Krishna worried about Sakha Bhadra

Krishna worried about Sakha Bhadra

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 3


“Bhadra! Baba, where is Bhadra?” It has never ever happened that Shyam has already come to milk the cows and Bhadra is not ready standing with a pot of milk. Where is Bhadra today? Kanhai searched for Bhadra here and there, called him out and then passing his pot from his right hand to the left went running to his father. Ram-Shyam (Kanhai-Balarama) on just getting up, wash their mouths and go to the barn to milk the cows. The morning routine starts only after milking them. Bhadra sleeps with Baba at night. Every morning he is found with Baba carrying a pot of milk where he meets the two brothers in the barn. But today he is missing. “You are here!” Baba widened his arms to take his son in a tight hug. Poor Baba has to wait for the children to arrive. If these two don’t come then the cows will keep groaning and won’t allow him to milk them. As soon as the two brothers came, all the seated cows, calves and bulls stood up. The cows have started mooing and are slightly raising their tails and letting out their urine. They have milked the cows. Lots of milk is dripping from their countless udders.

The servants have started untying the calves. Instead of going to their mothers they are running towards the two. Sniffing them all the while they are jumping and running in joy and having fun around them. The cows are mooing. Each cow wants the brothers to milk them first, while their young ones are and jumping in excitement and making tiny sounds of “Ba”, and with their heads slightly nudging and inviting the brothers as if to say- “Come to my mother.” Both the brothers have scattered hair. There is no decoration on their forehead. There is no tilak on their forehead. No upper cloth on their shoulders. You can only see blue yellow Kachnis (Dhoti) on their waists. There are anklets on their feet, tinkling bells tied on their waists, bangles on their hands, armlets on arms, a pearl necklace on their neck, but there is no flower garland. There are garlands of gunja flowers on their neck. Dau wears earrings only on one ear. Both of Kanhai’s earrings are entangled in his hair locks. The kohl applied on their bodies has spread till their cheeks.

“Where is Bhadra?”-Shyam did not go on his father’s lap. He anxiously asked shaking the left hand of his Baba. Now at this hour his mind is neither on the mooing of the cows nor on the sniffing and snuffing of the calves. He is now worried about his Bhadra. Baba slightly laughed and said- “Your chotte chacha has taken him home. Something has happened to him. You both will milk the cows no?”

“Something has happened to Bhadra?” All of a sudden the pot slipped from Shyam’s hand and dropped on the ground with a thud. The lotus faced has become serious. He quickly turned towards his elder brother and said- “Dada! Something has happened to Bhadra? Why has Chacha taken him home?” Now he cannot even wait to ask his father what on earth has happened to Bhadra? Krishna chandra is now adamant to hold his big brother’s hand and hurry to see Bhadra. Both the brothers turned their heads and were about to leave. Even Dau has almost thrown the pot from his right hand. Baba quickly moved forwards, held both their hands and said- “Aree! No disease or problem has struck Bhadra. You both milk the cows. Do your morning duties and then take your breakfast. Then I will come with you. Even your Maiya has to come.” Kanhai literally shook his father’s hands and said- “What has happened to him?” Why is Baba not telling him what has actually happened to his Bhadra. Baba said- “Maharishi Shandilya will come to Bhadra’s place with his associates. There will be worship, Yajnas, and…”

“What has happened to Bhadra?”-Shyam is least interested in listening to all this. All this keeps happening in the homes of the gopas. “Why is Bhadra not present in the barn? What has happened to him?” Baba said “Lala! Many things about good and bad are not spoken to children.” Baba does not want to say that last evening a crow slightly touched Bhadra with its wings and this inauspicious omen must be rectified today. Baba had already explained this to his younger brother at night.

He himself did the homework, has asked the necessary things from Maharishi Shandilya and already made all the arrangements. Kanhai slightly tightened his fists- “Hun.” His eyebrows stressed a bit. He looked at his brother with concern in his eyes- “Dada!” Dau said- “Nothing has happened to Bhadra. Nothing can happen to him?” Dau said this with full confidence and a smile came to his lips. He quickly held the tightened fists of his brother. He very well knows his younger brother’s nature. Those who are Kanhai’s own, even if a little danger comes upon them, it is intolerable to this Nandanandana. If someone looks at his people with a crooked eye, whoever it is, Kanhai will finish him. Is there any good or bad deity who can misbehave in Vraja. Besides the responsibly of protecting the younger sibling’s dear ones is on the big brother’s shoulders and where is he ever careless for the younger one to worry.

Baba said-“Bhadra will be laughing and enjoying himself. He shall be jolly in the worship festival. You both quickly milk the cows then we can leave.” Kanhai now looks at his pot. If someone is happy, joyful then although he is away, Kanu is not disturbed. If his own is in trouble, is sad and in distress, then Kanhai’s nature is not to ignore it. He becomes very worried. Bhadra is happy so now he can milk the cows.

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Story from Sakhaon Ka Kanhaiya (Author- Sudarshan Singh Chakra)