Truth about Life | Poem: Little, Do I understand

Art is long and time is short
What makes me indignant for I often snort
What is fair, what is unfair
I know not any of this
that’s why, there are many things to sort
The meal that maintains me,
Is all my earning, I feel.
Little do I realize
the one, who maintains the birds
is behind all decree.
Fully consumed in the “I” created world
I go around, as if the control were with “Me”.
Little do I realize
it takes a minute, for all this to change.
I create weights around relationships,
and walk around with a measuring tape.
I walk around with a wee bit template,
to fit into it, all that I do not understand.

The heaviness of the heart, the lightness of emotion
is a making of the mind,
A mind, which I feel, is foolishly, “mine”
Nothing is your’s or mine.
It is vital to be patient, to dig deep
To be able to just stand and witness
It goes a long way in knowing what is “me”
The words of Milton are very great,
“They also serve who stand and wait”