Lord Krishna’s friends visit Barsana

Krishna’s friends in Barsana | Radha and Krishna in Barsana | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 21

Krishna teases Sakha Bhadrasena

Neither fully unfamiliar, nor less familiar, but for Bhadra, he is also not well-familiar with Barsana.

Indeed, he is most reluctant to go to Barsana. He can’t even recollect whether he has ever been there or not.

But if one of his wives comes from Barsana, how can it be an unvisited place for him?

Once, Bhadra asked Krishna- “When were you married?”

Well, such questions of “When did the marriage happen?” Or “Whose daughter is one’s wife”, make no sense in the abode of timelessness.

But Krishna is so unusual that contradictions can exist in him simultaneously.

Barely does he answer things straightly. He remarked- “When you got married!”

Furthermore, He began to say- “I will tell Bhabhi that you have even forgotten that you are a married man.”

Now is there a point in arguing with him.

But this is true, here the concept of marriage is like that of a hazy dream.

Even on being so, one cannot forget the infinite affection showered by the residents of Vraja.

Invitation from Barsana

gopis seeing krishna return from the forest

Subala and Sridama keep forcing Nanda Baba to be their guest and accompany them to their home. Even their Baba-Maiya greatly insist on this.

However, these invitations have to be turned down daily, because on the way towards the pasture, Krishna will prefer passing through the hallway of Vrishbhanu Baba.

There are other routes too, but he would take no notice of them.

Why does Bhadra avoid Barsana?

Bhadra doesn’t like discussing Krishna’s Nikunja Leela Pastimes.

Hence, with this reluctance he is unable to go to Barsana, because if he happens to meet a sakhi, she won’t stop until she pulls him to Vrishnbhanu Baba’s harem.

And if he goes there, Lali (Radha) may not present herself. But she will be busy in his hospitality, and become tired.

Well, has he come here to tire people?

Just like Dau, even Bhadra calls Srimati Radharani “Lali” and calls her friends “Laali”.

Lali and her friends respect Bhadra and are hesitant before him as they are with Dau.

Certainly, Sri Radha’s friends speak with him. However, they speak in an extremely controlled tone, and move their heads repeatedly.

Bhadra describes Radharani (Lali)

Bhadra says- “Lali doesn’t even know to speak. If we happen to meet her on the way, she would even cover the nails of her feet, and sit crouching like the red monsoon insect.

And if you ask her something, she will not even move her head.

She will just sneak away or hide behind some Sakhi or even rest her head on her.

You won’t even know whether she is whispering something in the ears of that Sakhi.

Now, on her behalf, her Sakhi shall murmur a few words very gently.

Lali only knows how to bend her veiled face towards the ground.

So, it is bad to put her in such an uncomfortable state.”

The sakhis of shri radha…

Moreover, Bhadra says-

“These girls are very stubborn. Their heads have no brains. In fact, their brains hang on their pigtails just outside their heads.

If you pull their pigtails, their brain enters their head. Then they become sensible.

But Krishna alone is an expert in the art of pulling their pigtails.

This work is not our cup of tea, and how can we ever pull Lali’s pigtail.”

Thereafter, these adamant girls shall slyly come with their covered faces and say- ‘Come’,

Where to come? Why? nothing of that sort.

If you enquire, there shall be no answer.

As if they can’t hear.

It is fine, if you listen to her and get going. Soon, she will sneak away, and vanish as if she has mastered the art of disappearing.

In a little while, the crowd of welcomers shall gather.

However, if you don’t listen to her, and give an excuse of an important chore, and promise to come another day, she will move her body so peculiarly that it will become evident that she is going to empty all her tears today.

Bhadra’s concern

Perhaps, these girls cannot digest their food without crying a few times, but it is also difficult to ignore their crying.

Then, she will slowly say- “If you do not come, then your Lali will fire me from her services.”

Poor, innocent Lali, cannot even scold a Sakhi, but how else can you console this crying woman.

Quietly listen to her and follow along or come with her to tell Lali not to fire her from her services, but come!

Which is why, it is best to keep away from Barsana.

In this case, Krishna pulls all their pigtails and makes them sensible.

Then they not only speak but also fight.

Soon, all of them bunch up, and make him dance.

How does Sri Radha look?

Bhadra says- “I have seen Lali”

Immediately, any Sakha can ask- “When did you see her? How did you see her?

Bhadra’s next answer will be- “What to see in Lali.

Everyone says she is a replica of Subala and even Krishna says that he has never seen Lali properly.

Indeed, Lali has to be like Krishna.

How can we see Krishna completely?

His palms, fingers, arms, face or chest, wherever the sight goes, gets riveted there itself.

How can anyone see his complete form in one glance? I doubt whether Lali’s sakhis would have ever seen her entirely.”

Radharani in the forest

During our forest pastimes, Lali often comes with her sakhis. 

They arrive at the banks with tiny pitchers and pots of curds to sell. 

“Well, Who do they have to sell curds in the forest; to the monkeys, deer, or the peacocks?”

Krishna is very mischievous. He troubles these girls a lot.

He tumbles their pitchers, snatches their pots and eats their curds. However, very few Sakhas join him in this robbery.

Actually, only the younger Sakhas tag along with Him.

The girls fight with Krishna and hide their pots. But, they mock at the little sakhas, and jokingly surrender their pots to them.

Daudada, Madhumangala and the elderly sakhas get a share of the loot with all due respect.

Often a sakhii would come and slowly place the pot in front of us and say- “You offer the Bhoga.”

Nature of Sri Radha

During times of such chaos, Lali looks innocent in her purest form.

Immediately, She would hide and stand amidst the Sakhis or sit crouching. Where does she know how to fight?

If Tok comes to her and says- “Bhabhi, give curds”, then, with great pleasure, she shall hand over the pot.

Besides, she even gives the pot to Krishna.

Where does she know how to hide things?

She knows how to give and only give. The forest pastimes, and water-sports thus, go on; the girls also stay in Barsana, and in our harems. How does this happen, don’t apply your brains in vain.

Golok Dham is Chintamani Dham

This divine abode is Kam-Lok (Wish-fulfilling). Once the wish enters the mind, the object is found present; and no one desires anything for his own self.

There is only this desire that Krishna should be satisfied, he should be happy.

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