Krishna’s hunger for Modaks

Krishna’s hunger for Modaks

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 21

I am feeling Hungry

“Dada. I am feeling hungry.” Kanhai came and sat leaning on Dau’s left hand side. Now, He has entwined both his arms around his elder brother’s neck, and has placed his head on his shoulders.

Dau very lovingly moved his hand over his younger brother’s curls and said-“Then you eat Mango.”

“No, It is not Mango hunger”– Indeed, Krishna Chandra’s stomach is of a different type. Nanda Nandana’s hunger cannot be appeased by whatever food item. Even if he gets hungry he has different types of hunger. Sometimes fruit hunger, sometimes butter-ghee hunger and sometimes he starts feeling Makhan roti hunger.

Dau laughed a bit and said-“Then which type of hunger is it? Is it of Modaks?” Shyam raised his head indicating a ‘Yes’.

Dau now looked at his younger brother’s face- “I don’t think Maiya has packed Modaks in our tiffin today. You get me the tiffin. Let me see.”

“I won’t get up”- Shyam has made such a face as if he is so fatigued that he can’t even stand on his own.

“Ok, I’ll get it”– Dau was about to stand. But, he can stand only if his naughty sibling would allow him to. Kanhai has seized his neck with both his arms and has placed his head on his shoulder.

“You are hungry, aren’t you?”– Dau very lovingly lifted Kanhai’s head. Dau still feels that this lovely little brother of his is really suffering the pangs of hunger. His soft slender red lips have started to dry up. His beautiful face looks a bit sad. But Dau knows that Kanhai is very stubborn. He won’t put anything in his mouth other than Modaks.

Krishna eyeing Arjuna’s tiffin

“Where did you see Modaks? Whose tiffin was it?” Dau feels that Kanhai is talking about Sridam’s tiffin. When does Kanhai like a tiffin? When it is packed with great love and emotion for him. This is his criteria. Dau knows his younger’s brother’s nature. He knows that though Kanhai is Vishwambhara, (The master of the universe), he is always hungry for love.

But, if it was Sridama’s tiffin, then why does Kanhai need to ask permission? He can simply establish his right over it. He feels immense joy in teasing Sridama. Or could it be that today some other tiffin has won his heart?

Kanhai nodded his head- “Hun! Arjuna’s tiffin has very sweet modaks.”

Dau laughed and said-“Very sweet modaks?”– Even without tasting the modaks, Kanhai says that the modaks are very sweet.

Now Dau looked into Kanhai eyes with a bit of surprise- “Then why don’t you eat them? Arjuna never fights with you”

Arjuna is the shyest of all Sakhas. Amongst all of Kanhai’s cousin brothers, Arjuna is the quietest. He never fights with anybody, then how can he fight with Shyam. He doesn’t even know how to fight.

Since last evening, Arjuna was pestering his mother to pack some special modaks for tiffin. He got so many Modaks packed in his tiffin that his mother was laughing while packing them- “Will you eat so many modaks? Will you even be able to carry them?”

I will eat, Dau will eat, Kanu will eat!” Arjuna was happy. Truly, his tiffin was very heavy today. But he even enjoyed carrying the weight for his friends.

Sakha’s Arjuna’s nature

Arjuna is so shy. He can’t even tell his friends to sit for food. His heart had started beating since the very moment, he had entered the forest.

He wanted Krishna to first eat his food and then play. But they started to play first.

On getting tired, the children sit for food under the shade of the Kadamba or Banyan tree. All the sakhas wish to feed Dau and Shyam with their own hands. Where does Arjuna stand in this competition? As it is, he is very quiet and submissive, he can’t even speak his heart out.

Today Arjuna was looking at Kanhai with great expectations in his eyes. Many times he even went to him to say something, but held himself back due to his hesitant nature.

Playing with so many friends, Nanda Nandana, had not a single moment to spare.

Krishna eats the Modaks

All of a sudden, Kanhai abandoned his play. He went running to his elder brother. It is an ordinary thing for Dau dada to leave the game at odd times.

Kanhai tells Dau- “I won’t eat alone. You also eat, even you are feeling hungry.” How will the elder brother feel his hunger unless the younger brother reminds him? Dau cannot refuse food, because Shyam sundara has come with Arjuna’s heavy tiffin box to feed him.

Kanhai was specially waiting to eat those Modaks. Dau must also be hungry. Let them start the meal, then see how this hunger gets contagious.