Baby Krishna plays with Puppies

Krishna plays with Puppies

Little Krishna Excited

Vishal slowly brought his face close to Kanhai’s ears and whispered-

“Kanu! Dhumra has delivered babies.”

Kanhai instantly, on the spurt wants to see them-

“Where? Have you seen them? How many? Come tell me.”

Now, Vishal warned him-

“Chanda is also sitting there.

Dhumra won’t allow anyone near her babies and Chanda growls when anyone goes there.”

Description of Krishna’s dog

Dhumra is a fairly huge she-dog.

Recently, she was expecting babies; everybody knows that.

The heavy-bodied, slightly scary but extremely straightforward, and shaggy-looking dog Chanda who sits on Brajaraja Baba’s doorstep has been unseen since yesterday.

He gets along with Dharma.

Of course, Dhumra’s puppies might be his. It is not astonishing if he has gone to guard them.

“You come at least.”- Kanhai pulls Vishal to his side.

Dhumra is a very simple she-dog. Moreover, Chanda since childhood is Shyam’s pet.

When Shyam used to crawl on his knees, he would pull Chanda’s ears, dig his mouth, and climb on his back.

Can he ever fear Chanda? Even if a lioness delivers cubs, he would similarly go running to look at her cubs by going close.

So, Vishal showed another fear-

“Maiya would get angry.

You first bathe and take dinner, then come.”

Yashoda Maiya’s worry

Indeed, Maiya would definitely shout.

Mohan has just now returned from the forest with his friends.

He has just pushed the cows into the barn and reached his doorstep.

Even Vishal had just taken his cows to the barn.

The thrill of this fresh news has brought him here.

He has come straight running here.

Dust flying from the hooves of cows still lingers on their hair, garlands, and painted bodies.

They still have tiny drops of sweat on their faces.

Vishal thinks that he has erred by coming untimely.

Kanhai is tired, he would be hungry too and now he won’t listen until he sees those babies.

Therefore, Shyam held his Sakha’s hand and turned backways taking him along-

“You come! We will be back in no time.”

mother yashoda with krishna friends

Immediately, Maiya called out-

“Aree! Where do you both go? Listen! Listen at least. First, eat something then go. Son Vishal! Get Neelamani here Laal!”

Shyam slightly turned around and told her- “Maiya. We will just come.

I will also get Vishal Dada along with me. He will have dinner together.”

Now, What can Maiya do?

This prankster has slipped away and his ‘now’ has no time limit; who knows when it shall end.

Now you must send someone to fetch them.

Don’t know where they are?

Truly, this Mohan is unnecessarily in a hurry.

Baby Krishna meets Puppies

Shyam held Vishal’s hands and ran asking constantly-

“Where has Dhumra delivered?”

Vishal said- “The old cart lying in the corner of my barn under that.

There in the barn, Chanda sits right at the door.”

God knows why an old cart lies dumped in Vishal’s barn.

Under that, there are numerous baskets, ropes, and similar kinds of junk.

In fact, Dhumra has rightly chosen that spot to deliver kids.

There, no one can harm her pups.

Before going close to her, right from the entrance, Kanhai yelled-“Dhumra!”

On seeing Nanda Nandana, Chanda immediately stood up ‘Koo Kooing’ wagging his tail.

He has now joined Krishna’s party.

“Dhumra!”- On hearing Shyam call thus, the huge she-dog emerged from beneath the cart and wagged her tail, mildly shouting ‘Ku Ku’, shaking before him as if she was dancing in bliss.

Now, Kanhai very lovingly looks at her and says-

“You have given babies? Won’t you show me, how are they?”

Call for mercy…

In fact, Not just Dhumra, all wild animals of Vraja can understand Kanhai’s language.

Specifically, Dhumra went running to him.

Now, she comes pressing one puppy in her mouth from under the cart.

Putting the baby on the ground near Shyama Sundara’s feet, the she-dog went running once again.

Now, Kanhai sat down and Vishal also sat next to him.

Likewise, Dhumra took three trips and placed all her three kids before Krishna Chandra.

Thereafter, she stood at a little distance.

The animal is mute, but her eyes speak-

“See them-, is anybody fit to gain your mercy? Will you accept any?”

“Aree, these don’t even see and walk!”

These newborn puppies simply move their heads and shake here and there.

Now, Kanhai bent along with his Sakha and closely inspected the pups.

Then He stood up with a jerk.


Take them, feed them milk.

Once they start walking, I shall play with them.”

Now Shyam has to feed rotis to Dhumra.

He has turned around taking Vishal along.

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