Best Sakhya Rasa Pastimes of Lord Krishna

Krishna Sakhya Rasa Pastimes in Goloka Vrindavan

Krishna- The Supreme Personality

The saints do not unreasonably call Krishna as the inconceivable-lord.

He is the shelter of all contradictory faiths. Verily, He is the only one.

Shesh etc are amusements of his own pastimes. Whatever we see in the world and understand of it, whether it seems material or spiritual, is non-different from Krishna-

विनोsच्युताद् विस्त्वितरां न वाच्यं

This entire material existence is Goloka’s reflection- but a much distorted one. 

The three modes of nature started manifesting in it, but still it is a reflection. If we understand this in the right context, then we might get some understanding of Goloka.

krishna goloka vrindavan location

Golok is the sporting ground of Lord Krishna (चिद्विलास).

The entire planet belongs to Krishna. It is to manifest his pastimes, and impart joy to Him, but Krishna is the storehouse of bliss.

He enacts pastimes to render happiness to others. Who can give him happiness?

Hence, Golok is an effort to please Krishna and his eternal associates, according to their varied interests and nature.

Thus, this inconceivable-blissful domain is known by the name ‘Golok’.

Here with each resident, Krishna sports simultaneously, with so many forms.

Time and place have no entry here.

Hence, the description of this imperceptible, inconceivable, abode, is merely suggestive.

For ordinary men, Krishna may be understood as Sarveshwareshwar and Parabrahma. But for us he is extremely juvenile and the idol of innocence.

He is ever-present with the residents of Goloka.

According to each person’s feelings, he sports with them eternally. No one feels even a moment of separation from him, even if one does, it is to bring His pastimes to wholeness.

Now, it is not possible to describe his relationship, nature and interactions with all his people.

Hence, we must make a choice. Here, Bhadra’s relationship has been described..

Sakhya Rasa Pastimes of Lord Krishna

Krishna is so innocent that he doesn’t even know how to get angry properly.

That day, he came early in the morning, and stood sulking before his Kanaka Bhabhi.

With a fully bloated face, he said forcefully– “Bhanjoos (भंजूस)”

Now, Kanaka couldn’t help laughing. Bhadra understood that he intended to say- “Kanjoos (miser) but he feels Kanjoos won’t do the work.

So, to make it sound heavier, he invented the term “Bhanjoos”.

Now, Bhadra was going to ask “What Bhanjoos?”, but he didn’t get a chance.

However, Hiranya enquired from Him, and Krishna replied – “Duddhoo (दुद्धू)”.

Bhadra asked “What is this Dudhoo?”

To this, Krishna replied “What do you call me?”

Bhadra began to laugh- “You were born on the day of Budh (Wednesday-बुधवार). So you are Buddhoo (बुद्धू).”

Immediately, Krishna explained his context- “Yes, She is a bigger Duddhoo than that.”

Then, Hema came closer and asked him lovingly- “Laalji, why are you upset with them.”

Krishna, was now irritated.

He even designated a title to Hema- “Falang.”

Normally, Hema turns sore on slight matters, but seldom does she get angry with Krishna- “Laalji, I am Falang, Talang as you deem right.”

Overwhelmed with love, she held His right hand and said –“First come and eat your morning snacks.”

Instantly, Krishna chirped in a jolly tone- “Dada, come. Pujarin (Priestess) Bhabhi, will now worship you and me also.”

Actually, Krishna wanted to eat his snacks and no one was attending to him, so he was throwing his irritation at everyone.

That is why he called someone Bhanjoos, someone Duddhoo, and someone Falang. Thus, he was designating titles without a break.

After eating his meals Krishna was satisfied, he then told Bhadra- “Dada, come here, Catch this Pujarin Bhabhi”.

Hema turned red in shame- “Laalji, Leave alone this trouble making.”

Bodily interaction in Golok Vrindavan

purpose of golok vrindavan

Golok is beyond senses. Here, all individuals are embodiments of knowledge.

Distinction in the body is solely for the purpose of Leela and the sensual interactions that happen in material bodies does not happen here.

Everybody’s behavior is for Krishna’s satisfaction alone.

Krishna wanted to see his Bhai and Bhabhi unite; he wanted to enjoy seeing them together, or else he wanted to reward his Bhabhi, because without his signal no selfish desire can enter into anyone’s heart.

Lust cannot enter into this abode of knowledge.

Here at all times, just one desire prevails in everyone’s hearts- ‘Krishna has to be made happy.’ Therefore, Bhadra embraced Hema.

Well, Hema gets such occasions very rarely. Even in this divine abode her proclivity lies in spiritual activities of chanting and worship; which is why Krishna calls her Pujarin Bhabhi.

Physical union in Goloka isn’t akin to the material world.

Even if you were to describe it, it is one type of an absolute union. Like two blobs of butter were brought together and pressed, both the bodies became one. For some moments (but moments don’t exist there) the appearing bodies, life force, and mind get mingled with each other as one, and then get separated again.

Their garments, ornaments are all intact. Krishna is clapping his hands and chirping with laughter. Bhadra is pleased to see Krishna happy as he stands leaning against him.

Hema, with shame, hesitance and joy goes running to hide in her room.

At this moment, she is not available to meet any of her co-wives. For Krishna this is casual humor. Such humor is not uncommon for Nanda Tanaya.

Bhabhi teases Krishna

“Laalji, what is this mark on your face?”

Innocent Krishna doesn’t even know that you should not rush straight to your Bhabhi’s room from your wife’s chamber.

Now, if she spots marks of lipstick or Kumkum on his forehead and cheeks, then she is sure to laugh.

Krishna might become alarmed, but he doesn’t know how to blush, or feel shy.

“What is there?”

Quite oppositely, he will brashly say- “What have you put?”

“Have I put or……”

Bhadra detests it when someone teases his younger brother like this-“Why don’t you wipe or wash his face. Why do you tease him?”

Krishna cannot even understand how Bhabhi can apply that which has been applied on him- “This Bhabhi has applied something on me”

Now, with such an accusation, his Bhabhi ought to feel embarrassed.

Without delay, she quickly came to wipe it.

Krishna ties his Bhabhi’s pigtail

Nobody knows what is in Krishna’s mind.

Sometimes, He can pester his Bhabhi- “You quickly lie down”

Bhabhi will but naturally be surprised- “Why? If you are feeling sleepy then you lie down.”

However, Krishna never delays in disclosing his intentions- “No, you lie down. I will tie your pigtail to the bed.”

What else can be said on such occasions- “I don’t want to get my pigtail tied to the bed. You tie your Bahu’s (wife) pigtail to the bed.”

But Krishna says- “Her pigtail is very long”.

Yes, no one can deny this fact. All these women are in praise of Sri Kirtikumari’s (Radharani) drooping braids.

Krishna says- “If I tie your pigtail, you pull, pull and then increase its length”.

But the problem is, nobody is ready to participate in Krishna’s experiment of lengthening pigtails.

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