Lakshmi Mantra for Money

Lakshmi Mantra benefits

Significance of Laxmi Devi

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Goddess Laxmi is one of the most important Goddesses in the Sanatana Dharma traditions.

She is the eternal consort of Lord Vishnu.

Praying to Mother Lakshmi and chanting the mantra mentioned in this article will result in a long-term generation of money, fulfilment and prosperity.

It is an ideal mantra for householders, businessmen, and Lakshmi-Bhaktas.

In some Puranas Goddess Lakshmi is mentioned as the daughter of Sage Bhrigu Maharaj, while in other Pauranika stories she is described as the daughter of Maharaj Sagara, the ocean king.

In the many incarnations of Lord Vishnu, He is generally accompanied by Mother Laxmi.

Following this, in Treta Yuga, Mother Laxmi came down to earth as Mother Sita, the consort of Sri Rama.

Similarly, in Dvapara Yuga, Mother Laxmi was known as Devi Rukmini, the consort of Sri Krishna.

She is regarded as the very personification of prosperity, welfare and Harmony.

It is believed that at the recommendation of Sri Krishna, Laxmi Devi kept the kingdom of Maharaj Yudhishthira full of wealth.

So, King Yudhistira’s kingdom, Indraprastha never faced any financial problems.

Hence, by chanting Lakshmi Mantra, we pray to Mother Laxmi to take care of our wealth and family.

Best Laxmi Mantra for Money

One of the most powerful mantras for invoking Mother Laxmi is:

ॐ धनदायै नमः
Om Dhandayai Namah

This is the 474th mantra in the Lakshmi Sahasranamavali Stotram.

So, let us now see the best time to chant this mantra

When should we Chant Lakshmi Mantra?

Typically one should chant this mantra every day during brahma muhurta.

Brahma Muhurta is the time between 4-6 am early in the morning.

It is an auspicious time when all the divine forces are in complete charge.

It fills the person with divine energies.

Brahma Muhurta also supports and amplifies the effects of chanting mantras.

Waking up during Brahma Muhurta and chanting the Mantra Om Dhandayai Namah is a sure road to prosperity.

Benefits of ‘Om Dhanadaya Namah’ Mantra


The greatest benefits of Lakshmi Mantra are:

1)  It attracts wealth and prosperity for auspicious purposes rather than any medical emergencies.

2)  One will experience abundance and peace.

3)  Businesses shall yield maximum profits.

4)  You shall never be burdened with loans.

5)  If you have taken loans, after chanting this mantra, you will become capable of repaying them.

6)  You will attract positivity and make the right choices for yourself.

7)  Negative energies shall immediately abandon you.

Authentic Process of Chanting Lakshmi Mantra

Now, let us see the Process for chanting the Mantra to attract prosperity and wellbeing in our lives.

1.   Wake up early (a little before Brahma Muhurta), for best results.

2.   If possible, have a bath. If not, please wash your face, mouth, hands and legs. Wipe off the water from your body.

3.   While chanting the Mantra, wear light clothes, preferably cotton.

4.   Sit on a mat. If you face difficulties sitting on a mat, sit on a chair.

5.   It is ideal to have a photograph or deity of Vishnu-Laxmi ji before you.

6.   Light a lamp of ghee or clarified butter before you begin the mantra recitation. Keep the lamp in front of the Vishnu-Lakshmi photo/deity.

7.   It is ideal that you stand up facing the east or north-east and blow the conch 3 times loudly to attract divine vibrations.

8. Once you do that, sit on your mat, facing the east or northeast.

9.   One thing to note- Laxmi Ji should not be worshipped alone. In the photograph, Laxmi Ji should be accompanied by Sri Vishnu.

This is because Lakshmi Ji does not stay for long without her husband.

So, she abandons the house early and in turn leaves her sister Alakshmi.

But, if we worship both Vishnu and Lakshmi then, the wealth that accumulates shall help us prosper.

10.   Then facing the deities (deities facing West) you must at least chant 3 rounds of the mantra. Which means 3 X 108 beads.

Use a mala made of Tulsi or Lotus beads, consisting 108 beads.

11.   After completing 3 rounds of the mala, offer your respects to Lakshmi ji.

Some Additional Things to Keep in Mind

Ensure that house is kept neat at all times.

Excessive dirt or dust in the spot of worship shall attract “Alaxmi”.

Alaxmi the sister of Laxmi ji brings ill-luck and misfortune.

Ensure that your house is kept neat, spick and span before you chant the mantra “Om Dhandayai Namah”.

Laxmi ji can never tolerate an environment that is untidy.

She will never appear under such conditions.

Also, for best results, ensure that you chant at least 12 malas of this mantra during important functions of Laxmi ji such as Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras and Deepavali.

Ensure that you “never, ever” gamble with money.

There are other important days for chanting the mantra, to improve wealth status.

They are on Purnima tithi and Shukla paksha (Waxing moon).

These days have special vibrations and create an environment to attract the Grace of Mother Lakshmi.

So, these significant days invite maximum auspiciousness.

Any mantra, especially any Laxmi mantra chanted on Purnima tithi attracts wealth and prosperity faster and in abundance.

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