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The Story Of Shankar Deva-Part-7

The life of Sri Shankar Dev was meant for a divine purpose. The challenges of his life serve as lessons to the followers of Dharma and Truth. When the devotees of the Lord are challenged, the Lord transforms Himself into time, place and circumstances and stands rock solid by the side of His devotees. It is God alone who transforms challenges into opportunities. The life of Sri Shankar Deva is a testimony to this dictum.

Glory Of Sages-Part-3

Sages and Seers play a vital role in the lives of people who are at the brink of transformation. Sages are the initiators of transformations. When a person decides to seek the Truth, the first person he encounters who gives him the cues, into this exhilarating journey is the Seer. The Sage or the Seer presents milestones to the seeker and then the seeker sets off into a new journey seeking these milestones. He meets more seers who send him further ahead through their instructions. But the question is are people really interested?

Types of Karma Yoga-Part-1

If a person wills to progress spiritually, avoiding the Gita is not an option. The first thread of spirituality lies hidden in the methodology of work and action. If there were no activities or actions, life were not possible. The Gita reveals the secrets of the spiritual dimension through work. It is a handbook treatise on how one can be released from the compulsions of activity. The Gita is in fact the very initial steps towards spirituality.

Simple Teachings of Sri 108 Tatwale Baba

In order to reconstruct a life of service based on a high value system, it is necessary to undertake a deep study of the lives of seers and sages who are the torch-bearers of Sanatana Dharma. Sri 108 Tatwale Baba is one such sage. His teachings are succinct and hard-hitting. If man were to even apply once principle in his own life, it shall be an examplary life.

Contents Of RigVeda-Part-8

The Teachings of the RigVeda are unique. It is an adaptation of the way the real universe is fashioned. The RigVeda encompasses various secrets which even the scientists of today cannot imagine or measure with their so-called modern quipments. The whole philosophy of modern science is smaller than the smallest infant when compared to the magnanimity of the teachings of the RigVeda

Framework Of The Eternal-Sanatana Dharma-Part-5

The Ramayana and the Mahabharatha are beacons for the world. Unless one imbibes the principles and value systems enjoined in these works of wonder, it is impossible to dream of perfection. Perfection in man, simply means to perfect oneself in Truth , in character and Moral values. The Framework of Sanatana Dharma stands on the two pillars of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and cemented by the mortar of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Story Of Shankar Deva-Part-5

Bhakti has its own power. This is best expressed through the lives of pure devotees. A pure devotee effortlessly , through the Grace of the Lord, transforms an apparently challenging situation to an advantageous situation. The life of a devotee, is intended for the welfare of all and does not distinguish between friend and enemy. Sri Shankar Dev was one such great devotee of Assam.

Brahman-Within And Without

Understanding the Gita through the books is not the same as having an experiential understanding of Gita. it is important to have intrinsic understanding of the Gita. Brahman is that factor which is life in the Within and in the Without. The Gita gives one a perspective and insight into Brahman.

Glory Of Sages-Part-2

The devotee of the Lord is a peculiar creation. He is not like the common man who represents the world. The devotee is like the Chataka bird who waits for the rain drop looking at the clouds, when the Swati star is at the horizon. To experience God, it is important to first understand the heart of the devotee

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