Krishna’s gift for Bhadra

Krishna’s secret gift for Bhadra

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 25


“What is there in my fist?” Kanhai is very happy today. He went running to Bhadra. Extending his closed fist, he is asking in style.

Madhumangala came close and made a guess- “Ghost!”

Shyam Sundara is in a very jovial mood. Now when this little one laughs so generously his cheeks start getting tiny-tiny dimples. His white shiny teeth, beautiful like pearls, steal hearts away. It seems like his soft slender red lips have just taken a dip in milk. Kanhai says- “You may eat them.”

“Eat what?”-Madhumangala came closer and asked. Whenever there is a talk of some sweet dish this fair-complexioned, Brahmin boy gets impatient. This Brahmin boy with a long face shape wears white sandalwood tilak on his forehead. He just can’t wait to set hands on delicacies.

“What else, ghost.”– Kanhai is jumping with excitement as he says. “He will go and scream in your tummy and create havoc with his nails.”

“Chii!” – Madhumangala made a face- “Do even know how a ghost looks like?”

Bhadra said– “He may definitely not resemble a Modak! Don’t know whether a ghost exists or not, but he certainly can’t fit in Kanu’s little fist.”

The gopa kumaras’ mothers have dressed them up. Their curls are oily. As they entered the forest, the children busied themselves in adorning each-other. Shyam sundara has made a weird-looking monkey on Madhumangala’s tummy with the yellow soil of Ramraj. This monkey gapes at people by showing its teeth. Somebody had painted caterpillars on his cheeks. Certainly a hopping squirrels gnawing nuts is made on his chest. All other gopakumaras have had their bodies painted. And children are not expert artists. To the extent they could draw, they have drawn.

Mystery gift in Krishna’s fist

While playing, suddenly, Kanhai separated from his group of friends. He urgently comes towards this huge plum tree- as if he has remembered something very important. He bent down a bit and rushed this way.

It is easy to guess that he is certainly holding a ripe plum fruit in his fist. But, how can Shyam Sundara’s tiny fists hold even one. Certainly, it has something to do with the plum tree. Now, he is creating a suspense- “What is there in my fist?”

Though Kanhai’s fists are tiny, what is it that they can’t hold- What wrong does Madhumangala say? If this naughty one so desires, he can even trap his bade tau in his fists.

But he is the innocent son of Maiya Yashoda- Where will he understand that he himself like a messenger has informed the others that he carries some eatable lying under the Plum tree. This Plum tree bends with the weight of its ripe fruits. The soil around has its fruits all over.

Then what could Kanhai be carrying?

Krishna confides with Bhadra

“You only tell.”- Bhadra has lovingly kept his hand on Kanhai’s shoulder.

“First open your mouth!”- Now Kanu is resting on Bhadra. He got his right fist close to Bhadra’s face and said- “Quietly eat it. Don’t show it to anyone.” As Bhadra opened his Mouth, Krishna pushed the delicacy into it.

Kanhai is naughty, but he can never resort to cheap pranks. He can never let his friends eat sand, stone, pebbles or anything unpleasant. On Kanhai’s gesture, no gopakumara feels hesitates in opening their mouth.

Kanhai can only joke till this extent- If he tells Madhumangala to open his mouth then he will go on-“More open, open your mouth wider!” As if he is going to drop an entire modak into his mouth. Finally, he will end the deal with a tiny sugar granule, a piece of modak or some butter.

Rest assured, He has put a plum only in Bhadra’s mouth. Even in big plums there are some exceptions. There are some tiny seedless plums. These plums are sweeter than the usual ones. Kanhai has brought with him a similar type of plum.

This gift- is such a sweet gift from Shyam’s end, no gift can be compared to this one. Now Kanhai is standing very close to Bhadra. He has covered Bhadra’s face with his hands- No one should get the slightest trace of his gift.

He is now showing his thumb to Madhumangala. Now, disheartened Madhumangala goes back making a face. He doesn’t whine for such little gifts.