Krishna wrestles with Subala Sakha

Krishna wrestles with Subala Sakha

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 12

New definition

Kanhai keeps making new-new definitions. Even Brahma cannot understand when what new definition he will make taking which word or action.

Today, wrestling struck his mind! On coming to the forest for grazing cows, it is the children’s default routine to scatter everywhere. Everyone has to gather forest articles like chalk, white mustard, arsenic and many-colored flowers, tendrils, gunja and feathers fallen from birds. Once the articles are gathered all will get busy adorning-decorating each other. Everybody together do Shringar for Dau Dada and Shyam. Even these two brothers do shringar for all the Sakhas. Forest paintings will be made on their bodies. Their curls and body parts will be decorated with flowers and garlands. Once the Shringar is done, everybody’s mind atleast once goes towards the cows. Some gopa kumaras shall bring the far-ventured cows and bulls closer or Kanhai himself shall call them out. On his mere calling, the animals come running. After getting the cows nearby, everyone will start playing. Children don’t follow any order in play, they play any game that they remember. They rarely fight. Often the one who proposes first, all listen to him only.

“Will you fight me?”Subala asked Kanhai.

“Yes! Come!”-When will Shyamsundar ever say ‘no’? He removed his patuka from his shoulder and hung it on a Kadamba tree’s branch. He also removed the forest garland, pearl necklace and Gunja mala from his neck. The peacock feather was removed from his forehead and the Karnika flowers removed from his ears. “You keep them with you.”- Kanhai handed his stick and flute to Bhadra. He only gives his flute to Dau dada and Bhadra to keep for some time. He feels hesitant giving his flute to others. Who knows if they lose his flute then?

Subala, Bhadra, Sridama, Kanhai are almost of the same age. Dau dada is the eldest among the Gopakumaras. He is Bala (Strength), even a mature gopa cannot fight him. Among the sakhas, Varuthapa and Vishal are wrestlers but they are elder in age. They teach wrestling to Shyam, it is not possible defeat them in wrestling. What wrestling can be done with younger Sakhas? If Sridam wrestles he will fight with full vigor. Kanhai messes with him and also loses from him. Though Bhadra is equal in age, he is bit hard-bodied. He even tires Varuthapa in wrestling. Kanhai learns wrestling from Bhadra.

Krishna wrestles with Subala

Subala is extremely tender in his body. Just like Shyam, he is soft as ghee. Subala’s complexion, beauty, and body shape shows that he is his sister Shri Radha’s twin. On seeing him, even Kirti Maiya has many times mistaken him to be her daughter. Shyam loves wrestling with him. This is why Kanhai is able to win this game.

Hair has been tied up and Kachni has been raised above the knees and tightened. Both their feet have tinkling-jeweled anklets, a jeweled waist belt on the waist, bangles, armlets on hands and arms and earrings on ears. Only Shyam has the Kaustabha mani on his throat. Both have removed all their garlands. The forest paintings made on their parts is erasing due to mutual interaction. Both their faces have turned red and their foreheads and curls show glistening drops of perspiration due to labor. Bluish, tender, handsome Shyam wrestles with fair, golden-lotus like Subala. Both their arms are entangled. Both, dashing their chest against each-other apply force. Dau dada and all other Sakhas surrounding from all 4 sides watch the wrestling war. All are encouraging both of them. Slightly away from the forest lining, this wrestling duel runs on the soft, white shore of the Yamuna.

Now, there is the shade of the nearby huge Kadamba tree.

“Get up! Get up you!”- Subala fell, so he bent his knees and curled his hands and feet under his stomach. He sits firmly on the sand. Now Kanhai has started lifting him up holding his hand. Subala explained- “You throw me towards my back and defeat me, then only will you be victorious” “No!”- Shyam forcefully shook his head “By pushing someone one doesn’t win. The one who lifts the fallen and raises him up is the winner.” If wrestlers accept this new definition then how many wrestlers will win even 2-4 times, is difficult to say. But Kanhai’s this definition, isn’t a truth of life, can you say that?

Kanhai’s nature is not to push anyone. Brajaraja kumar enjoys lifting the fallen. He has tickled Subala and somehow lifting him up with his hands, he now says- “Hurray, I have won.”