Yashoda makes Butter for Baby Krishna

Krishna childhood stories with Yashoda Maiya | Mother Yashoda makes Butter for Baby Krishna | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 10

Krishna Fights with a Gopi

If Krishna starts calling, his calling won’t end- “Maiya, Maiya ri, Ori Maiya.”

Suddenly, a gopi interrupts in the middle-

Krishna possessive about his friend

“What happened? Have you lost your cow?”

Well, How can the cow lose its way, being tied at home?

This Gopi even doesn’t realize this simple fact.

Won’t Krishna get annoyed? So, Krishna retorted- “You are lost!”

The Gopi laughs at him – “See, here I am standing in front of you. How will I get lost?”

Krishna in turn replied- 

“Your Lali is lost.”

Truly, is this huge gopi, a needle to get misplaced.

The gopi burst into laughter-

“If my daughter is lost then, go find her.

Are you not her elder brother?”

Indeed, How can Krishna deny that?

He is her daughter’s elder brother after all.

But, This Gopi keeps pestering him- “No, Bad manners, my Daughter should not get lost.”

Nonetheless, she had messed up with him for a reason.

Here, Krishna is calling his mother.

But Maiya is busy churning curds for him.

Currently, She is filtering the ghee.

The risen ghee mustn’t settle in the pot.

Hence, the Gopi wants Maiya to finish extracting the butter while she keeps Krishna engaged in her talks.

Now Krishna is utterly irritated- “You are an ape.”

Neither the gopi is lost nor can her daughter be allowed to. Her daughter is afterall His sister. But this Gopi must be dealt with.

Krishna’s temper

If a Rishi were present, he would immediately question this prankster-

“Oh Vrajendra Nandan, You are right motive personified. If you act like this, you ought to get disturbed.

There are countless universes which have countless reflections of your eternal associates.

If this Gopi’s reflection dissolves or transforms into a monkey, or her daughter’s reflection vanishes, these exalted personalities shall remain unaffected. They won’t even realize it, but can you stay relaxed like this?

Will your appetite of protecting your devotees, let you sit mute.

Their reflection will only wander, but you aren’t a reflection.

Though you have many forms, you are personally present.

Just like you chase cows in forests, you personally tend to the needs of every reflection.”

Fortunately, a rishi wasn’t present or else, Krishna could have even taken his case.

Krishna cries for Buttermilk

Maiya had heard her beloved son calling.

So, she came running with her whitened hands.

“What is it, Lala?”, she asked.

Krishna said- “You get this gopi beaten.”

Now, after he had conveyed his message, his eyes roved over his mother’s white buttery hands.

He then said-

“I will drink buttermilk.”

Maiya, with those very hands brought Krishna close to her bosom and said- “Why drink buttermilk? Drink milk or eat curds.”

Well, little Krishna has now forgotten why he was calling his mother.

He restlessly said- “I will drink buttermilk. I will gulp it all.”

The gopis roared with laughter.

Even Maiya couldn’t control the smile on her face.

Krishna could hardly drink two sips of it and he speaks of gulping it all.

The Gopis mock at Him-

“Will you drink all the buttermilk, Isn’t anyone else interested? Won’t you offer me some?”

Then Krishna replied- “You drink milk”- passing his buck.

Maiya told Krishna- “Go call Dau dada and Bhadra.”

She feels that her little darling shall at least drink two sips of buttermilk.

If he likes buttermilk, so be it.

Mother Yashoda feeds Krishna

Krishna wants to gulp it all- “No, you feed them curds.”

In a little golden bowl, Maiya mixed some honey with buttermilk.

“This buttermilk comes from Padmagandha’s curds.

It is fresh, sweet and fragrant.”

But while serving Krishna buttermilk, Maiya’s heart feels uneasy.

Krishna in his spree of making tantrums says- “Uhu, Not so less, pour it all.”

Again, This gopi interrupts him-

“All the buttermilk lies before you.

Will you drink from the entire pot?”

Immediately, Krishna vomited all the buttermilk and whitened the entire face of the gopi.

Maiya stood amazed. Even before the gopi could realize, Krishna said- “Now speak more with this naughty chap. I will eat curds, and also eat butter.”

Meanwhile, Bhadra arrived.

As Maiya went to wipe the gopi’s face with the edge of her saree, the gopic turned her face. She will wipe her face with her cloth.

Well, Bhadra knows, you have to be foody, to feed Krishna. Maiya also knows that Neelamani cannot eat on his own. So, she stood up sharply- “Come son, I will serve you fresh butter.”

“I will also eat”- Now. Krishna has forgotten about the buttermilk.

Maiya looked at the gopi and gestured to her to keep silent. At this time, the topic of buttermilk shouldn’t be raised.

Children stain Maiya’s clothes

Maiya’s Neelamani is playful, naughty, and innocent.

So, Maiya has to entertain his tantrums.

Of course, He keeps moving restlessly.

But, when his friends come, Maiya becomes very happy.

They are all Maiya’s children and Neelamani also feels comfortable eating with them.

Are the children rishis who will sit quietly and observe silence while eating food?

Indeed, all will laugh, stroll around, dance, snatch and grab.

And then only take the time to pop a morsel into their mouth.

They will spill plenty, thrust food in their mouths and wipe hands using Maiya’s saree whenever they please.

Therefore, Maiya’s saree keeps getting greasy because of their wiping routine.

But, Maiya never cares about her saree color.

She would randomly pick up any saree and wear it.

In fact, Rohini Ma often forces her to change her saree.

During festivals, whatever expensive saree she offers Maiya, the children undoubtedly stain it by wiping their hands and face with it.

Where can Krishna and his friends see the Cow Dung, dust, curds or what not, they bring along with them.

As their heart pleases, any child comes and jumps on her lap or clings to her back and arms.

If Maiya is standing, they twine around her limbs.

Few children come running in a queue and fill their arms with her feet or jump on her 4 sides.

Again, Maiya would wipe their faces with her cloth or lift them on her lap.

Many times Maiya lifts up Anshu or Devaprastha on her lap and Krishna keeps jumping restlessly for his turn.

The Joy of Maiya’s lap

Indeed, Golok is a Wonderland.

With Maiya around, Krishna and his friends appear like tiny toddlers.

Many times, their wives are present and these, like little babies, keep pestering Maiya.

Well, You will never find Maiya’s courtyard and surroundings empty.

If the children are out grazing cows, you will find Maiya surrounded by their wives.

Besides, there are children who sleep on her lap at night.

In this regard, Krishna rarely sleeps near Nanda Baba.

Maiya in sleep keeps patting her Neelamani on the bed and in half sleep, she keeps covering him with his upper cloth.

While sleeping she would dream of her trouble maker, Krishna, her sweetheart, or busily churn butter for her little children.

When Maiya churns butter, or hums a sweet lullaby, her voice showers nectar.

Many times, her beloved daughters-in-law gang up and compel her to sing.

All loving, affectionate, all sacrificing, Maiya, the hymns in her praise are limitless.

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