grand construction he would be making palaces, cows, bulls, monkeys, elephants something he would be making. Now he does not remember anything. He just wants to climb on Maiya’s lap and Maiya laughs. Kanhai engrosses himself in his own palace but now he only remembers his Maiya’s lap and her nectarine milk.

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