Krishna dances in bliss

Krishna dances in bliss

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 10

Absorbed in Dance

“Tha Thai Tha Thai Tha… Tha Thai Thai”- Kanhai is dancing.

The peacock feather sways above his head. His curls are moving and earrings are giving beats on his cheeks. The pearl necklace lying on his neck sways along with his knee-long dangling forest garland. His yellow garments flutter. The Kaustubha gem on his throat glimmers brightening the Shrivatsa on his chest with its rays. The bangles on his hands, tinkling bells on his waist and ankle bells on his feet make tinkling sounds. Some of the Gopa kumaras clap while others have brought flutes and horns near their lips, but are unable to play them. The birds are sitting still on the trees. But the music of cuckoos and others bids has turned loud. The peacocks are standing still spreading their feathers, only their excited ‘Ke-ka’ sounds echo again and again. The buzzing sounds of the bees increases.

The forest is echoing, so is the kunja, the directions echo with sounds of peacocks, birds, bees and claps of children. But the birds, animals, monkeys, all stand still. All have forgotten to move. The cows are mooing so are the bulls. Even the calves have forgotten to jump and graze grass. They are mooing standing still. They are giving beats with their mooing. The trees and branches are swinging. The creepers are swinging. Every leaf and creeper of the forest is swinging. It is as if the wind god is himself swinging. Ripened fruits drip from trees. Plenty of flowers shower from ever-laden Parijata trees and creepers. Incessant streams of honey drip from trees and branches.

Now who among them has the time to see the flower showers from the hands of gods and damsels gathered in the skies. The clouds have surrounded the skies, and seeing the immeasurable beauty of Brajaraj kumar nanda nandana, the treasure of the land, they seem to shower their own selves in the form of tiny droplets in his praise. On Shyam, the curls of all the children, hair, and bodies of animals, tiny water drops looking like diamonds increase rapidly.

“Kanu, how beautifully this peacock dances!”

Bhadra saw peacocks dancing so he attracted Mohan’s attention. “I can dance better than this.” Kanhai stated dancing, and when Shyam started to dance the peacock has forgotten his dance. He is merely standing still spreading its feathers. He doesn’t even remember to gather its feathers. Brown ground laden with shoots, creepers laden with flowers, trees bending with fruits and skies covered with clouds, it seems as if nature has herself carefully decorated the ground exclusively for dance. The breeze is merely moving the twigs, creepers and shoots. Even the wind god is giving beats with his slow speed.

Dew drops glimmer on grass like pearls. The gopa kumaras are clapping, are singing ‘Jay-Jay’, they are humming or singing. They are singing the glories of their dancing friend. They are praising their Kanhai. They are encouraging him. The birds had spread their feathers, they remain spread. The monkey wanted to jump in excitement they remain in the same pose. The animals are standing still. All have come together and all of their eyes are static in one position. The trees and branches in the dense groves are laden with monkeys and birds.

The vast herds of cows, bulls and calves are standing in groups. In their midst, lions, tigers, antlers, deer etc, stand as per their will. Inside the group of these large animals, there is another group of small animals like rabbits and there are animals like fox in them. Even ahead of them, stand the gopakumaras making groups. Amidst the groups of these kids, Kanhai dances.

Tha Thai Tha Thai Tha Tha Thai Thai

Thai Thai Tha Tha Tha Tha Thai Thai

Sometimes Nanda nandana bends this way, sometimes the other way. Sometimes one foot raises a little high, sometimes the other foot. Sometime he takes on hand above his head, sometimes the other hand. He is dancing. Extremely tender, the one with lotus-feet is getting naughty. Hands like blossomed lotuses going up and down, move. A sweet smile blooms on his lips. The large eyed is getting naughty and his eyebrows are moving.

Kanhai is absorbed in dance. Our Shyamasundar is dancing. Immersed in bliss, dances our Ananda kanda.

The gopa kids, birds animals, grass-creepers, trees, every atom of Braja is immersed in bliss. Our Nanda Nandana dances- “Tha Thai Tha Thai Tha Tha Thai Thai.”