Krishna learns stick-fighting

Krishna learns stick-fighting

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 13

Won’t do it

Varuthapa said- “You learn how to play the stick.”  If Vraja raj kumar himself doesn’t know how to swirl sticks, is it a good thing? Gopa children must definitely excel in wrestling and swirling sticks. “Will you teach me?”– Kanhai is ready. If his stick can’t serve this purpose then what’s the problem. Varuthapa told him to go get Bhadra’s stick. Bhadra, Varuthapa and Vishal are the best in swirling sticks among the gopakumaras. Besides, even little Tok has started swirling sticks, but it is Kanhai only who doesn’t offer himself to learn this necessary art. Today he has said “Yes” this is a very big thing. Shyam tried handing his stick to Madhumangal- “You also teach Madhumangal. I will practice with him.”

Madhumangal bowed his hands before the stick- “I am not a gopa child. What does a Brahmin like me have to do with a stick? If I must take something, I will take a scripture instead. If you want to practice with me, then come!

Shall I will teach you some Shrutis and Mantras! If you want to give me something you should give love-filled Modaks.”

Madhumangala accepts the offerings

Varuthapa laughingly said- “Ok, Pandit ji! Is there an auspicious timing when this Vrajeshwara Nanda nandana learns how to swirl sticks.” Madhumangal has truly become a Pandit. “First you get the offerings. Without giving offerings you ask for an auspicious timing.”

“For now, please satisfy yourself with this much.”– Taking a handful of ripe mangoes and lotus flowers Varuthapa really placed it before Madhumangala and touched his feet. “May good happen!”-Madhumangal gave his blessings “Shubhasya Sheegram!” If a Brahmin is happy, auspicious timing shall automatically come.

The children have arrived in the forest before monsoon and are very happy. Ripe mangoes and plums fallen from trees decorate the ground. Where is the shortage of green grass for the cows during this season? They are busy grazing. There are light clouds in the sky. In such pleasing moments, the children just want to play. Varuthapa has tightly tied his patuka around his waist. Kanhai has also done this. It is essential to remove the wildflower garland while learning to swirl stick. They even forgot to tie up their hair. “See! Stand like this and hold the stick this way.” Varuthapa himself demonstrated and then came close and rightly gripped the stick in Kanhai’s hands. A straight fist of the left hand and the right hand’s fist is such that the thumb portion stays downwards. The left foot is slightly bent forwards and the right foot stands erect behind. Varuthapa is happy.

Daudada and all other Sakhas are happy. Their Brajaraj kumar on just holding the stick has started making beautiful poses very expertly. Kanhai looking at Varuthapa moves his fists and does heroic stunts.

Krishna practices with the stick

His Peacock feather moves, his curly locks are swaying, earrings are flowing. The wild-flower garland and pearl necklace on his chest shake. The stick on shyam’s hand moves making quick poses behind-ahead, towards his left and right. Kanhai’s quick feet move quickly compared to Varuthapa. Lovely happy sounds come from his bangles and tinkling bells. Dau Dada, Bhadra and all the sakhas keep saying- “Excellent!  Mind-blowing! Very beautiful!” Between the groups of the gopa kumaras, on the clean sand of the shore, moving their sticks Shyam and Varuthapa make stunts.

Varuthapa stood up and said- “This is just the first part. With this you can only protect yourself. Now you hit me with the stick.”

What has happened? Kanhai threw the stick from his hand, and sat on the ground with a thud. Oh! he has started crying bitterly. Big-big drops have started dripping from his lotus eyes.

“What has happened to you?”– Varuthapa threw his stick and came running. Even Bhadra came and held his right hand- “Why did you start crying? Did the stick hurt you somewhere?” Shyama sundar crying-crying looks at Varuthapa very timidly- “Why are you angry with me? What harm have I done to you?” Varuthapa brought him close to his heart- “I am angry? Who has said this to you?”

“Then why do you tell me to hit you with the stick?”- Kanhai tell this with a bit of anger. Varuthapa laughed very wildly- “Do you even understand something. I will teach you how to stop a stick against a stick! Ok See.” Varuthapa told Bhadra and both stood taking the stick. ‘Tada tad’ rang the sticks. Nanda Nandana kept seeing stunned for a few moments and then screamed out loudly- “Stop! Both stop! I don’t want to learn stick fighting. I won’t be able to do this. I won’t be able to set the stick on any of you.”