Krishna participates in long-jump contest

Krishna participates in long-jump contest


Kanhai is very delicate.

In fact, in many places he is even weaker than Tok.

But he is so stubborn.

Unless he does what he wants, he can’t stay.

He will cry to participate in every game- however hard the task maybe.

Today Dau suggested to conduct a long jump race.

Even here, Kanhai was the first to take off his Patuka and garland.

Subala has already tied up his hair.

sakha bhadrasena

Bhadra said-

“Krishna! You let it be! You sit here and decide who takes the longest jump.

We also want a judge to decide for us.

You become the judge of this game.”

Bhadra thinks that if this little one jumps, his soft and tender feet shall ache.

If his leg accidentally trips, how will his thin waist handle the jerk?

However, even in this way, Bhadra is inviting trouble.

Because, Kanhai is not going to judge things properly.

He might tell someone, especially Sridama to have jumped less and he will make Tok and Devaprastha the winners.

He can’t do without being partial to his little sakhas.

However, atleast in this context we can avoid his jumping; he won’t get injured in this way.

We do not fear any Sakha jumping on him, but he can’t stay without pouncing on others.

The irony being that they are not even allowed to help themselves.

It becomes difficult to stand up after a fall.

At that moment, if he suddenly pounces, it is not possible to manage him at the same time.

Rules of the game

Krishna builds a Sand castle

On one side of the Yamuna, some sakhas have taken some mud and built a hillock to stand on.

The hillock faces the meadows.

The gopas kummaras shall run across the green patch of land and cross this little heap of mud. Finally, they shall jump onto the other side, on the sand.

These are the rules of the game.

Who wins the competition, let us see.

We certainly need a judge for this game to decide who plays how well.

Also, If somebody trips while running, from there his running won’t be counted.

Krishna denies being the judge

krishna playing

Bhadra asked- “Will you be the judge?”

Let alone listening, Kanhai spoke in such an annoyed tone-

“Why should I be the judge?

Do I run any less than you?

Will you jump as much as Dada does?”

Nobody can jump as high as Dau Dada, all know this.

Nobody can compete with him in any game.

So, often he is only made the judge.

Today Dau must be the judge, because Bhadra is in no mood to fight with Kanhai.

Because, Kanhai will whine further if you fight.

The jumping game was finalized and the children have started their game.

All have kept aside their Patukas.

They have taken out their garlands.

Shyam has entrusted his Patuka and garland in the safe hands of his elder brother.

He has also entrusted his stick, bugle and flute.

All the kids have nicely tied their hair.

The big children run with great zest and stand straight after taking long jumps.

In the place where they had jumped, Dau has made the marking line with his stick.

These children go back with renewed energy to jump higher the next time.

The little children often trip on sand while jumping.

The one who comes behind them, waits for them to rise.

Once they stand on their feet, he continues his journey.

Krishna tricks Sridama

“You come!”– Sridama wants Kanhai to run ahead of him. If Kanhai stays behind, he will definitely make mischief.

Kanhai quickly stood behind Sridama and said- “No, I won’t come!” What if you jump over me? I will jump more than you.”

Sridama knows that if he trips, Kanhai will definitely pounce on him.

So he is watching his steps as he jumps.

But, if he curtails his jump, still there is a problem.

He will be a prey to Kanhai’s taunts.

So, if he must, he must jump with full-vigor.

You cannot prevent falling if you jump so vigorously.

Before Sridama could help himself, Kanhai came and piled himself on Sridama.

Kanhai has spread both his hands and has marked the area where he fell.

Look at his wits.

He has also erased Sridama’s footprints by spreading his legs all over it.

Now he is very happy.

He shouts- “I have jumped more than you.”

How will Sridama tolerate this cheating? Closing both is fists, Kanhai is flying in air, he is jumping.

His Kachni, legs, stomach, hands have all grown sandy. Our Kanhai is running!

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