Krishna friends in Goloka Vrindavana | Nature of Krishna | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 24

Krishna friends in Goloka Vrindavana | Nature of Krishna | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 24

Krishna loses his Patuka (Upper Cloth)

The supreme principle for the logicians, ParamBrahma, the ocean of pure knowledge, Krishna is so absent-minded that he keeps his Patuka wherever he feels and forgets it and keeping whosever saree on his shoulder marches off. In this way, he carried Shubra’s saree and started off, Bhadra then lovingly said- “If you go home taking this saree like this, what will Maiya say? Where is your Patuka (upper cloth)? You don’t even see that it’s dragging from both sides on the ground.” Krishna was startled- “Aree!” First he tried to gather the saree itself on his shoulder, but he himself was entwined and lost within. The he angrily, threw it down, and started staring at it with such force as if the entire fault was of the saree only. “Is this Bhabhi’s saree?” As if still he can’t believe it- “Bhabhi has transformed my Patuka into a saree? Bhabhi!” He is still indecisive, which Bhabhi should be fought with for this crime. Shubra was getting wild with laughter- “Laalji, your Patuka is so long?” Now Kanchana (काञ्चना) came closer- “And that too so colorful?” Krishna thinks that any object can be made long by pulling it- “You both have pulled my Patuka and made it long”. He even says to Hrasva- “Tell Bhadradada, he shall pull you and make you a little longer”. Shubhra said lovingly- “But your Patuka is yellow. I will find out where you have kept and forgotten it.” Krishna doesn’t even accept his forgetful character- “Where do I forget? Someone hides it or transforms it.” “What will we do by transforming your Patuka?” Krishna said- “Make a Kachni (Dhoti) of it!” On Krishna’s words, Kanchana covered her mouth with both hands and started laughing, Krishna then blushed a bit. He then came to realize that none of his Bhabhis tie a Kachni. The Patuka had to be found. Shubhra brought it and set it on his shoulder, then Krishna started staring at that Patuka as if he wanted to discern, it was his Patuka or Bhabhi is keeping a Saree on his shoulder.

Krishna teases his Bhabhis

Now he praised Shubra in his own style- ““Bahu Bhabhi is good. You should never get upset.” Not Shubhra but Kanchana asked- “Why?” Then Krishna said- “When Pujarin Bhabhi gets upset, her face becomes as long as her hand.” Krishna pulled his face awfully long downwards and demonstrated. Both started to laugh. Then Krishna said- “Both your faces are round. If you get angry then your face will bloat up and become this big.” Indicating a heavy ball with both hands, Krishna filled his cheeks with air and ballooned it.

The beautiful forms of Krishna and Radharani

Shubhra sarcastically asked – “How is your Bahu’s face (Wife)?” Krishna without any hesitance enquired- “Which Bahu (Wife)?” This shyness and blushing, he doesn’t know and are the numbers of his Sakhis and wives any limited? Subhra said in a taunting tone- “Uhun, I don’t refer to the Sakhis. Your foremost Bahu (wife)-ShriNikunjeshbari (Radharani) With innocence Krishna spoke- “Go see her. I have not ever seen that face properly.” Kanchana became serious- “She can never be seen properly. I am younger to her. I have even played on her lap, but even I don’t know if her face is round or long.” Kanchana spoke in a bit of a moistened tone- “Just now, Laalji was pulling his face and bloating it. Except one cheek of his, I couldn’t see his entire face even then. Have you ever seen his entire face, Jiji? Is His face, round or long? Shubra became serious-“I keep seeing his nose only.” Shubra has met Shri Radha many times, she has embraced her. Sri Radhika reveres all of them. She even reveres Kanchana, her younger sister. But her lotus like-hands, eyes, feet, wherever the sight roves, remains still there itself. Her charming face- where can it be seen entirely? Just like Laalji, Sri Radha is Jiji. Kanchana said- In both their forms, a small fraction can only be seen at a time. Even if you keep gazing them for the entire lifetime they shall still remain unfamiliar. The talk became serious, so Krishna slowly sneaked away. He is not keen to hear his glories, he neither remains serious nor allows others to be.

What does Krishna like?

He is ever-enthusiastic to hear the hymns of his own people. If you want to keep him sitting serious-minded, then discuss the glories of his own people and the surrendered souls. He will then forget all his pranks and hear with one-pointed attention.

Krishna and his Sakhas

Krishna isn’t fond of praising people before them. He even tells Bhadra on his face- “He is as dry as a roasted gram. He even scolds me. What is this Senapati of Sakhas, just Se….Na….Pa….Ti…..” Stretching each letter he will teasingly say. After “Pa’, he will say ‘Ti’ so quickly, that laughter inevitably follows. Behind the back, if anyone tells Tok- “He is a kid” Then Krishna can’t tolerate this. He will cut the other and say- “He is more intelligent than you. He is my younger brother. A very sweet brother.” If you give something to Krishna, he will instantly say- This butter is sour. It is not fit for you. Let me eat it, so that your teeth don’t acidify on eating. But from there, he will meet Yashoda Maiya, Rohini Ma, Baba or whoever present, and show his mouth is watering, and say boastfully- My Sakha has fed me Makhan (Butter) to the brim. Even Nectar can’t be so delicious. My belly has bloated till my throat. Krishna will hang his Patuka on someone’s shoulder and say- “Now you keep this old, dusty sitting Patuka.” He doesn’t even feel that he gives something or helps-serves anyone. He doesn’t get tired saying this- “Sakhas serve me in every way. If Bhadra doesn’t look after me, I can’t last in the forest for one moment and the Bhabhis’s love me so much that in the spree of feeding and decorating me, going behind me they even forget to handle their braids. I am not able to give them even one flower or a leaf.”

Krishna only sees virtues

Krishna’s greatest innocence is that he can’t see a single fault in others. Therefore this is the topmost hymn. He can only see the excellent qualities in everyone. Ask Krishna and see- “Amuk is a thief (Chor)” Krishna will clap in happiness- “Is this true? How did you find out? Make him your friend, he will prove a great helper in our butter theft. He will be a reputed friend. You cannot find any fault or vice that this Vrajaraj Nandan won’t consider useful for him. But it is true, without being useful to him and without his silent approval, no emotion can gain existence. This Ananda Ghana (All blissful) Krishna is most close to his own people. Except Him, nothing is worth seeing, thinking and relishing. First try finding something that exists apart from him and stays detached from him. You have all the freedom from my end. Even Krishna doesn’t know anything other than his own people, this is a proven fact. So, he keeps moving around his own people. In his efforts for their comfort, honor, and happiness, he keeps busy.