Krishna climbs on a monkey

Krishna climbs on a monkey

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 17


Kanhai is so playful; don’t ask. Nobody knows when he will end up doing what mischief. It is as if he doesn’t know how to pull back or fear. Anything that comes to his mind, he will anyhow do it.

Maiya and Rohini Ma handle him at home. If he venture into the barn, then baba is there around him; but on coming to the forest he is like a free bird.

It is not that Shyam doesn’t feel shy in-front of Dau dada. He not only feels shy before his elder gopa friends like Vishal, Varuthapa, Rishabha and Arjuna but also his equal Bhadra. But children are not big-old gopas to always remain vigilant like the elders.

Dau’s nature is peculiar. He never even scolds his younger brother. If Krishna climbs up a tall tree or jumps to swim in the Yamuna, he feels no fear at all. He will still not stop him.

Krishna’s naughty pranks

The elder sakhas and Bhadra are scared of Shyam’s weird pranks. But, Krishna doesn’t quickly listen to their words. Quickly, he only listens to Dau dada, but if Dau dada stops him then only no.

If this prankster climbs a tree then he will go on climbing. He may make up his mind to touch the tip of a tree. He may go near the end of a branch and shaking-shaking, he will laugh swinging in it. If he doesn’t listen to Varuthapa, Vishala and Rishabha, will he listen to the poor, simple Arjuna? He listens to Bhadra only when Bhadra clearly says-“Shall I bring Dau dada?”

Dau dada often sits under a tree or inside a Kunja. Sometimes he lays on soft grass. But, if Bhadra, Tejasvi, Anshu or Devaprastha go and hold his hand, he will immediately stand ready to go with them. Which is why, when it comes to calling Dau dada, Kanhai often gives in.

This naughty will sometimes sit on a deer’s back and stay stuck there itself. If the deer jumps and takes him far away, then too he will keep on laughing. He will sway hands towards his sakhas.

Krishna learns counting

He will sit before a tiger and say- “Wait! I will count the hair in your moustache!” “Do you even know how to count?”-Any kid can tease him.

“Yes”-Where does Krishna know how to lose. He asks-“Do his moustache have more hair than my fingers.”

Nanda Nandana will keep touching each of his fingers and side by side touch each-each hair. The hair are more in number, but the fingers can also be touched twice and thrice. It is different thing as to how much counting has been done, this is difficult to understand. Then, He will call a Sakha and along with each-each hair he will touch his own fingers, then he will touch his sakha’s fingers.

“All my fingers have been touched. Even all of Tok’s and yours, this much”-He will hold two-three fingers of his third Sakha and say this. This much is enough to know the numbers. Kanhai and the younger Sakhas feel happy that they have done the right counting.

Krishna’s monkey trouble

Bhadra gets most upset when- when this prankster climbs the back of that fat monkey and stays stuck to it. What he saw baby-monkeys clinging to their mother’s back, since then he has found this nice-troubling mechanism.

Even that fat monkey runs to climb on trees with him stuck to his back. Don’t know since how long is this friendship between him and this Lala of Maiya Yashoda? With Kanhai on his back, the monkey will go near ripe fruits hanging on Mango and plum trees. And then he himself will pluck fruits and place it on Kanhai’s hands.

A monkey with a fat, red and heavy face. Shyam sundara clinging to its back! Both his feet wrapped around the monkey’s waist stick to his stomach. Shyam has placed both his hands around the monkey’s neck. Many times the monkey’s hands or feet get entangled in his Patuka, Kachni, or garland. The monkey sits on the tree and tries to free the knot with one hand. He then once again resumes his walking and climbing. Is it a less thing that he doesn’t take long jumps with Kanhai on his back. He only jumps on nearby braches.

See, Kanhai laughs and calls his sakhas- “Bhadra! Subala! Varuthapa!” He teasingly calls Madhumangala- “Will you come on his back?” Madhumangal would prefer to stay away from monkeys, but what should Bhadra do? How much ever you tempt this monkey with Modaks, he is not going to let go of Shyam.