Krishna plays Hide and Seek with Sakhas

Krishna plays hide and seek with Sakhas

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 18

Find me

When there is a game of hide and seek, Kanhai doesn’t even understand that he should keep hiding and not speak with the denner. He will come out of his hiding place and scream- “Find me!”

Shrutis and great spiritual masters would be finding him since ages and even this is the search of the Sakhas. However, it is a different thing, that the seers may not get him, but for his dear friends, the gopa kumaras, he has never been hiding, for him to be searched for. He doesn’t even know how to hide from them.

If Kanhai isn’t hiding only, then who can find him? It is a straight thing to find some friend of his or dear one instead. If Dau dada is caught, then what is there to ask. If any sakha is found in the game, then Kanhai himself will land up dancing and jumping around him.

“Find me!”- Kanhai is stubborn that the sakhas should only look for him. But someone who doesn’t hide at all, how to find him? None of the sakhas want to hunt for him. All are busy only searching for the others. They even don’t hear his calls. Even if they hear it, they laughingly shirk it off.

Krishna does wrong counting

Whether it is a handful of Amlas or the game of pulling grass, Kanhai is never able to tell the right number of Amlas or Gunjas in his fist. He will tell many numbers together- “Five, Seven, Twelve, Twenty!”

“You tell me one number”- The Sakhas will fight. Still Kanhai will argue that saying many numbers is only correct.

“Ok. Take all his numbers to be right.”– If not a single of his said-numbers is correct, then how does it matter if you take one number or many numbers. Bhadra or Dau- any one of them, have to compulsorily come and somehow suggest this mid-way to end the fight.

Truly, it doesn’t make any difference, because none of Kanhai’s said numbers turn out to be correct. The tough part is that even to tell the numbers he is the first to jump. He doesn’t even allow the others to complete.

Who pulls the maximum number of grass?

Today was the day to pull grass.

Subala has kept one grass pressed in his right fist. Some part of the grass falls out of his fist. Today even on telling, Shyam didn’t come first to pull the grass. The children pull only a little grass, because from whoever’s hand the grass shows through, he has to close his eyes as per the rules of the game.

On Subala, Bhadra and Dau’s request, Kanhai came to pull grass. Subala to the best of his ability tightly held some grass in his fists, but if someone is hell-bent on snatching it, can anything be done? Shyam quickly snatched the grass from his fists.

Dau dada said-“You be a little slow while pulling it”– But, this teaching of Dau dada came to be of no use.

“This is only so much.” Shyam says that the grass must be a very big one. Now how can a big grass be pressed in his hands without popping out. He doesn’t even understand this simple thing.

Usually, Nanda Nandana only has to close his eyes first in this game on an everyday basis. He doesn’t even shut his eyes properly. His eyes- large lovely eyes very rarely get covered by the hands of the gopa kids. Besides, he is also not going to leave the habit of peeping though the finger gaps.

Krishna plays the game of hide and seek

Sridama has the most number of complaints with Kanhai. Kanhai won’t touch everybody, he will only run after Sridama. But, before that, he will definitely find out his hiding place from the gaps in between his fingers.

Tok, Bhadra, Dau, Subala– anybody can touch him. After that, he is on a long leave from hiding.

Today, Subala touched him on his own and said- “Now you hide, I shall be the diner.”

“Kanhai said- “I have not touched you.” Subala won’t listen to Kanhai’s argument, Shyam already knows this. All the sakahs are on Subala’s side, because nobody wants Shyam to close his eyes.

Shyam only fights, he doesn’t find anyone- He only runs after Sridama.

“Will you find me?”-Nanda Nandana expectantly asks Subala. If Subala is ready to find him then he is willing to hide. Subala explained- “You first hide atleast. I will find everybody.”

“No you only find me!” Now is there a limit to his innocence? Before hiding Kanhai is showing with his fingers that he is going to hide in this Malati Kunja.

All Gopa Kumaras have come out of their hiding places. Subala has now shut his eyes with both hands and has leaned his head towards the bark of the Kadamba tree. The children have scattered here and there to hide. When all had hidden themselves, someone’s sound came from somewhere “Find me!”

Subala opened his eyes. He got up and started looking here and there. But, where does Kanhai have so-much patience? Why isn’t this Subala coming towards Malati Kunja? Shyam peeped and saw. Moving the red slender finger of his right hand, he is inviting Subala to come.

“You hide atleast.” Subala began to laugh. You would certainly agree with Subala logic. He says “Only the hiding ones can be looked for. And the one who you can clearly see in front of your eyes, what is there to find in him? But it is Kanhai’s stubbornness- “Only find me! Only find me!”