Can you be truthful in today’s world? Can I survive without speaking lies?


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To be committed to Truth, is now a practice that lies enshrouded in scriptures or in the book of edicts. People find it uninteresting and unnecessary to put something like this, into practice. Well, what is the need of knowing or speaking Truth? When a lie can easily manage one’s life with minimum pain, why go behind Truth; where lies has so much utilitarian value. Why speak Truth and suffer when lies can be spoken and situations can be handled with greater ease and poise? When a man is murdered, is it not better to suppress the news and handle the people concerned with loads of lies and let the event flow by, as clean as a whistle? One can even claim, that the general population is saved from this negative news. Is it not better that the family of the man be bribed, to hush the outrage and agony, rather than getting hordes of people under the scanner of crime? Well this is the modern world view for you. There is more concern as to what other people may think about you rather than being ashamed to look at one’s face in the mirror. Validation from the world has become primary rather than being able to face the Self.

Today, lies has taken the form of crime, gory crime that has impinged into the life of even the common folk. The common man has learnt to lie and digest all types of lies to such an extent that two people can stand side by side and hurl abuses of lie at each other. There is a free for all, where one’s worldly superiority is all to care for. There seems to be nothing more important than proving a point to the other. One’s rags is not looked at, while there is more attention put towards reducing the other to rags. The onlooker shall not be able to get even a glimpse of facts, in the current state of affairs, let alone truth. This way of lying has become the order of the day. Brothers lie, mothers and fathers lie. The smallest unit of humanity, the nuclear family of father,mother and child, all lie. “Truth” as a concept, as reality is unknown in current days. The Vedic strictures warn man, against this nature of lie. When everything floats thus in the turbid waters of lie, there is no centering. Our definitions of day and night shall change just as leaves change their colors with changing seasons.

When man is driven by the sole intention of self-conceived profit, nothing else holds any importance. Lie is the basis of “The Use and Throw” mentality. Even the once doting parents, in the current day have learnt the art of manipulation, perhaps, the particle of lie has infiltrated our very gene. When lie, the tendency to earn profits and benefit, is at the very root of the modern society, how is it possible to conceive a stress free world. How are we to conceive happiness or joy of any kind? When one lies as a compulsive habit, it should be understood that the light of the soul has become shrouded by the soot of deceit and worldly profit. Gone are the days when man would lay down his very life towards upholding Truth, the very domain of eternal life. Instead, man seeks solace in the company of the thief called profiteering, where the sole goal is to attain “material benefit” alone.

The world today is unconcerned with what lies beyond. It also, is not concerned with “what happens at or after death”. Why should one care about it, while one is alive. This is the approach. Is it not better to lie and earn brownie points in this life and body? Who has seen a world other than this one? One is almost certain that the Vedic view is a view of the demented one. As long as one does not separate oneself from the gloomy world of lies and profit, death shall continue to be a fearsome experience, which shall haunt one, at the end of this life and perhaps take growing fearful forms in many more lives to come.