Sweet Krishna angry with gopi

Krishna possessive about his friend

Only belongs to his dear ones

“I have heard, some expert wrestler is coming this way?”- The gopa and gopis- all want some or the other excuse to keep sitting with their little Kanhai.

Indeed, Kanhai doesn’t last in one place so this gopi has made some excuse.

“Wrestler?- Even our Vishala Dada is a wrestler.” Our Kanhai doesn’t know of any specialty which he can’t see in his friends.

He doesn’t even feel the need to look elsewhere.

Shyam sundara is least interested in this wrestler so this gopi has to now think of something new.

“Today, even an elevated sage shall come. He shall stop at Maharishi Shandilya’s hermitage.”

“You go and tell Maiya.”- What will Nanda Nandana do with this news.

When Maiya will get the news, she will ask Baba to invite the sage. Accordingly, Baba will go and receive him. Once the sadhu enters the palace, even Kanhai shall offer his pranams.

Gopi debates with Krishna

The gopi enquired- “Where are you going?”

“To Varuthapa’s place.” There is no rule when, which Sakha enters Gopal’s mind.

“Don’t go there. Varuthapa is not good.”

Now this gopi wants to pester Kanhai, at least in this way Kanhai will stay for a few more minutes. Mohan is upset now- “Varuthupa is good, very good. You are not good.”

This Gopi just wants to buy time. She says- “Why am I bad? What is wrong in me?”

To this, Shyam asks with a bit of resentment- “Has Varuthapa done you any harm? Did he pull your pigtail or steal your cow?”

The Gopi retorted- “He is so fat and pricy. He even scolds you.”

Kanhai said- “Leave that, You are thin like a grass. You are a miser and… !” Kanhai has now lost his cool. He is busy finding uncountable faults in this gopi.

Krishna loves his friends

Truly, Kanhai cannot tolerate it when someone finds faults in his sakhas, his dear and near ones. This gopi laughs without bate- “Doesn’t he scold you?”

Shyam speaks as if he likes it when Varuthupa scolds him. “So what? He is my friend, he is my Bhaiya. He is good, very good.”

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Krishna angry with gopi

“No No, he is arrogant”– This Gopi is laughing. There is joy even in teasing Kanhai.

“You are arrogant. You are bad. You are lazy. You…!”

Kanhai has now turned his face- “I won’t speak to you.”

“Aree Laal! Listen. I was just joking.”– This Gopi is afraid now.

If Kanhai goes off enraged like this, he shall never turn up again. So she consoles him-

“No, No, Varuthapa is a very good boy. You get him and come here only. I will extract sweet butter for both of you.”

“Doesn’t he have butter at home?” Kanhai’s anger has not yet subsided.

Gopi consoles Krishna

The Gopi’s voice has moistened up. “I will tell Varuthapa to look after my Sudesh. Sudesh is weak and he is also your little friend.

“Where is he?” Kanhai wants to immediately meet this gopi’s son. “I will take him with me.”

The Gopi thinks for a while and says- “He has gone to play somewhere. Oh yes, he has gone to your home. Aren’t you coming from there”

“I will find him out” Kanhai has to now look for his Sakha. He is the only one who keeps going after people. In fact, He keeps going behind his dear ones. If someone goes astray, then Nanda Nandana will find him out, he will either call him or go running to him.

Krishna’s nature

For his own people he is always active and worried, but for those who do not accept him- Krishna Chandra is least concerned- be it a wrestler or a sage.

If Baba asks or Maiya, Dau dada asks or some Sakha, often the old grannies and gopis keep asking this question. “Whose darling are you?”

and…everytime Kanhai has a fixed answer- “Yours”

He only belongs to his dear ones and nobody else. Now Sudesh is his dear friend- he has specially gone to meet him, so where can we expect Kanhai to be? If Sudesh doesn’t find him there, he shall be worried. He will keep searching at odd places. Besides, everybody does not wander for Kanhai. Everybody does wander but god knows, behind what they go?

Fortunate are those who readily agree to wander for Kanhai. Shyam will certainly find such people. For them he will readily take the pains.