Krishna presses Sakha Bhadra’s feet

Krishna presses Sakha Bhadra’s feet

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 30

What to do?

Everything has a solution, but for Kanhai, there is no solution. We can never predict when what enters his mind. Kanhai can anytime hold someone’s hand and say- “You are tired.” He may even argue with someone- “You are hungry.” How much ever people justify themselves, he never listens. Once he decides, he decides. Then he will listen only after doing his own.

Our sweet-little Kanhai gets tired very quickly. He has such tiny-rosy feet and he goes about hopping everywhere. Perspiration quickly glimmers on his lotus face. But he is not even conscious of his body while playing.

Then Bhadra, Vishal, Tok and Varuthapa– someone must come and supervise him. They will force him to take rest.

Drops of perspiration glimmer on Kanhai’s face. His entire face has turned red. Even his tiny feet have grown red. Are these not sufficient signs to convey his tired state?

“You are tired, Come take rest now!” When the Sakhas force him to retire, Kanhai feels he can use this sentence with everyone.

Krishna neglecting his health

Even when Kanhai sits to eat, he nibbles like a sparrow- even sparrows eat more than him. Rest of the time, he spends feeding others. He will eat so less and spend all his time playing. Won’t he feel hungry?

How his tummy has shrunk. His sweet-red lips have turned dry. If he is not concerned about his health, then someone must forcibly feed him. Now even he has employed this new tactic. He can force anyone to eat by saying-“You are hungry.” Then he can’t do away with little food.

If Kanhai himself is so eager to feed someone, then who can deny his offer.

As it is Madhumangala dies to eat Modaks from Shyam’s hands. But this naughty one ditches Madhumangala by putting a leaf or an amla fruit into his mouth. He will offer Modak only once he has finished teasing him.

As far as food is concerned, no sakha hesitates in accepting meals. But when Kanhai stubbornly holds their hand and says “You are tired, come take rest”, then the situation becomes grave.

No sakha enjoys receiving royal treatment from Kanhai. No sakha enjoys callously reclining on Shyam sundara’s own hand-made flower bed spreading their legs. They can’t see this little one tire himself fanning them, holding a lotus stalk in his hands.

This task of reclining only befits Dau dada, and it is his birth-right. When Kanhai goes to press Dau’s feet, even he feels hesitant. He begins pleading, he request his younger brother to come and lay next to him.

Krishna’s serving nature

We can’t even predict to what extent Kanhai will serve. If his serving is limited to fanning, and humming some lullaby, still it is tolerable. But he can even sit down to press the feet. Are his tender hands fit to massage someone stone-like feet?

Krishna serves friend Bhadrasena

Bhadra is really tired today. A calf drifted from her herd. Poor Arjuna was busy with the cows all day. So, without telling anyone, Bhadra took his stick to fetch that calf. The calf gave him a tough chase. Finally, after subduing the calf, Bhadra sat down to rest under the dense Tamala tree spreading his legs. He has kept his stick towards his left. He has now placed his palms behind on the green Durva grass.

Bhadra sits at such a distance only to hide from his friends’ vision. He doesn’t want others to know of his tiredness. They shouldn’t unnecessarily worry for him. After a short nap, he will join his friends in their play.

Don’t know how Kanhai got the news. From behind the Tamala tree, with silenced foot-steps he came and took his seat beside Bhadra’s right leg. He has started pressing his feet. He neither allows Bhadra to stand nor curl his legs. He is now commanding him- “You are tired. Keep sitting quietly. Just close your eyes and go to bed! Should I call Dev, Anshu and Tok?”

Bhadra pleads- “Baba! You please don’t call anybody. I am not tired.” How much ever Bhadra insists, while he listen? Now what to do with this Kanhai? He has made his house here.