Krishna Protects Pandavas from Durvasa

Krishna Protects Pandavas from Durvasa

Duryodhana tricks sage Durvasa

It was the day of Dwadashi.

Once, Duryodhana humbly told Durvasa-

“Oh sage, Kindly bless the Pandavas by being their guest.

My poor brothers are lonely in the forest.

If you eat their food and bless them, they shall be delighted.”

Sage  Durvasa was quite straight-forward.

So, he fell prey to Duryodhana’s ploy.

Pleased by duryodhana’s emoted brotherly love, Durvasa said-

Yesterday we observed Nirjala Ekadashi.

So today, we shall break our fast at your place.

Tomorrow we shall favor the Pandavas.”

However Duryodhana was wicked.

He conveniently persuaded the fasting sages-

“You have blessed me enough.

Now visit my brothers.

Bless them too.”

Sun god blesses the Pandavas

Those who worship the sun god three times a day never face poverty.

Indeed, we see a live example of queen Satyabhama, the wife of lord Krishna.

By sun god’s blessing, her father Satrajit acquired a gemstone which produced unsurmountable gold.

Likewise, the Pandavas were ardent devotees of Surya deva.

Pained at the their exile, the sun god thoughtfully granted them a magical bowl thinking

“Wherever Dhramaraja stays, sages shall come uninvited.

And if they are not welcomed, it shall pain Dharmaraj. “

Therefore, Surya Narayana gifted the Akshayapatra which produced grains at will.

Pandavas life in forest

Now, the Pandavas lived peacefully in the woods and performed social service.

Thousands of seers ate and blessed Dharmaraj.

Thus, we see Draupadi’s hand in earning Sukriti for the household.

Indeed, both husband and wife contribute to a prosperous family during difficult times.

Condition of the Akshaya Patra

However Suryanarayana warned them-

After Draupadi eats her food, the Akshayapatra shall no longer work”

Hence Duryodhana used this restriction to his advantage.

He sent the sages untimely after Draupadi’s meals.

“Poor Pandavas!”- thinking thus he giggled.

Exile of the Pandavas

On the other hand, the exiled Pandavas engaged in Satsanga.

Draupadi said-

“God does everything for our good.

During difficult times, He is always there to help us.

We lost our kingdom. It happened for good.

I remember how I lived as a queen in the palace.

Truly, I have tasted royal life.

But, you will never find such Satvik goodness in the palace.

My lord has purposely sent me here.

In the palace, I did meditate, but never found solace.

I would sing Krishna bhajan, but never once tears welled up in my eyes.

But, after coming here, my heart melts effortlessly- I feel very happy.

Where will we ever taste such joy in the palace?

Whatever my lord does, is for our good alone”

Thus the Pandava family melts in gratitude.

Suddenly Durvasa muni entered,

Yudhishtira stood up and prostrated himself before the sage.

Sage Durvasa ordered- “10,00 brahmins have come for food.”

Yudhistira’s dilemma

Now, all knew that Draupadi had finished eating.

Even in the greatest of troubles, I never forsook my duty, I never sinned.

Let us see what the lord has in store.”

Thinking thus, Yudhshtira joined his palms and said submissively-

“You have been very kind to us.

Call the 10,000 brahmins.

We shall receive them to the greatest of our ability.

While you bathe in the Ganges, meanwhile the food shall be ready.”

Sage Durvasa replied-

“After our bath ,we will be right back.

The food should be ready by then.”

So saying the sages left.

Now Dharmaraj thinks of the next move.

Truly, Duryodhana has laid a well-thought trap.

Bhima and Arjuna were fearful.

Draupadi wondered-

“I have heard, Sage Durvasa is very hot-tempered.

He may even curse us!”

Immediately,  Draupadi lovingly invokes Lord Hari-

Her heart melts as she lovingly talks to lord Krishna-

“I am certainly unworthy, still accept this soul.

Once you had called me your sister, I remember that.

Your sister is now a beggar, utterly helpless.

Currently, we are in the forest.

10,000 brahmins have come.

Oh lord, please be merciful.”

Lord krishna in Dwarka

At that moment, Dwarkanath was resting in Devi Rukmini’s chambers.

