Krishna plucks mango for his friend

Krishna plucks mango for his friend

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 28

For himself

“Dada!”- As a child, Kanhai has been sitting on Vishala’s shoulders.

The gopikas mockingly know Vishala as “The horse of Krishna.” Even now when Kanhai goes near Vishala, he only sits on his shoulders. He has not yet learnt how to sit near Vishala like the other Sakhas. Now, he comes running to Vishala. Putting both his legs in front, Kanhai sits on Vishal’s shoulder holding his head.

Vishal is gigantic in stature. Though being younger to Dau, Vishal is taller than him. The taller he gets, the heftier. Vishal has a massive stature. His height is charming to behold.

Kanhai can come any moment and mount on his back. And, each time, Vishala readily presents himself. He is such that when the Gopis mockingly calls him “Krishna’s horse” he gets happy instead.

When Shyam mounts on his shoulder, he will lovingly hold his knees tight to him and enquire- “Where shall we go?”

“Dada!”- This tile holds good only for Dau.

Others call each other by their direct names; but, where does Krishna follow any rule.

Vishala is afterall his Tau’s eldest son- he is elder to him; if Kanhai calls him ‘Dada’ still it is understandable. But when Kanhai is overcome by extreme love, he even calls his equals- Bhadra, and Subala as ‘Dada.’

Krishna yearns for mangoes

Kanhai tells Vishala- “Dada, I will take a Mango fruit, that small one.” Sitting on Vishala’s shoulders, Shyam pointed towards a ripe-red mango hanging on the tree.

There is one strange thing– If someone asks- “Kanu! How big mango will you take?” Then Kanhai will immediately open his arms and say.

Be it a mango, plum, modak or butter, each time he will spread his arms so wide and want the largest one for himself. Though such a huge fruit doesn’t exist. But when Kanhai plucks fruits on his own, he only choses small fruits- A small mango, a tiny plum, tiny- tender flowers. He will find some little peacock feather, and he will celebrate on attaining it.

Vishal said- “That is so tiny. I will pluck some large and ripe mangoes for you.”

“No!”– When Kanhai says ‘no’, he shakes his entire head. His beautiful curly locks bounce on his face, Kanhai says “Come! I will pluck it on my own!” What is the fun if someone plucks it for you?

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Krishna plucks mango

It is not that Kanhai cannot climb that tree. But that fruit hangs on the extreme end of a very delicate branch. You cannot simply climb the tree and get there. Also, throwing sticks or stones, can destroy the fruit. It is just right for Kanhai to stand on Vishala’s shoulders.

Where does Vishala have any objections? Keeping Shyam on his shoulder, Vishala stands right under that branch. Unclutching his hands from Kanhai’s knees, Vishala lowered his hands. Shyam now stands, putting both his legs on Vishala’s shoulders. He is an experienced practitioner in this field. Like this only- standing on shoulders, he has committed innumerable thefts of butter and ghee from the homes of the gopis.

Holding the branch with one hand, Kanhai extended his hands towards the fruit. The fruit clung to Kanhai’s hands as if it was just waiting for this touch. Taking the fruit in his hands, with enchanted eyes, Shyam first examined it.

Leaving the branch, Kanhai slightly separated the fruit from its stalk with his other hand. Then, Kanhai held the branch. He then bent forwards moving his hands away from Vishal’s body. He squeezed the fruit, to remove all the extra gum. Then he spun the fruit and gazed at that hole beside it. His face lit up. His eyes say-“No, there is no gum inside. It appears to be very sweet.”

Krishna’s gifting nature

Now Kanhai has unclutched the branch. He now sits on Vishala’s shoulders, swaying his legs towards his front. Vishala tightly clasped Kanhai’s legs near his knees.

Did Kanhai want this fruit for himself? Has he ever wished for anything for his own gratification? If he chose something so luscious, he will definitely want to gift it to someone.

Shyam lowered Vishala’s head with his left hand. Placing the mango near Vishala’s lips, he asks- “Is it sweet?”