Lord Krishna troubles the Gopis

How does Krishna trouble the Gopis?

The Trouble-maker

This son of Maiya Yashoda is extremely naughty.

When what mischief comes to his mind, nobody knows.

He cannot stay without fighting, and in teasing and troubling girls he is a master.

And even the girls are such that they can’t stay away from him.

But, in this how are the poor girls to be blamed?

This Bhuvana Mohana is such that even birds and animals can’t stay away from him, how can man stay behind.

The daily routine of the cowherd boys

krishna teaches yoga

Everyday before sunrise, Gopa kumaras come running to Nanda Bhavan.

In fact, on just opening their eyes they fly to meet Kanhai.

Their mothers somehow wash their mouths and ready their tiffin.

Of course, All have to eat breakfast only with Krishna chandra.

Whole day they shall spend in the forest, and even on returning, how many moments do they last in their own homes?

All will somehow bathe, put something in their mouths and run to Nanda bhavan.

They are such that at night, their mothers take them home only when Kanhai starts dozing and they start getting bored.

Actually, the aged-gopas want Shyam to stay near his Baba, in the barn, till he sleeps so that they get a chance to stay near him for some time.

Old, adolescents and youth- all age-groups somehow complete their household chores before the milking of cows and rush to Braja raj’s barn.

If Maiya’s would run, she wouldn’t even allow Ram-shyam (Krishna-Balaram) to enter the barn after they come.

Otherwise too, she keeps melting in this worry that the children have just come tired after a day-long’s work. Still they go running here and there either on the pretext of milking the cows or staying near baba in the barn.

The love of Gopis

The gopis- old and young, all agree with Maiya here that Mohan should stay indoors after returning from the forest.

Indeed, the grannies settle themselves near Vrajeshwari when Shyam sets his foot indoors.

Poor teenagers and housewives have to move mid-way killing their hearts.

Besides, they have to cook meals at their home, and handle the milk.

Well, the gopas eat food at home only once they return from Nanda Bhavan, after Braja rajkumar has slept.

Moreover, even the gopis keep on coming to Nanda Bhavan on the pretext of asking something, taking something or saying something.

But, on reaching, their feet just don’t’ want to move from there.

Sadly, They only get some time between evening and the previous night to stay near Nanda Nandana.

Mostly, he is out in the forest with his sakhas.

Everybody’s eyes and lives pine to see him.

Under such conditions, only the girls have minor chances.

Already, in Nanda Bhavan, the elderly and aged grannies settle themselves.

Meanwhile, even if the girls land up, they can’t sit near Kanhai.

Again, next morning he has to go to the forest.

So, only in the morning while going to the forest and while returning back behind the cows at noon, do the girls get a glimpse of Him, and that too from a distance- through the window slit.

Hence, on the pretext of selling butter, the girls carry small butter-pots on their heads to go and see Madan Mohan in the forest.

Does this surprise you?

Krishna’s mischevious nature

Indeed, Kanhai is the greatest prankster.

He tickles the Sakhas, pulls Madhumangala’s tuft of hair, and pokes his finger into his tummy.

Moreover, He even hides the tiffin of his friends.

Kanhai sits on the lap of Brajaraj or Upananda baba and dances his finger in their beard, or with his thin little finger measures the depth of their navel.

Again, He may whenever go and sit on the shoulders of a young gopa.

Even, in-front of Maiya, he hides his face under the veil of an aged Gopi.

Putting her dry breast into his mouth or pestering a young gopi to breastfeed him- is an ordinary thing for him.

After tying the pigtails of two ahead-seated gopis, he shall laugh clapping his hands.

Krishna troubles the gopis

Now he is such a prankster and the gopis have come to the forest on the pretext of selling butter.

Undoubtedly, Kanhai will snatch their butter- fight and grapple with them, tickle them, push them or smear the butter on their faces, this is an everyday’s routine.

All his sakhas become his helpers in this.

Now, The broken butter pots lie scattered.

This portion of the forest land has grown white with butter.

Tiny animals like squirrels, rabbits- even deer lick the butter spilled on the grass.

Between them little birds clear the remains.

The girls stand gathered handling their disorderly clothes. Even some of their ornaments have broken- Scattered lie the beads of their pearl necklaces.

Their feet, hands and face are all smeared with butter as they wipe each other’s face with their scarfs.

Emoted anger, gleeful laughter and extreme love makes their eyes and facial expressions divine.

All are absorbed in admiring the beauty of this prankster.

The gopa children are sitting with the broken pots to eat the butter.

They constantly mock at the girls.

Besides, they even tease their sisters.

Now this prankster, placing the curd pot before Dau dada sits down calmly.

Only sometimes he looks towards the girls.

Hands smeared with butter, drops of milk fallen on lipsIndeed, He looks wonderful.

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