When the soul sincerely calls, the lord knows it.

Hence, Suddenly, the lord woke up from his sleep.

Devi Rukmini was serving the lord of Dwarka.

She brought a beautiful golden plate of delicacies.

Devi Rukimini said pleadingly- “I have lovingly brought this sweet for you. Please eat it.”

At the time, the lord heard Draupadi’s cries of ‘krishna krishna Krishna’ and began to weep.

Rukmini asked-  “What happened?

The lord of Dwarka replied- “The Pandavas are in deep trouble.

Rukmini said- “Yes, I have heard of their plight. You may go, but first eat this sweet.”

The lord’s concern for his devotees

When a Vaishnava is in trouble the lord loses interest in all activities.

Krishna reaches in time

Now, Sage Durvasa has finished his bath.

Meanwhile, without further ado, lord krishna sat on his mount Garuda and sped to the forest.

Even Rukmini was astonished to see the lord’s zeal.

She felt bad- “The lord doesn’t even get time to eat his food!”

Now Draupadi, so absorbed in the lord’s kirtan, saw the entire vision of Dwarka.

How the lord shirked his food and came running hungry for her aid.

The scene pained her heart and she began to sob.

Immediately Shri Krishna stood before her.

Thereafter Draupadi glanced at the lord’s feet.

She lacked the courage to see his eyes-

“Because of me You underwent so much trouble.

I am selfish.”

Immediately, Lord Krishna shouted-

“Draupadi! Draupadi!

I am very hungry, I haven’t eaten a single morsel in Dwarka.

In fact, I told Rukmini-

“Today I shall eat whatever my sister serves me.

So, today I want to eat your hand-cooked food.”

Draupadi joins her palms and says-

“Even if I give my life, it is less.

What can I give you?

In fact, your sister is a beggar.

Currently, there is nothing at home.”

Bhagavan said tauntingly-

“You must be joking.

I know how you love me.”

Draupadi’s worship

Actually, Draupadi would first separate food for the lord and then eat.

The house which keeps a share for the lord remains full at all times.

Goddess Annapoorna and mother Lakshmi reside in such households.

So Bhagavan continued-

“Something is there that you are hiding.

Ok, get me the Akshaya Patra.”

Drauapdi gets the Akshaya Patra-

Just like a hunter finds his prey, Lord Krishna closely inspects a vegetable leaf stuck to the bottom of the vessel.

“Ah, I have found it.

Today my universe shall feast.”

krishna saves pandavas from sage durvasa

How Krishna satisfies the universe?

Lord Krishna eats the shred.

Theory- I am present in all jeeva as the living soul.

Lord Krishna is the sole proprietor of the material bodies. Hence this principle works.

Those who please the lord, in turn please the lord.

Those who know the Lord know the world in the truest sense.

Instead of reforming the world, an intelligent man peacefully worships the lord. This is the greatest service he can do to the world.

Sage Durvasa meets Bhima

Sage Durvasa is full to the brim.

Indeed, he burps continuously.

The brahmins perform their sandhya ritual, chant the gayatri mantra- all are full.

Now bheemasena goes to call them-

“Oh holy one!


sadhus blessing ajamila

The astonished sage asks Bheema-


Tell me the truth.

Has Krishna paid you a visit.?”

Bheema replied-

“Yes, Oh holy one, Currently he is talking to Draupadi.”

He has told me to fetch you.

Besides, Krishna told me that you are his guru.

Hence, He shall feed you as a disciple.”

Sage Durvasa joined his palms and said-

“I am not his guru.

In fact, Shri Krishna is my guru’s guru.

He is Jagadguru, or the universal teacher.

Bheem! I have sinned by eating Duryodhana’s grains for 4 whole months.

His grains are impure.

Hence I never felt continuity in my sandhya and gayatri.

As a result, my heart became rocklike.

But by interacting with devotees like you, I fell back again.

I am glad to see your patience, conduct, hospitality and devotion.

I bless you that-

“The pandavas shall emerge victorious. Let the Kauravas perish.”

Thus the benevolent sage cursed Duryodhana and blessed the Pandavas.

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