Life of the Himalayan Yogi Lokenath Baba

Lokenath Baba

An Encounter with Yogic Baba Lokenath

Pujya Suddhananda Brahmachari runs the Lokenath Divine Life Mission in Kolkata.

The works released by the followers of the Ashram are the basis of the Current Article.

In this article, the author, Pujya Brahmachariji recounts his encounter with one of the greatest Mystic Yogi Baba Lokenath.

The author exhorts, the fact that, when the time is ripe for a sadhaka, divine grace descends in full glory. 

The Great master Appears before the Author

The author served in an Ashram, in one of the suburbs of Kolkata, the time when the current incident took place.

We all live our lives.

We may have a choice to live it the way we want but to some extent.

What is striking, in all our lives, is the lack of depth with which we continue to exist through daily life.

We can only tell that our pasts have been superficial, only if we are fortunate enough to undergo a deep experience, sometime during the course of our life.

The author had a tryst with the spiritual giant, the Himalayan Master, Baba Lokenath Brahmachari (1730 – 1890).

It was 15th October 1978.

The great Master appeared before the author and revealed the spiritual path, that lay ahead of him.

Sri Lokenath Baba Commands the Author

Sri Baba also delineated the path, that the author had to take, in order to attain his spiritual goals, as ordained by the Master himself.

The author emptied himself of all questions and Sri Baba answered him full of patience, love, and compassion.

He used to keep a journal of the speeches and the writings of his own direct Gurudev, Sri Bhajan Brahmachari Thakura.

Sage Instructs

When Sri Baba (Lokenath Baba), appeared before the author, he enquired as to why the author had stopped maintaining the journal.

The author was naturally taken aback.

Sri Lokenath Baba continued, ” I have read your writings and I liked them. You should continue to spread your work and writings.”  

The Author Prepares to Write Baba’s Biography 

Many years after this event, the author left the Ashram and arrived at Bageswar, which was famous for the Shiva Temple.

The author built a small temple retreat at the place and installed Baba Lokenath at the place.

He then began deep contemplation.

It was at that time that he was inspired to write an English Biography of Baba Lokenath.

The author considered himself as a small instrument, in the hands of the universe and allowed himself to be a channel, through which work on Mahayogi Lokenath could take shape.

He considered this work, not as a set of events about the Mahayogi, put penance and the very epitome of selfless work (Seva), at the feet of the great ascetic Sri Baba Lokenath.


The writings of the author manifested first as visions, by the grace of the Master.

He could simply visualize episodes related to the times of Baba Lokenath.

The author was simply giving words to the visions and never struggled with the events or the chronology related to Baba’s life.  

Becoming A Channel for Higher Work

In the Yogic pantheon, the one ordained to perform a divine task is always a conduit, he is an empty channel, through which the Ascended Masters formulate and express themselves.

There is no contribution from the author.

The author is simply a channel to bring the unmanifest into the manifest.

The added advantage is that, as the work unfolds, there is a tremendous inner transformation that happens within the one, through whom the work reveals itself.

That transformation had not taken place in many years through silence, meditation, and yoga.

It was simply happening in a matter of a few months and that too, in the midst of intense writing activity 

Sri Baba Never Believed in Propaganda

Sri Baba, people believed, was against any propaganda related to his manifesting powers or discussions around his miracles.

The author exhorts that his writings about Sri Lokenath Baba can bring people into the aura of Baba’s divine presence.

The author is also certain that anyone who reads the book is reading into the very life of the Master who maintained, “In danger, simply remember me and I shall save you/”

He guarantees that the Baba has always kept his promise.

Baba’s Promise to Every Devotee

The Baba always said, “In danger, simply remember me and I shall save you”

The words were the reassuring words of Baba Lokenath, one of the greatest Yogis born on Indian soil.

Enlightened beings never made false promises.

The words of the fully mature Yogi are the direct words of the Lord.

No one can doubt this dictum. People, who had been followers of Baba Lokenath said that Baba’s promise was far beyond those of enlightened beings.


The scope of the pledge of Baba, people say, reveals a level of divine mastery, which is rarest of the rare, even among enlightened beings.  

Purity of Intention Personifies Lokenath Baba 

It should be interesting to go closer and investigate the great Master.

Perhaps, we may comprehend at least a fraction of the magnitude of realization of such divinities.

Baba Lokenath, calls all of us to him, the author says, very eager that he is, to uplift our lives.

His call is one of high pitch intensity and compassion, it is a causeless rain of mercy and grace, that heals the deepest wounds of our hearts, deep, ranging many lifetimes.

We may be low and forlorn, however, we may be, agonized, hopeless.

Baba heals all simply with the balm of his soothing promises.

Grace is not in the removal of our sorrows or the curing of our deepest wounds.

It is in the stream of divinity that flows into us.

That mellow flowing from the goldmine of his inner heart, overflowing with the mellows of love and purity of intention.

Sri Baba Lived the Gita

Baba, established himself in the divine state, beyond all human comprehension.

Yogis normally follow the path of Jnana or Ashtanga Yoga. Some Yogis follow the path of Pure action while certain others follow the path of Bhakti.

Baba followed all the known paths simultaneously.

Baba Lokenath was the divine incarnation of the four paths of Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti, Jnana, and Karma.


That was his position.

People recognized Baba as the complete embodiment of Santana Dharma.

Baba always spoke of the Bhagavad Gita being more than scripture.

Baba’s life was the practical example of the Gita in Action, he was a living laboratory of the Gita.

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